May 19  2003  Monday

Bush, Cheney List Gifts and Assets

By Dana Milbank - Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, May 16, 2003

You can't always get what you want, but, if you're President Bush or Vice President Cheney, you get more than you need -- including a boat, art, fishing rods and, yes, tickets to a Rolling Stones concert.

Those were some of the highlights of the 2002 financial disclosure forms released yesterday by the White House...

The Stones tickets -- for presidential daughter Jenna Bush -- were listed on Bush's disclosure form as gifts from the Secret Service (which gave two tickets at a value of $607) and from Sony Music Entertainment's Tommy Mottola (who gave six worth $1,926).

Did the Bush twins inhale? Kutcher won't say
USA Today - May 7, 2003

... The shaggy-haired TV star tells the magazine he met Barbara and Jenna Bush, now 21, at a party about a year and a half ago, and the sisters (along with a ...

Those bad Bush babes
George Rush and Joanna Molloy
The Province; New York Daily News  May 08, 2003

Memo to the Bush twins: The next time you hang out with a cute Hollywood actor, pick someone more discreet than Ashton Kutcher. Barbara and Jenna Bush, 21, are the subject of three paragraphs in the next Rolling Stone that they better hope their father, the U.S. commander-in-chief, doesn't read.


Today's cartoon was inspired by the "J " in "J&B" (Jenna and Barbara)


Zelda Morgan


 Dirty Laundry Done Dirt Cheap


Zelda Morgan and Jenna Bush partying hardy.

Photo by Anita Beer


Yellow Roses


"I used to have a policy of leaving the offspring of politicians alone. That changed when one of them took the White Palace. From Prescott to Poppy to Dumbya to ... do you really want to consider President Jenna Bush handling your money and your biggest guns? Break the cycle here." - Anita Beer, gliding along the tranquil river in the Halliburton sponsored DeLay Defense Fund Boat Ride for Scribes.



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Fleischer resigning White House post
CNN - 5-19-03
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said Monday he would be stepping down this summer to "relax a little" and pursue a career in the private sector.
WH spokesman Fleischer to leave United Press International
White House spokesman resigns BBC
MSNBC - Reuters - San Francisco Chronicle - CBC News 



Here's a scary thought -- who will replace him? Ed Gillespie, Torey Clark?


Have you noticed that when Republicans campaign for office, the word sodomy always comes up?  -Lisa




 Many without legal guardian despite need
St. Petersburg Times, FL - 5-19-03


... Jeb Bush reversed the decision last week and said the state would seek a guardian for the fetus. The governor's decision triggered a debate over abortion. ...






The missing links . (AHNC Photo by Lisa Casey)    

War since 1990 provided by Bush and Son, Inc.

Patriotically Produced by

 Department of Television Propaganda



A Marine General's Peace Plan
By Jan Barry


Retired General Anthony Zinni favors peace over war in the Middle East.

Working for peace in the Middle East is more important than waging war in places like Iraq, Gen. Anthony Zinni maintains. That's the message the retired four-star general has presented loud and clear for the past year. He stated it again at a recent symposium at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg covered by a local newspaper and C-SPAN.



Is Ringo Starr going to be

the next victim of Joe McCarthy, errr, Joe Scarborough?

Danny Glover under fire for his anti-war position
Oakland Tribune, CA - 5-19-03
... Joe McCarthy's Communist-hunting efforts to track down "un-American ... constitutional
law professor at Temple University, said "Criticizing Danny Glover, or ...


"Either you're with us or agin us." GW Bush September-2001

That statement by the president-select enabled the dismantling of our freedom of speech by the unrighteous right. 

How can Joe Scarborough (R-ex-Congressman who had a dead aide found in his office) be proud that he caused Danny Glover (man of peace) to lose his MCI spokesman position?  Please explain to me where that action supports freedom of speech? 

McCarthyism seems almost tame fifty years later. 

Just waiting for the Rosenberg-type executions to begin.


Graduates boycott Sen. Rick Santorum speech over remarks
Tacoma News Tribune, WA -5-18-03
... address by Sen. Rick Santorum, who recently infuriated gay groups
and others with derogatory remarks about homosexual behavior. ...

       Some graduates walk out on Santorum s speech - Canton Repository
       Protesters leave Santorum speech - MSNBC
       100 graduates walk out ahead of Santorum address in Pa. - Baltimore Sun UK


Question "W"

My question:  Why didn't Saddam use his weapons of mass destruction? What was he waiting for?



Where're Osama, Saddam and all those unused weapons of mass destruction?  - Lisa






'Soft Light Switches' by Claes Oldenburg sold for $360,000 at the Phillips de Pury & Luxembourg auction house Thursday, May 15, 2003 in New York. The soft sculpture was part of the art collection of the Enron Corp.

Has anyone seen Ken Lay lately?


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