May 17,  2004 Monday

Powell's Interview Is Cut Off
New York Times - 5-17-04

Mr. Russert called it a case of "press management gone berserk."

"I've been doing this program for 13 years and nothing like that has ever happened," he said in a telephone interview. "I remember sometimes in countries around the world this happens, but not in America….

Powell scolds aide after talk show interview interrupted

Transcript of MEET THE PRESS


Colin Powell Interview With Russert Is Cut Off
Washington Post, DC - 5-17-04
... of a "Meet the Press" interview with Secretary of State Colin Powell... Undeterred, Russert complained from Washington: "I would hope they would put you back ...
Powell says his assertions were wrong
Seattle Times, WA - 5-17-04
WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Colin Powell said yesterday that what he had called "the most dramatic" element of his Feb. 5, 2003 ...

Powell is so far out of the loop that his aides are telling him what to do.

Good News


Nursery Crimes

Rum be humble,
Rum be slick.
Rum discredit
those photos quick.

John Grant - Japan

Swatch's 'Bunnysutra' watch is featured on a Times Square billboard in New York. The ad features a larger-than-life close-up of two cartoon bunnies in what seem to be intimate positions. (HO)

Disturbing News

My mailbox is back up and running!

Republican Shenanigans

Nursery Crimes
George, George, president's son,
Stole an election in 2000.
But after terror, ruin and war

Can he steal another in 2004?

John Grant - Japan

Biz/Tech News

Odd News

Cicada Invasion Begins: Eastern US Beset by Bugs
National Geographic - May 11, 2004
... A brood is a class year, like the graduates of 2004 who will be graduating this May," said Gene Kritsky, a biologist and cicada expert at the College of Mount ...

Cicada History in 17 year cycles

1987 Iran Contra Hearings

1970 Kent State students shot by National Guardsmen

1953 The McCarthy Hearings Begin

Notes, quotes from Campaign 2004, MI - May 14, 2004
... Like a cicada, Senator Kerry would like to shed his Senate career and morph into a fiscal conservative, a centrist Democrat opposed to taxes, strong on defense ...

After a 17-year nap a newly emerged Cicada is seen in the yard of a home in suburban Washington, Saturday, May 15, 2004. Trillions of red-eyed insects are crawling their way above ground in 14 states and the nation's capital. Loudmouthed and ugly, the cicadas will fly clumsily into pets, bushes and unwitting pedestrians as they engage in a frenetic mating ritual that lasts well into June. Then they'll disappear for another 17 years.(HO)