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Bush to press Saudi king on oil prices and Iran
Reuters - 5-16-08
US President George W. Bush headed to Saudi Arabia on Friday to renew his appeal to help tame record oil prices and try to shore up Arab support for his efforts to contain Iran's growing regional influence...


Bin Laden marks Israel anniversary with combat vow
Reuters - 5-16-08
 DUBAI (Reuters) - Osama bin Laden vowed in an audio tape timed to coincide with Israel's 60th anniversary to continue to fight the Jewish state and its allies in the West...

Iraq offers cash for weapons in crackdown against Qaeda
AFP - 5-16-08
MOSUL, Iraq (AFP) - Iraqi security forces on Friday offered an amnesty and cash in exchange for heavy weapons in the main northern city of Mosul where a


Bush doesn't talk with terrorists but he does hold hands with misogynists.



McCain clarifies that he didn't mean 100 years in Iraq, really only 5 there. Then, 100 years total to finish invading the entire Middle East, making it a grand bastion of liberty, democracy and unlimited oil. - Grant Gerver,




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

One Two Punch From McBush


...McCain has shown that he is also happy to use Nixon-style dirty campaign tactics. By charging recently that Hamas is rooting for an Obama victory, McCain tried to use guilt by association to suggest that Obama is weak on national security and won't stand up to terrorist organizations, or that, as Richard Nixon might have put it, Obama is soft on Israel.

President Bush picked up this theme yesterday. Without naming Obama during his speech last night to Israel's Knesset, Bush suggested that Democrats want to "negotiate with terrorists" while Republicans want to fight terrorists.





Disturbing News

Meanwhile, Back In the Dept of Ignoring Veterans Affairs


A psychologist who helps lead the post-traumatic stress disorder program at a medical facility for veterans in Texas told staff members to refrain from diagnosing PTSD because so many veterans were seeking government disability payments for the condition.





"More bad news for Hillary. Just a few hours ago, John Edwards announced he will be endorsing Barack Obama. Well, the rumor is that Barack Obama promised him, if elected, he would offer him the cabinet position of Secretary of Shampoo and Highlights." --Jay Leno






"Senator John Edwards endorsed Barack Obama for president of the United States. Wow! Wow. He is going to need more than two Americas to hide from Hillary Clinton. Well, with that endorsement, I believe the Obama camp has won the support of its first white male." --Stephen Colbert



Republican-Shenanigans News

Bush Is Afraid of Drinking Water


On a sun-baked tour Thursday of an ancient Israeli fortress overlooking the Dead Sea, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert took a sip of water from a silver cup, then handed it to President Bush.

Bush looked into the cup, then quickly set it down. He wasn't sure he should wet his lips with water from an unknown source.

"Where's the doctor?" Bush asked and then chuckled.


"Well, after Hillary won the West Virginia primary, she held a campaign rally and she said, this is a quote. 'It's not over and I will never give up.' Yeah. And she flew off on her broom and said, 'And I'll kill your little dog, too!'" --Conan O'Brien



Rock-The-Voter News


"Howard Dean on the show tonight. Now, anybody here from Florida or Michigan? All right. You can't be seated. You'll have to leave. I'm sorry. It's the Democrats' ruling." --Jay Leno





Biz-Tech News


"And the Energy Department said today that gas prices will peak next month at $3.75 a gallon, which surprised a lot of people. We actually have an Energy Department? Hey, where is it?" --Jay Leno



Monopoly Inc.


The Senate Thursday night voted to nullify a Federal Communications Commission rule that allows media companies to own a newspaper and a television station in the same market.

The unusual "resolution of disapproval," sponsored by Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., and 26 other senators, was approved by a voice vote. The measures sponsors include both Democratic candidates for president, Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois.


Bush-Prison-Torture News


Holy Clown’s Nose: Rumsfeld Advised Bush to Take Up Miniature Golf!

By Don Davis






Jenna Bush's Wedding: A Comedic Tribute -



Go-F**k-Yourself News

Singing Monks


Monks in Austria hailed a "miracle" on Friday as they released an album of Gregorian chants under the same record label as Amy Winehouse and Eminem.


What polar bears get from new protected status
Christian Science Monitor



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Odd News



A gosling looks for food in front of a plastic coyote posted as a scarecrow on a lawn, in Tewksbury, Mass., Thursday, May 15, 2008. The plastic model is designed to scare away geese and keep them off the lawn, but appeared to have little effect on the young bird.
Photo/Mary Schwalm