May 15  2003  Thursday


The saga continues - much more to come.

War brings out best and worst in media
Hollister Freelance, CA - 5-15-03

... OíReilly, Hannity and Joe Scarborough were given TV shows for the same reason that simians are given cages at the zoo - so people can walk by and look and point from a distance too great for the caged ones to reach behind them, grab a handful and fling it with any hope of finding their mark. And, so the viewers canít throw back...

Airwaves abuzz with Hollywood blacklist; no secrets this time
Detroit News, MI - 5-15-03

... The show's host, Joe Scarborough, a Republican ex-congressman who goes for the jugular, encouraged viewers to urge MCI to cancel Glover's contract. ...


The O'Reilly formula: It's all about Good vs. Evil
Newark Star Ledger, NJ - May 10, 2003

... media watchdog groups and imitated, in style or spirit, by a number of self-styled "news analysts," including MSNBC's own wannabe-O'Reilly, Joe Scarborough. ...

Today's cartoon was inspired by this email:


I found your points of comparison between Gary Condit and Joe Scarborough very weak.
One of the most important things in linking Scarborough to the death of the aide would
be a motive, but it just doesn't exist (unlike the Condit case).


Motives are unknown in an uninvestigated case.

A dead aide found in a US Congressman's office vs. a US Congressman's affair with a missing woman -- which one got 24/7 coverage?

Both should have gotten equal coverage at the very least.

Condit was investigated inside and out and he wasn't the US Congressman found with a dead aide in his office.  The media coverage of  Scarborough was a blip on the media radar. The entire national media was covering Condit while only the NW Florida Daily News  was covering Scarborough.


Second you imply that Scarborough had some kind of control over releasing autopsy and examiner reports. That
is simply absurd.


I never implied that anywhere on my site.  You deducted that.

You obviously have not read my opinion on this subject  9-15-01 AHNC Commentary


Next, if foul play was involved the body would not likely turn up at the
source of the foul play. Ask Condit about that one, he has experience.


Who knows where the source of foul play was?  No investigation was ever done.

Newsflash: Condit has been cleared.


I find it very sad that you would resort to such a smear campaign. I suppose in the absence of dirt,
one must import it.


We report. You decide. There's a lot of dirt being dump trucked in daily.

About your "liberal media" comments, There is a simple answer.
Unlike democrats, conservatives are overt in their stances on the issues.


Conservatives are covert not overt.

Democrats are not willing to step up to a national podium and say what they
do with the tax payers money. I can't blame them, it would be political suicide.


The Clinton Democrats stood up to the national podium and told us "It's the economy, stupid" -  and they fixed it.  Republicans haven't fixed the economy in my lifetime.

It's amazing how much the desperation shows when the democrats are no longer
the majority. The arguements are so poorly linked that it becomes comical when


W holds the political record for comical quotes.

That's why this website exists.

I do take your suggestion to heart about things being "poorly linked" so I will redesign  Joe's page soon and make things crystal clear.  I'll sharpen things up, create  more well linked information, pictures and all. Thanks for the suggestion, my Joe Scarborough webpage does need an overhaul.  I must admit that I have neglected that page being so busy covering events such as sockstuffed unreleased crotch straps groin areas and where is Osama, Saddam and those darn weapons of mass destruction.

Good Luck in 2004,
Joseph Fiedler  "Joseph David"

Is there going to be an election in 2004?




By the way - I did a google on your email address.  Viewed your website.  Your writing style sounds as though you are related to Joe Scarborough or you are a Joe wannabe in your email -- but not on your website--right down to your punctuation . click here if you need a life    and click here to read Joe Scarborough's writing style


We report. You decide.



Attention Readers:

Zelda got drunk with the Texas Democrats last night and she is too hung over to write a column. She sends her apologies and other lame excuses.

Today's issue is shorter today as I am Being Bill Bennett in Biloxi - undercover investigative reporting, of course. Pictures to come.









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Runaway Texans liven up town
BBC, UK - 5-15-03
... In Texas, Republicans have developed an American idea from Iraq and drawn up ... the Holiday
Inn, Jeff Moreno stands with a small group who accuse the lawmakers of ...

California Democrats back Texas brethren
Oakland Tribune, CA - 5-15-03
By Josh Richman, STAFF WRITER. Democratic lawmakers who fled Texas to stymie a Republican
redistricting plan look like heroes to their California counterparts. ...


Walkout continues for third day
Conroe Courier, TX - 5-15-03
... US House Majority Leader Tom Delay, R-Texas, has been pushing the redistricting proposal.
GOP lawmakers argue redistricting is needed to redraw a map approved ...





A woman enters an inflatable church at the Christian Resources Exhibition in Esher, west of London Tuesday May 13, 2003. The movable PVC structure, which measures some 47 feet (14.33 meters) from floor to steeple, 47 feet (14.33 meters) long and 25 feet (7.62 meters) wide and is billed as the world's first inflatable church welcomed its first worshippers Tuesday.











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