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Canadian legislators grill BP over Arctic drilling

Reuters – Thu May 13, 5:06 pm ET
OTTAWA (Reuters) - Exasperated Canadian legislators grilled the head of BP Plc Canadian unit on Thursday, concerned about the risks of the company's plans to drill in Arctic waters after the catastrophic Gulf of Mexico oil spill.


New Hawaii law shuns Obama birth document requests

Republican Gov. Linda Lingle signed into law Wednesday a bill allowing state government agencies not to respond to follow-up requests for information if they determine that the subsequent request is duplicative or substantially similar to a previous request.


AP-Univision Poll shows Americans are sharply divided on immigration
Dallas Morning News - 5-14-10
Illegal immigrants are a boon, not a burden to the country, a resounding majority of Hispanics say, according to an Associated Press-Univision Poll that underscores sharp contrasts between the views of Hispanics and others.


"Prison inmates in Louisiana are now pitching in to clean up the Gulf Coast oil spill. At this point, the solutions have been dump chemicals in the ocean, shoot a bunch of garbage under water and release prisoners. If none of that works, they're going to have Al Qaeda come take a look at it." –Jimmy Fallon



The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam


Nuke Update


President Barack Obama sent a landmark arms-reduction treaty with Russia to the Senate on Thursday for ratification and called for $80 billion in nuclear funding, which could help win opposition support...Known as the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, it is also seen as a major step toward "resetting" U.S.-Russia relations, which were prickly under the Bush administration.



"BP, Transocean and Halliburton are blaming each other for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. They are all right." –Jay Leno




Subject: Census Report




Census job confirming what I already knew about Alabama and its high percentages of rednecks and morons.  Found what looks like a militia camp/gun range yesterday. The place was pretty blatant -- big signs on the entrance gate.
Another member of my census crew had to call the cops yesterday when he/she was threatened by a homeowner. Heard this from my crew leader, who is spending much of today with the cops sorting out the situation.
The oil disaster looms larger every day. Between the right-wing political hatred that's always in the air here and now the fear over the economic/enviro disaster, people are freaking out.




Maybe you should wear a mullet wig, under a Confederate cap and blackout your two front teeth and then you won't be a threat to them.

Not only are there rednecks and morons in Alabama but also in GA, MS and NW Florida, especially the Redneck Riviera. Sadly that same guvmint hatin' crowd has transformed into the Tea Party in the rest of the states. Hell, half this country is crazy. Look at Arizona.

"Fair and balanced" Fox News calling the oil leak Obama's Katrina is insane. It's BP's Katrina and Halliburton's and Transocean's. I'm glad more huge companies are involved in this...the more people to sue. And those same rednecks would be first in line to file their lawsuits. But then again, once I think about it, rednecks watch Fox News and must believe the oil leak is Obama's Katrina so I imagine they will try and sue Obama, right after they find his birth certificate.


Be safe.



Disturbing News



Confusing: Yep, That Describes Bush


"I played George W. Bush, and I'm still confused," Brolin joked to reporters Friday at the Cannes Film Festival, where "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" premiered.

Sitting next to Brolin at a news conference, Frank Langella added, "I played Richard Nixon, and I'm not."


Lewis Black, on Glenn Beck's complaints that critics of Arizona's immigration law have played the Nazi card: "Glenn Beck is offended! Glenn Beck thinks playing the Nazi card is going too far. Glenn Beck. this is a guy who uses more Swastika props and video of the Nuremberg rallies than the History Channel."


Republican-Shenanigans News



Mississippi Governor Calmly Calls Gulf Oil Leak "A Sheen"


 The ambitious Republican governors of Mississippi and Louisiana are a study in contrasts as an oil spill threatens coastal economies still reeling from Hurricane Katrina.

Mississippi's Haley Barbour, a well-connected former Washington lobbyist, has calmly said the oil slick looming offshore is just a sheen in most places and there's no reason for people to panic.


The NRA wants terrorists allowed to buy guns but not read their rights. Sounds like there's a thin line between them and a terrorist. - Will Durst


Rock-The-Voter News

Only Twelve Employees?



In the foothills of the Swiss Alps four new steel-gray towers rise from what used to be a grassy field. One of them is home to Transocean Ltd., the world's biggest offshore drilling contractor and owner of the Deepwater Horizon rig that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, leading to one of the worst oil spills in history...Only a dozen of Transocean's 18,000 employees work in Zug, company spokesman Guy Cantwell told The Associated Press.





If Elena Kagan gets confirmed, the Supreme Court will consist of 6 Catholics and 3 Jews. In the old days, that would be the dance card at a KKK lawn-burning jamboree. We've come a long way.
- Will Durst


Why I’ll Never Be A Supreme Court Justice
By Madeleine Begun Kane

It appears that Supremes have to hail
From the law schools of Harvard or Yale.
My law school’s St. John’s.
That’s just one of my “cons.”
Plus I’m sixty — I might as well bail.


I totally disagree Madeleine, you would be a superb SCJ and would write Haiku legal opinions to boot!


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Biz-Tech News


"Well, the Senate today voted to toughen standards for home loans. Under these new standards, lenders would have to verify that borrowers can repay the loan. Let's just hope China doesn't adopt this." –Jay Leno



Another War We've Lost


After 40 years, the United States' war on drugs has cost $1 trillion and hundreds of thousands of lives, and for what? Drug use is rampant and violence even more brutal and widespread.


Bush-Prison-Torture News

Who Thinks Sarah Palin Isn't A Woman?


Palin also criticized the media, singling out their coverage of her daughter Bristol, whose pregnancy was announced days after Palin was named the vice presidential nominee. Bristol Palin is a single mother who works on an abstinence-only campaign...She said some young women would see what happened to Bristol and perhaps be encouraged to seek an abortion instead of facing similar criticism.

She cast herself as a victim of a liberal media and elite academics.

"Some of them refused to admit I'm even a woman," she said.


Thank you for the graphic, Larry.

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