TGIF/Weekend edition - May 12-14, 2006



NSA surveillance creeps deeper, congress in uproar
Oxford Press, OH - 5-12-06
WASHINGTON Lawmakers called for hearings Thursday on reports that the US agency in charge of a domestic spying program is building a database of every ...


White House Stands by Gen. Hayden for CIA
CBS News - 5-12-06
(AP) The White House stood by its nominee for CIA director, Gen. Michael Hayden, amid new controversy over the surveillance programs he piloted as head of the...

Bush job approval falls to 29 pct in new poll
Reuters - 5-12-06
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush's job approval rating has hit a new low, with 29 percent of the US public saying he is doing an "excellent or ...


America just might have to build a new prison to house all these Republican criminals.  Hmmm, Abu Ghraib needs updating.



"The president of Iran has written a letter to President Bush. This Iranian president is very smart. To make sure Bush read the letter, he wrote it on Exxon stationary." --Jay Leno



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


A Limerick and a Haiku about the Telco Records


We Have Bush's Number ... and He Has Ours
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Most telcos caved in to requests
From the Feds that fail privacy tests.
This reich we live under,
Our rights it has plundered.
So when calling Al Qaeda use Qwest.

Telco Haiku
By Madeleine Begun Kane

With threats, maybe bribes
Feds coaxed our files from phone cos.
Big Brother Bell Hell. 


The Great Decider has once again decided to stick it to us. Maybe a more accurate name would be "The Great Broomstick."-- Grant Gerver


Disturbing News









Jonathan Turley on Keith Olbermann


Turley: "Well, first of all this President's theory of his power
I think is now so extreme that it's unprecedented. He believes that
he has the inherent authority to violate federal law. He has said that.
Not just the signing statements and the infamous torture memo-
that Alberto Gonzales signed. It was stated that he could
in some circumstances order federal officials
to violate federal law and this is consistent across the board
with this President. Frankly, I'm not too sure what he thought
he was swearing to when he took the oath of office
to uphold the Constitution and our laws.
I've never seen a President who is so uncomfortable
in his constitutional skin. "


Click below to see the clip


Video-WMP Video-QT




The Record of Republican Corruption


Republican Shenanigans


The U.S.A. ~ "Too Ruptured for the Rapture" -- Grant Gerver



Save the Cross



The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee asked President Bush to help save a 29-foot cross standing on San Diego city property from being removed by court order.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, joined Thursday by Mayor Jerry Sanders, asked the president
to exercise his power of eminent domain and take over the half-acre cross site atop Mount Soledad.



The good thing about Katherine Harris' run for the Senate is she says she will spend $10 million. Sounds to me as if she will be helping the economy with some temporary jobs.-- Zing!




"The president said his brother Jeb 'would be a great president.' I guess we voted for the wrong one then." --Jimmy Kimmel


Rock-The-Voter News



With "Tax-Cut-Slut" Bush's bitchen tax break, I'm gonna buy me a tube a' toothpaste and a cantaloupe. -- Grant Gerver



Be Careful What You Wish For


The Pentagon is looking at ways the military can help provide more security along the U.S. southern border, defense officials said Thursday, once again drawing the nation's armed forces into a politically sensitive domestic role.




Good News



Go Forth and $eed


President Vladimir Putin called  to offer financial incentives for families to have more children.

Russia's population is dropping by about 700,000 a year, Putin said. The phenomenon began in the wake of the 1991 Soviet collapse, which left much of the population impoverished and uncertain. However, Russia's economy has grown sharply in recent years, largely boosted by high world oil prices.







Biz-Tech News



Say Thanks to Qwest!






Meanwhile, back in Afghanistan


Here, in the place where British troops are to spend the next three years, a combination of factors have conspired to produce what is probably the biggest opium harvest in the history of a province that, last year, produced more than 20 per cent of the world's heroin on its own.


Bush-Prison-Torture News



"Russia still very upset about recent comments Dick Cheney made about that country. But, I am sure the vice president thought out his words very carefully. Cheney, he's not the kind of guy to shoot from the hip" --Jay Leno


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Happy Mother's Day, all you Mothers!  This is a sculpture beneath a pecan tree in my backyard, titled Mother Earth.  I sculpted her about 10 years ago out of some leftover concrete, chicken wire and tinted her hair with red clay from my road. (Photo taken 5-12-06 AHNC)