May 12  2003  Monday

Bush's flight: triumph or turbulence?

The president's 'Top Gun' act won't fly

The Tallahassee Democrat - 5-12-03 

Bush not only wanted the footage to burnish his image as a successful commander in chief but also to remind voters of his brief experience as a pilot in the Air National Guard. Insinuating himself into the ranks of combat-hardened veterans, Bush, who sat in the co-pilot's seat of the S-3B Viking, told reporters, "Yes, I flew it."


Did Karl Rove Stuff Socks Down the Front of Bush's Pants Before He Got On THAT Plane?
...So, I asked my daughter if she thought George Bush was hot and she laughed, "he's an old guy and looks like a monkey." She looked at the picture and said "what's wrong with his pants, he looks disgusting?"

"The other guy's pants don't look like that." I decided perhaps at 27 she was too young and she doesn't like George anyway.


Bush's Excellent Adventure
New London Day, CT - 

You have to admire Bush's handlers for this one. They came up with the mother of all photo-ops, and Bush carried it off with Top Gun swagger. (Or seemed to. His strut on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln may have owed less to attitude than to the chafing of the ejection harness.)







Damn Terriers


"So Cliff Baxter shot himself? Do you honestly believe he committed suicide? Nobody, nobody ever shoots himself while sitting on real, leather seats." -- Anita Beer at the Pepsi sponsored Pixel Pushers Pool Party

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Condoleezza Rice introduces new fashion line


Designer Camouflage Wear for Republican Chicken Hawks


Hat Line


Condi "I'm going to Disneyworld" Rice



Casual Camo Wear Line


Condi models exclusive camo design

on the carrier Abraham Lincoln  fashion runway




Tight Nuts Flight Suit for AWOLers


Bush showboats his talents -

the family jewels


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"Right now in Florida they're trying to decide what to do with those 6 million punchcard ballots from the 2000 presidential election. They've got 6 million of them, and they're trying to figure out, do they save them for historical value or do they destroy them? I got an idea: How about counting 'em?" —Jay Leno



"President Bush announced that the war in Iraq has been won. It's all over, it's been won. I believe this would be Bush's first uncontested victory." —David Letterman




"President Bush has come up with what he says is a sound economic plan. He announced today that's he's going to give all the money to the U.S. Treasury and let William Bennett bet it on red." —Jay Leno



"Dick Cheney agreed to be President Bush's running mate once again in 2004. He made the announcement while riding in Ambulance One. In fact, he's got a new campaign slogan: No chest pain, no gain. ... He said he wanted four more years but his doctor is only giving him two."

 —Jay Leno


They’ve found nothing. Or, in other plain English words, not anything.
Zero, zilch, nil, nought, nada.

In a country the size of California, much nothingness.

Where is Osama, Saddam and all those unused weapons of mass destruction?  - Lisa


People gather to form a drawing similar to Picasso's Mother and child

on the Venice Beach in Santa Monica, California, May 11, 2003. Around

a thousand people took part in the event to mark Mother's Day.


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