May 10,  2004  Monday

Bremer knew, minister claims

Luke Harding in Baghdad
Monday May 10, 2004
The Guardian

Iraq's first human rights minister launched a blistering attack yesterday on America's chief administrator in Iraq, Paul Bremer, saying that he had warned him repeatedly last year that US soldiers were abusing Iraqi detainees....

Photos bring our agony into focus
USA Today - 5-10-04
One image can bring The Land of the Free to its knees: brutality. In war. In peace. In-between. Images of one man, one woman or one nation cruelly harming another sear the soul, jar the guts and etch a memory with no erase button. They can drive the forces of history...

Rumsfeld Criticized by Influential Military Paper
Reuters - 5-10-04
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The independent Army Times newspaper, read widely in the U.S. military, on Monday suggested Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other top Pentagon civilian and military leaders should be removed...

Bush better land on another aircraft carrier to get these Iraqi prisoner abuse photos out of the news.

"Yeah, a lot of old favorites going away this month - 'Friends,' 'Frasier,' Martha Stewart, Donald Rumsfeld, yeah."  Jay Leno

Graphic by OZ

President praises Rumsfeld in meeting at Pentagon
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - 5-10-04
With Rumsfeld at his side, Bush said his Cabinet officer was "courageously leading our nation in our war against terror...You are a strong secretary of defense ...


As heroin flourishes, so could terror (subscription), PA - 5-10-04

Heroin producers in Afghanistan, some of the principal financiers of al-Qaeda and other terrorists, have never been so brazen or so wealthy.

With a bumper crop of opium poppies under cultivation, Afghan narco-barons have begun stamping their brand names on the 2.2-pound bags of heroin they smuggle out of Central Asia to buyers in Moscow, Amsterdam, London and New York....

Disturbing News

I'm beginning to realize that the horrifying subtext of the prisoner abuse in Iraq is not merely the sickening images and the damage they've done to America's image...I believe the real story is that the condition in Iraq is very near complete Anarchy....

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Attention Veterans

Missed drug bargains?
Newsday, NY - 5-10-04
BY DEBORAH BARFIELD BERRY. WASHINGTON - For more than 40 years, officials at the Veterans Administration have negotiated with pharmaceutical ...

Republican Shenanigans

The latest quotes from GWB... a original.

An American soldier entertaining a little Iraqi girl by blowing bubbles.

Secret move puts portrait of Arnold in state lobby
Los Angeles Daily News, CA - May 8, 2004
... from state offices for Schwarzenegger pictures but says that it has no information on the number of buildings which have displayed photographs of previous ...

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from scum to commander in chief.

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(God, are we happy that we left out this war!)

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A girl who is not boycotting Disney takes a ride down Summit Plummit at Blizzard Beach Water Park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., (HO/Disney)