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White House admits fault on 'Mission Accomplished' banner
The Associated Press - 5-1-08
WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House said Wednesday that President Bush has paid a price for the "Mission Accomplished" banner that was flown in triumph five years...


Primary Loss and Furor Over Ex-Pastor Hurt Obama in Poll
New York Times, United States - 5-1-08
...Fifty-one percent of Democratic primary voters say they expect Mr. Obama to win their party’s nomination, down from 69 percent a month ago. Forty-eight percent of Democrats say he is the candidate with the best chance of beating Senator John McCain of Arizona, the presumptive Republican nominee, down from 56 percent a month ago...

Ex-CIA analyst thinks Bush plans to attack Iran this year
Charleston Gazette,  USA - Apr 29, 2008
By Paul J. Nyden Ray McGovern, a career US intelligence officer, believes President Bush and his administration have no intention of leaving Iraq and are


Iraq: stick a Flag pin in it... - Grant Gerver,





Terror, Terror Everywhere


Venezuela's associations with terror states, Iran's meddling in Iraq and the resurgence of al Qaeda in Afghanistan top the concerns in a new State Department report on terrorism threats in countries around the world.


"Today, President Bush gave a news conference about the economy, but he stubbornly refused to say the word 'recession.' He would not say the word 'recession.' Instead, President Bush said our country is headed towards something with three syllables that rhymes with refression." --Conan O'Brien






Disturbing News


"Of course, the Republicans will not let this Reverend Wright controversy die. You know, they're trying to keep it in the news. Like, today they said for the wedding of President Bush's daughter, he's gonna be the minister." --Jay Leno





Next, They’ll Claim Obama Inherited Clinton’s Reverend
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Whenever his poll numbers lurch,
Obama-fans start up a search.
Their aim’s to fix blame
On that Hillary dame.
Guess it’s her fault he joined Rev. Wright’s church.





"On Fox News, Hillary Clinton is gonna be making her first ever appearance on Bill O'Reilly's show, 'The O'Reilly Factor.' Yeah, Hillary should do well, 'cause she has years of experience yelling 'Shut up, Bill!'" --Conan O'Brien



Breaking News: Fox News just reported that the D.C. Madam, Deborah Paltry was found dead in Florida from an apparent suicide.





Happy May Day



Subject: Obama


 Hi Lisa,


[yesterday] you wrote:

"Last month, Obama called Wright his "crazy uncle" when presented with the crazy quotes by Wright. ( see cartoon below by Daryl Cagle on March 17, 2008 ) But yesterday, almost a month and a half later, he said he was outraged by Wright. It sure takes Obama a long time to be outraged. Poor Obama, the GOP is going to eat him alive."

You are so right about that. After his stupid "bitter" comment the guy slinked out of PA before they even counted the votes. And Wright is going to follow Obama wherever he goes, the Repugs will see to that. If Obama gets the nomination, this will be a very close election.

Hang in there,


Poor Barack, the GOP Smear Train is getting ready to run him down.





General Election: McCain vs. Obama - Latest Poll



 "People are net losers under the Bush economy. They were net winners under the Clinton economy. We're going to bring back a good, positive economy for the vast majority of Americans."
- Hillary Clinton





Swift Boating Obama


Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) today praised Sen. Barack Obama for denouncing his former pastor, but warned that Republicans will use the association to try to "Swift Boat" the Illinois senator if he becomes the Democratic presidential nominee this fall.





"Let me ask you a question. Are you sick and tired of the Democratic presidential primary? I mean, well, Hillary, of course, wants another debate. ... That's right. You heard me. Wants another debate. She says she got nothing more to say really. She just wants to show off a new pantsuit." --David Letterman








John McCain is the guy, don't you think? I like John McCain. He looks like the kind of guy that walks into Circuit City and says, 'Do you have typewriter ribbons?'" --David Letterman






"The president was also at the White House Correspondents Dinner this weekend. He did a little comedy routine there, too. And, he grabbed the baton and conducted the Marine Corps band [on screen: video of Bush conducting the band]. The man leading that band is also leading this country. And I think he did a better job with the band." --Jimmy Kimmel







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The Rolling Stones- Far Away Eyes



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The biggest squid ever caught, at up to 10 meters long and boasting a fearsome beak and razor-sharp hooks, may be small compared to others still lurking in the depths, scientists said
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