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Six years on, huge protest marks Baghdad's fall
Reuters - ‎4-9-09‎
"Down, down USA," the demonstrators chanted as a Ali al-Marwani, a Sadrist official, denounced the U.S. occupation of Iraq that began with the fall of Baghdad on April 9, 2003, and the toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue in Firdos Square.


IRAQ: Memories of the 2003 fall of Baghdad
Los Angeles Times - 4-9-09‎
I used to stay awake until 3 or 4 am listening to the radio reports and news about the possibility of toppling Saddam. The regime jammed the radio stations

Obama to Push Immigration Reform Bill Despite Risks
New York Times - 4-9-09‎‎
By JULIA PRESTON While acknowledging that the recession makes the political battle more difficult, President Obama plans to begin addressing the country’s


It seems like yesterday when we saw "shock and awe", saw Saddam captured in a hole, saw Saddam in his underwear and we lastly saw Saddam strung up for the world to see.



There's an unprecedented run on guns and ammo. That should really help stem the tide of all these mass killings. Arm your family members with AK-47s for security's sake. Long live Charlton Heston. ---Grant "Brad" Gerver



The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Homophobia, Iraqi Style


The slayings of as many as 25 gay men and boys in Iraq in recent weeks show the country is still a religious, conservative and violent place, observers say.




Disturbing News

"The dirty little secret ...... is that every Republican in this country wants Obama to fail, but none of them have the guts to say so; I am willing to say it"- Rush Limbaugh


Republican-Shenanigans News


George Bush wishes everyone was rich. Barack Obama wishes everyone was poor. - Dennis Miller on the Bill O'Reilly Show


Ann Coulter Fooled Then Proceeds To Make It Worse


In her April 1 column, Ann Coulter fell for a fake April Fools' Day article by Car and Driver magazine that claimed that President Obama has ordered General Motors and Chrysler to cease their participation in NASCAR because it is an "unnecessary expenditure." Coulter wrote, "If Obama can tell GM and Chrysler that their participation in NASCAR is an 'unnecessary expenditure,' isn't having public schools force students to follow Muslim rituals, recite Islamic prayers and plan 'jihads' also an 'unnecessary expenditure'?



Rock-The-Voter News

Shacking Up With The Palins



On CBS's The Early Show Wednesday, Johnston, 19, said the Palin family lied when they denied his previous claims that he lived with Bristol, 18, at their home. (He told Tyra Banks last week that Palin also probably knew he was sleeping with her daughter.)

"They said I didn't live there," Johnston said. " (They say) I 'stayed there.' I was like, 'OK, whatever you want to call it' -- I had all my stuff there. So, if you wanna call it 'staying there,' that's fine."

Asked if he stayed there every night, he said, "For awhile, yeah. So..."





Drat! So much for my plans to spend 2 pleasure-filled weeks in Somalia. Guess I'll go to Mexico.  ---Grant "Brad" Gerver


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"President Obama said yesterday that he believes that Osama bin Laden is plotting new attacks against the United States. Obama came up with this theory when he picked up any newspaper from the last eight years."- Jimmy Fallon


Bush-Prison-Torture News


More Prosecutorial Misconduct?


 A US federal judge in Washington has lashed out at government prosecutors for repeated delays in the case of four Kuwaitis held at Guantanamo Bay.

"Respondent's counsel violated all three orders," Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly wrote in an unusually harshly worded court document seen Wednesday.


Go-F**k-Yourself News


"Three different customers at a grocery store in Queens, New York, all bought peppers that turned out to have bags of cocaine stuffed inside them. Well, you thought spicy food kept you up all night." --Jay Leno




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Allison, a rescued green sea turtle who has only one flipper, left, swims with the aid of a fin attached with neoprene at the Sea Turtle, Inc. , in South Padre Island, Texas, Wednesday, April 8, 2009. Without the fin, developed at the turtle rescue facility, Allison can only swim in circles. The group had previously experimented with prosthetic flippers without luck.
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