April 9,  2004  TGIF

 Here come da' judge...

Journalism Group Protests Scalia Tape Grab

Friday April 9, 2004 3:46 AM


Associated Press Writer

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - A deputy federal marshal violated the law and ``the fundamental tenets of press freedom'' when she ordered two reporters to erase recordings of a speech by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a journalists' advocacy group said Thursday....


First Amendment experts question Justice Scalia's efforts to ...
Brainerd Daily Dispatch, MN - 4-9-04
... She said that principle was invoked recently in Mississippi when a judge tried to ... Kirtley also said the action by Scalia and the marshal appeared to violate ...
Scalia draws scrutiny in tape seizure
Contra Costa Times, CA - 4-9-04
... after taping over the 40 minutes that covered the time of Scalia's appearance ... She said that principle was invoked recently in Mississippi when a judge tried to ...

Yep, this is going to be an interesting campaign season. Is Vegas taking odds on whether this election will be decided by the US Supreme Court again?

"If there's one thing we learned from our last presidential election, it's that democracy is far too important to rely on an outdated error-prone system like punch card ballots. So, as we gear up for the 2004 vote, many communities have moved on to electronic voting — a far more high-tech, error-prone system." —Jon Stewart

Sent in by Doc

Disturbing News


Iraq Insurgents Threaten to Burn Hostages

AP - 4-9-04

In a dramatic video released Thursday, insurgents revealed they had kidnapped three Japanese and threatened to burn them alive in three days unless Japan agrees to withdraw its troops from Iraq.


Tokyo Has Few Options for Iraq Hostages

AP - 4-9-04

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi denounced Iraqi militants threatening to kill Japanese hostages as "cowardly" and vowed Friday to keep Japan's troops in the country despite tearful pleas from the families of the captives.


Afghan Renegade Continues Advance Despite Talks

Reuters - Fri Apr 9, 6:25 AM ET

The Afghan government tried on Friday to persuade a renegade adviser to President Hamid Karzai to withdraw forces that overran a remote northern province in a fresh challenge to the U.S.-backed government.


US: Mortar Caused Baghdad Blast; No Casualties
SanDiego Channel.com, CA - 8 minutes ago
FALLUJAH, Iraq -- A mortar attack caused the large explosion in central Baghdad on Friday, US officials said. A mortar shell hit ...


Business News


Continued Rise in Gas Prices Expected

AP - Fri Apr 9, 7:15 AM ET

Gasoline prices will rise another nickel a gallon nationwide before the end of June but return to current levels before fall, the government said Thursday, warning of possible price spikes especially in the Northeast and West Coast markets.

Consumer Confidence Sinks in U.S.

AP - 4-9-04

Consumer confidence sank during the past month, weighed down by worries about job security and concerns about local economic conditions in the months ahead. The AP-Ipsos consumer confidence index dropped to 84.8 this week, from a reading of 97.7 in early March, when Americans' feelings about the economy had shown an improvement from the previous month.

Clear Channel Drops Stern on FCC Threat

AP - Fri Apr 9, 5:23 AM ET

The nation's largest radio chain dropped the country's best-known shock jock Thursday after federal regulators proposed fining it $495,000 for sexually explicit material on the Howard Stern show.

Reliant Goes to Court Over Energy Crisis

AP - 4-9-04

For the first time, a criminal case has been lodged against a company accused of manipulating power prices during California's energy crisis.


"Here's the latest forecast for Iraq: Sunni today but tomorrow it will turn to Shi'ite." —Jay Leno

Developments in Iraq
Guardian, UK - 4-9-04
By The Associated Press. - There was violence across the country as US Marines halted their offensive in Fallujah, the scene of bloody ...


Military News


US forces recapture Kut but Fallujah ceasefire fails
The Globe and Mail, Canada - 4-9-04
Fallujah, Iraq — US forces retook Friday a southern Iraqi city seized by a rebellious Shiite militia, but a US-declared halt in the embattled city of ...


Fighting Erupts in Town of Baquba North of Baghdad

Reuters - Fri Apr 9, 7:15 AM ET

Fighting erupted in the mixed Shi'ite and Sunni Muslim town of Baquba on Friday, with guerrillas clashing with U.S. troops and targeting buildings, witnesses said.


Iraq Violence May Change Troop Rotation

AP - Fri Apr 9, 3:58 AM ET

The surge in violence by anti-occupation forces in Iraq has thrown the U.S. military off balance, and officials say it is highly likely that Gen. John Abizaid, the war's top commander, will bolster his firepower by keeping more armored forces in Iraq than planned.


Iraq Still in War Mode a Year Later

AP -4-9-04

A year after Saddam Hussein's statue was toppled in a central Baghdad square, signaling his ouster, U.S. Marines are battling Sunni Muslims west of the capital and coalition forces try to put down a Shiite uprising across central and southern Iraq.


Powell says international judges the only credibility to Khmer Rouge trial

AFP - Thu Apr 8, 6:52 PM ET

US Secretary of State Colin Powell said international judges may give the only semblance of credibility to a tribunal that will try leaders of Cambodia's brutal Khmer Rouge regime responsible for the slaughter of two million people in the 1970s.

 Good News


US Jobless Claims in Three-Year Low

Reuters - 4-9-04

The number of Americans filing initial claims for jobless aid dropped sharply last week to the lowest in more than three years, the government said on Thursday in a further sign of a reviving employment market


MoveOn Staffer Moves on to Kerry Campaign

AP - Wed Apr 7, 6:35 PM ET

A strategist with MoveOn.org, a group that Republicans accuse of being too closely tied to Democrat John Kerry's presidential campaign, is leaving to work for Kerry.


 Search to Find Dangerous Asteroids Nearly Complete

Reuters - Wed Apr 7, 6:29 PM ET

They are out there, ready to smack into the Earth and wipe out human civilization, but astronomers said on Wednesday they are well on their way to finding every asteroid that poses a threat.


 Tech News


Here Comes Broadband John

BusinessWeek 4-9-04

John Kerry doesn't claim he invented the Internet -- but he has long recognized its value. Back in the mid-'90s, he was agitating to bring high-speed data lines to rural Massachusetts and promoting tech-friendly policies in the Senate. So while he's not a full-blown geek like Al Gore, Kerry is comfortable i…

 System Can Detect Fraudulent Passports

AP - 4-9-04

Australia, one of the United States' strongest allies, has added a new weapon to its arsenal — a toaster-sized document reader that tells in seconds whether a passport is a fraud and identifies travelers who might be included on terrorist watch lists.

Dot-Mail Domain Proposed as Spam Solution

washingtonpost.com - Thu Apr 8, 6:58 PM ET

The next weapon in the war against junk e-mail could be built into the core of the Internet's inner workings if a group of anti-spam vigilantes gets its way.

Electronic Voting Source Code Revealed


"The good news from Iraq is we brought the Shi'ites and Sunnis together. The bad news: they formed an army." —Jay Leno

Subject: Expose yourself to Art
Hey Lisa,

Perhaps you already know this, but the person in the photo you posted today is Bud Clark,
Tavern owner and former mayor of Portland, OR. Needless to say, our ex mayor is quite a character!


As a regular visitor I've seen many cartoons and pictures on your site
that have made me laugh out loud or mist up, but when I saw the Expose
Yourself to Art poster on your site I Whoop Whooped! I don't know if you
are aware of the fact, but the gentleman in the poster supposedly
exposing himself to the nude statue is Bud Clark. I have been working
for over a year on Bud Clark's biography. You can go to my web site
www.upperleftedge.com  and see some of the graphics for the book. The
poster has sold over 800,000 copies all over the world since it was
first printed over twenty five years ago. Bud went on to become the
Mayor of Portland, Oregon. He got a great deal of national media
attention when he beat the incumbent in the primary, because he had no
political experience and owned a tavern. He was on the cover of the NY
Times and appeared on the Johnny Carson Show. He is an amazing person.
He did a wonderful job as Mayor and is still dearly loved by the people
of Portland. He introduced Community Policing to Portland, started a
Homeless Program that is still a national model, built a Convention
Center, expanded international connections and did it all while having a
great time. He would wear Liederhosen, ride his bike to City Hall, pole
his canoe in the Willamette River standing up and curse like a Marine
every once in a while. His favorite greeting is "Whoop! Whoop!" and a
favorite salutation was "Tit's up!"(yes, to either gender).
I just thought you might like to know that there is more to that poster
than most people would think. (If you could see Bud from the front, he
was wearing shorts and a t-shirt that said, "Zap the Clap!") Like I
said, he's an amazing guy. I'll let you know when we get the book
finished. I think you might like it.


Did you know the guy in the picture is the former Mayor of Portland, OR, Bud
Clark? He did it to raise funds for the arts here in town.

Keep up the good work!

Best regards,


Thanks for the info.  We need more politicians like him today.


What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like the Internet?

Enjoyed your site, thought you might enjoy mine:

www.realstupidnews.com  (news satire from JotEmDown, GA)
www.rebelholler.com  (political satire w/ a Southern accent)

--- Preston

Haha Preston. Laughter always helps, eh? Thanks for writing.

Molly Ivins recently wrote "George W. Bush will admit he made a mistake the day the Cubs win the World Series." Actually I think the Cubs will win the world series before King George admits making a mistake.


I don't think either will happen.

Subject: The more things change…
Hi, Lisa...
...the more they remain the same... Meeting with some members of the local DAV post all we can do regarding the current situation is shake our collective heads and say, 'haven't the bastards learned anything?'. Geez, didn't we go through this at An Loc, Khe Sahn and Da Nang during the Tet? You betcha we did... and lots of us died for no damned good reason. The same as it appears to be happening now. Look, girl, we are very mostly very conservative, but, we are also not fools or dupes. We were that once before at the very tender age of 18-21. Not now in our 50s. This has got to STOP! We are at a loss as to what to do. We are very conflicted. We see these guys (and gals) coming home maimed and worse. Dead. Very dead, and it makes us remember a long time ago and far away, but dead is dead, and we are having a VERY hard time dealing with it. Only because we did it once before and think of our friends and it haunts us. Believe me, it does... Don't get me wrong. I am not a pacifist. I would mount the ramparts gladly to repel an enemy even today as an old man. But, Iraq would have never invaded the USA or even attacked us in any way. I don't give a rat's ass what Condi is going to say  about that... Enough... I give you my assurance that my vote will NOT be for Mr. Bush in November... Once fooled, twice shy...


I hear you Robert.

Those who are running this war haven't tasted the blood of war. And now we are stuck in Iraq.  We need a president who understands not only war, but international diplomacy.

Assorted News

Gore Meets Privately With 9/11 Commission  

AP via Yahoo! News - 4-9-04

Former Vice President Al Gore met with the Sept. 11 panel privately Friday, a day after President Clinton told commissioners that intelligence wasn't strong enough to justify a retaliation against al-Qaida for the 2000 bombing of a Navy ship.


Clinton Defends Counterterror Policies

AP -4-9-04

Former President Clinton defended his counterterrorism policies in a private meeting with the Sept. 11 commission and said intelligence wasn't strong enough to justify a retaliation against al-Qaida for the 2000 bombing of a Navy ship.

U.S. to Declassify Bin Laden Memo

AP - Fri Apr 9, 3:51 AM ET

The Bush administration says it plans to follow recommendations of the Sept. 11 commission and declassify an intelligence document titled "Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States."



Rice Sets Stage for CIA, FBI Testimony

AP -

Condoleezza Rice emphatically assigned blame for the pre-Sept. 11 failures to "frustratingly vague" U.S. intelligence, setting the stage for the top men at the CIA and FBI to explain next week what went wrong and what's been done to fix it.



U.S. Expert Investigates Attack on Taiwan President

Reuters -4-9-04

A top U.S. forensic expert and veteran of high-profile cases such as the O.J. Simpson murder trial said he discovered on Friday new clues to the mysterious assassination attempt on Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian.


Hi, Lisa:

I was going to forward you a link to the Bush collage
yesterday, but apparently you've already been made
aware of it (looking at today's edition).

If you go to Google, type in "failure", and hit the
"I'm Feeling Lucky" button, you'll be taken to this
image on Michael Moore's site (which an option to
enlarge the image). The title, credit, etc. can be
found there.

There was a time you could type in "pathetic failure"
on Google and you'd be taken to W's profile on the
White House site, but it doesn't do it anymore. Maybe
another combination...?

Anyway, hope this helps. Take care.


Thanks for writing Nick.  Actually, the phrase is miserable failure and the White House website pops up first!



I wish I could have questioned Ms. Rice after John Lehman...I would have said "If nothing else, at least we have established that you didn't know a DAMNED THING about ANYTHING"...


I would have asked Condi why it took so long to dispatch fighter jets on 9/11.


Remember when Repugs used to make these snide comments about Janet Reno?

Have they taken a good long look at Karen Hughes...she of the size 12
feet, loud mouth and abrasive manner?


Terry C

Now Terry, you know I would never make fun of anyone's looks, especially Thugalina Hughes.

Lisa, hi--

We have lost my Mom. Beth died March 28 at age 83.
A lifelong Republican, as is my Dad, she had become disgusted by the kids'
deaths in Iraq and had turned vehemently against George W. Bush. Not long
ago, she said to me, "I see that everything you [I] said about [Bush's
corrupt presidency] is true."

Mom's words illustrate the process of understanding what the GOP has become.
At first they can't bring themselves to believe it. When they do, their
anger and sense of betrayal are intense.

Mom ran the local hospital's thrift shop for three years and amassed over
5,000 hours of charity work for that hospital. An accomplished seamstress,
in her 80's Beth still taught teenage girls to sew, tutored boys and girls
who were having difficulty with their schoolwork and worked for a local
church-based (Episcopalian) scholarship and outreach program. She did other
good works too numerous to mention.

Beth always wanted me to write professionally--she thought flying a plane
doesn't use my mind; it's just running a machine & all that. While
hospitalized, she got a hell of a bang out of my Kerry piece you posted on
AHNC a few weeks back. Can't ever thank you enough for that, Lisa.

[My] yahoo account was "deactivated" without notice or
explanation by Yahoo. It had appeared in political posts on AHNC and on
other political sites. Your viewers' worries about Repug retaliation are
likely grounded in fact. For example, I have read that buzzflash.com has
been classified "a hate site."

What, then, does that make freerepublic.com?

Thanks, Lisa, for brightening my Mom's painful last days.

Jeff L.


You are very welcome. How humbling.

Thank you for writing and my sympathies at the loss of your mother.

I don't know what else to say.

Draft Dodging Drug Addict Update:

Transcript of Rush Limbaugh Latest Remarks Regarding Seizure of ...
Yahoo News (press release) - 4-8-04
PALM BEACH, Fla., April 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Attached is a transcript of comments made by Rush Limbaugh during his radio program today about Wednesday's oral ...
Rush Limbaugh attorney: Investigators should have warned they ...  - San Diego Union Tribune
Lawyers fight over Rush Limbaugh's records - Washington Times
Appeals court hears case for keeping Rush Limbaugh files sealed - Kansas City Star


"President Bush was tired of swatting flies." Condominimum Rice

Senator Bob Kerrey asked Rice how Bush could be "tired" when, as he sees it, the U-S only swatted once. He was referring to a 1998 missile strike that President Clinton ordered against suspected terror training camps.

"Teddy Roosevelt . . . once said, 'Speak softly and carry a big stick.' Jimmy Carter wants to speak loudly and carry a fly swatter." President Gerald Ford



Odd News

Police: Mother stripped at son's birthday party

CourtTV - Thu Apr 8,11:10 PM ET

MERCER, Pa. (Court TV) — Patricia Johnson exhibited parenting skills so poor they were criminal.
Engineers' eBay auction yields encouraging response

SiliconValley.com - Fri Apr 9, 6:46 AM ET

The San Francisco engineers who auctioned themselves on eBay after their jobs were offshored seem to have scored big.

She Closed Airport to Avoid Vacation with Boyfriend

Reuters - Thu Apr 8,10:04 AM ET

A Croatian woman was convicted Thursday of disturbing the peace for phoning a bomb threat to Duesseldorf airport to get out of a vacation with her boyfriend.

Whiskey Swigging Bride Wants Photo Killed

AP -

Most women are eager to show off their wedding photos. But Michele Hemphill is suing to get a picture of her drinking whiskey and smoking a cigarette in her wedding dress off store shelves.

And the '11th Commandment' Is ...

AP - Thu Apr 8,11:22 AM ET

If the first 10 commandments were handed to Moses on Mt. Sinai, the 11th was born in less solemn surroundings: The British pub.
And pigs really do fly at Easter

Reuters - Fri Apr 9, 1:43 AM ET

Easter revellers in Australia's biggest city are discovering pigs really do fly.


"First" pet cat found in Cypriot tomb

Reuters - Thu Apr 8, 9:24 PM ET

What may have been one of the earliest pet cats has been found in a richly furnished tomb in Cyprus, French scientists have reported.

9-Year-Old Girl Arrested for Rabbit Theft

Fri Apr 9, 7:03 AM ET

A 9-year-old girl accused of stealing a rabbit and $10 from a neighbor's home was arrested, handcuffed and questioned at a police station.


Prostitutes Charge NATO Troops More

Thu Apr 8,11:01 AM ET

Prostitutes are charging NATO troops dispatched to this Baltic state more than three times as much money as Lithuanian clients, police said Thursday.


Penn State Study Finds Origins of Snakes

AP - Fri Apr 9, 8:09 AM ET

Using DNA evidence, two Penn State University researchers think they have answered a long-standing question among scientists: Did snakes evolve from land-based lizards, or did they come from the sea?


Justice O'Connor shares 'cowgirl' stories
Adrian Daily Telegram, MI - 
... After becoming a trial judge and being appointed to the Arizona Court of ... Hunter also attended the series when Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was the ...


Iraq in turmoil on Saddam anniversary
Reuters, UK - 4-9-04
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Bloody turmoil is reigning in Iraq, the first anniversary of Saddam ... well as the bastions of Sunni insurgency in central Iraq, has shown ...

Happy Easter, Lisa, and thanks for your wonderful AHNC pages!

Thank you Abigail!  I just love puppy bunnies!

Today in History - April 9

1667 1st public art exhibition (Palais Royal, Paris France)

1833 1st tax-supported public library (Peterborough NH)

1865 Robert E Lee & 26,765 troops, surrender to US Grant at Appomattox

1878 1st Lady Lucy Hayes begins egg rolling contest on White House lawn

1928 Turkey passes separation of church & state

1947 Atomic Energy Commission is formed

1962 JFK throws out 1st ball at Washington DC's new Stadium

1968 Martin Luther King Jr, buried in Atlanta GA

1972 USSR & Iraq sign friendship treaty

1988 US imposes economic sanctions on Panamá

1992 Noriega convicted on 8 of 10 drug & racketeering charges

2003 American Marines pulled down Saddam Hussein’s statue in Baghdad after U.S. commanders declared his rule ended.

"No poor bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making other bastards die for their country." General George Patton

Ste. Etienne Cathedral in Metz, France. (Photo credit: Bob Witkowski www.atwitsend.org )


Ooo La La Peace.