Wednesday edition - April 5, 2006


Video claims to show pilot being dragged, OR - 4-5-06
A video posted on the Internet Wednesday in the name of an extremist group claimed to show Iraqi insurgents dragging the burning body of a US pilot on the ground after the crash of an Apache helicopter.

Rep. Harris taps ex-DeLay aide for new campaign team
Gainesville Sun, FL  - 4-5-06
TALLAHASSEE - US Rep. Katherine Harris named her new US Senate campaign team Tuesday, replacing President Reagan's political director ...

Homeland Security Official Arrested
CBS News - - 4-5-06
(CBS/AP) Authorities say a deputy press secretary for the US Department of Homeland Security has been arrested on charges of using the Internet to seduce a person he thought was a teenage girl.


Why doesn't Bush put that flight suit on and defend his country?  His poll numbers would shoot right up.



The only Bush I trust is in my front yard. -- Grant Gerver






The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News



Ode to the Bugman
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Tom's speech was jam-packed with some gems.
His withdrawal he blamed on the Dems.
It seems Streisand and Moore
Forced him out the House door.
Has the Bugman been sniffing his chems?

Another DeLay limerick is here:




If you think Andy Card was the problem, there aren't enough air holes in your bubble. For months, people have been telling the president someone has to go. And that Andy Card? Yeah, let's hold onto the torture guy, the no-armor guy, the Katrina guy, the guy who exposes CIA agents, and the guy who shoots old men in the face.-- Bill Maher


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"This week senators passed a limited ethics bill. It's something congress knows a lot about. Limited ethics. Some of the new rules are pretty tough, like from now on, all bribe money as to be in a clear plastic bag" --Jay Leno


Disturbing News




One really good thing about global warming: it's absolutely terrific for the levee industry. Grant Gerver


Republican Shenanigans


Coulter 45


Known for her disdain of all things liberal, political commentator Ann Coulter's visit to the University of Florida tonight already has some students cringing.

"I'm not opposed to listening to Republicans, it's just that she disgusts me," said Stephanie Sims, president of UF's College Democrats.





Rock-The-Voter News


The American People: MUGGED, BUGGED, & FUGGED. -- Grant Gerver


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Biz-Tech News




"President Bush spoke about the immigration problem. Given how out of hand immigration is, there were 800 more people on Air Force One coming back than on the way there." --Jay Leno



Subject: Cynthia McKinney


Do you think she hit a Capitol policeman?




We would know if the police would release the video. What's the delay? (no pun intended)






Bush-Prison-Torture News



(VIDEO) The Daily Show: Citizen McCain





The Christian right are now officially the party of paranoia. Secularists are attacking Christmas! Gays are attacking marriage! Liberals are attacking values! White girls are being abducted at an alarming rate! You know, if you're going to be that paranoid all the time, just get high.-- Bill Maher



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Odd News

The Kamchatka brown bear yawns in his cage after awakening from the winter hibernation at the Moscow's Zoo. As Potapovich woke Monday from his hibernation it means without fail that the especially harsh Russian winter of 2005-06 can be declared over. (Photo by Alexander Nemenov)