Tuesday edition - April 4, 2006

DeLay Announces Resignation From House
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 4-4-06
By DAVID ESPO. WASHINGTON (AP) - Succumbing to scandal, former Majority Leader Tom DeLay said Tuesday he will resign from Congress ...

Cost of Iraq war and hurricane relief to exceed $100 billion
San Jose Mercury News,  USA - 4-4-06
WASHINGTON - The price tag for must-pass legislation to pay for the war in Iraq and additional hurricane relief is expected to pass 100 billion dollars after ...

Iraq's interior ministry refusing to deploy US-trained police
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 4-4-06
Iraq's interior ministry is refusing to deploy thousands of police recruits who have been trained by the US and the UK and is hiring its own men and putting ...


Tom DeLay resigned quickly, didn't he?  I wonder what skeleton will pop out of his closet next?



Tom DeLay cashes in chips to become televangelist. - Grant Gerver






The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News



"Immigration was the big issue of the week. Bush was in Cancun promoting his new video, 'Foreign Policy Gone Wild.'" --Bill Maher


Disturbing News





Subject: Tom DeLay


Now that DeLay is resigning ands moving to Washington, D.C. , I wonder if he is going to resume his business of "killing cockroaches" there! He will never run out of "cockroaches" to kill in D.C. Lets wish him much success in his new business!!


Lou W.


 I believe Tom DeLay is going to become a Christian Warrior.



After the Rapture, the Democrats will be in control of Congress again, right? -- Zing!


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Republican Shenanigans



"A new study involving 1800 patients and six major hospitals failed to prove the healing power of prayer. They said prayer does not work in healing. There goes the Republican health care plan." --Jay Leno




Jesus' General


A Senate Republican wants an Army general who drew criticism for church speeches casting the war on terrorism in religious terms to lead the U.S. special operations command.


Rock-The-Voter News




"President Bush threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Cincinnati Reds-Chicago Cubs game. Like Bush, it was high and to the far right. ... After Bush threw his first pitch, Dick Cheney shot an old guy in the upper deck." --Jay Leno


Biz-Tech News




Subject: Bumper stickers for 2006


The Bush Legacy: Leave no Child a Dime.

I Never Thought Id Miss Nixon

Ignorance and Arrogance is Bad Foreign Policy

Feeling Blue in a Red State

Diebold Voting System: Keeping America Safe from Democracy

Hatred is not a Family Value




 Thanks Patricia!


Bush-Prison-Torture News


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Subject: Thousands of mistakes



Condi said "we've made thousands of mistakes in Iraq". So far I count exactly 2343 mistakes. That's how many American soldiers have died so far. Maybe we should keep a running total of how many "mistakes" we've made. BOOM! oops, there's another mistake.


Thanks for writing Gary.

Another mistake, Condi went shoe shopping while Katrina victims were trapped on their roofs. Her priorities are what, a size 10?


Go-F*ck-Yourself News




The Most Tasteless South Dakota State Motto You Can Think of Contest

Odd News





Divers make their way through a freshwater sinkhole, known as a cenote, in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula in this undated photo. The cenotes, deep sinkholes in limestone that have pools at the bottom, are yielding scientific discoveries including possible life-saving cancer treatments.  Photo/Henry Watkins & Yibran Aragon