April 4  2003


The unholy coalition

The Star-UK-4-4-03
Remember the Americans argued that they were intent on destroying weapons of mass destruction and ridding the world of Saddam Hussein, his immediate family and some cronies. But so far the war has achieved only two unrelated objectives: it has destroyed infrastructure on a grand scale and it has terrorised the populace of Iraq...It may not quite be terrorism as defined by George W Bush et al, but to callously deprive people of their homes, food, water and electricity is nonetheless terrorism.

Return of the Taliban?
Rediff, India -  4-4-03
Taliban claim capture of three police posts, three Afghan border guards killed in ambush.'..As the US concentrates on its longer-than-expected war against Iraq, the situation in recently 'liberated' Afghanistan seems to be unraveling fast..

Of ‘ victory ’ and ‘ jihads ’
Barbados Daily Nation, Barbados -by Rickey Singh 4-4-03
First, fifteen days into the war with its enormous casualties of Iraqi civilians and destruction of their country, there has been no discovery, anywhere, by the invading forces of the “weapons of mass destruction” that is at the core of the United States/British war axis. We will see if the dying regime in Baghdad uses it by the time you read this column.

Today's cartoon was inspired by Bush playing the religion card, the evil doer card, the flag waving card, and the weapons of mass destruction card, etc...  Methinks he's going to run out of cards soon.



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"United Nation Resolutions are very much like Condo Pool Rules. There is
nobody to arrest you, cuff you and haul you to jail. But all the old people
yelling at you will eventually cause you to change your ways,"
-Anita Beer
slurred at the Hotel Intercontinental pool bar.

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RepublicanPress.com Columnist Dick Mann captured in Iraq by Radical Homosexual Islamic Group: "Saddamizers"

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Quotes of the Day


"Today Vice President Dick Cheney walked into the Oval Office and said, 'You want to run things for a while?' And Bush said, 'Sure.' And then Cheney went, 'April Fool!'" —Jay Leno

"Sources at the White House say that President Bush thinks he was called by God to lead the country through this difficult time. Unfortunately, no one has the courage to tell the president he wasn't called by God, it was a morning zoo dejay." —Conan O'Brien "Who's more foolish: the fool, or the fool who follows him?" Obi Wan Kenobi


Jeb Watch:                    

Interior deputy participated in meetings on oil and gas leases
Contra Costa Times, Contra Costa County - 4-4-03
... president's brother, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. Interior Department spokesman
Mark Pfeifle defended Griles, saying he has acted ethically. ...

ACLU Asks Florida To Recall AIDS Pamphlet With Biblical Messages
Posted: 6:43 a.m. EST April 4, 2003
TALLAHASSEE, Fla -- The American Civil Liberties Union asked the Department of Health Thursday to remove some AIDS education brochures from circulation because they are full of Biblical messages.
The pamphlets, with "Florida Department of Health" printed on the cover along with the agency's logo, are titled "A Christian Response to AIDS" and use Biblical passages to urge compassion toward people with AIDS and the HIV virus.
The brochure asks: "How would Jesus respond to a person with HIV or AIDS?" and promises that "Jesus is our Hope." It quotes several Bible passages throughout.

Soldier Is Relieved for Streaking on Base

Thu Apr 3, 9:23 AM ET
A National Guard battalion commander is being relieved of his command for running naked outside the barracks at Fort Bragg.  Lt. Col. J.D. Webster was one of several soldiers seen streaking on Feb. 18, the military said.

Iraq Body Count

Journalists in Iraq face challenge of fair reporting
The Daily Northwestern -4-4-03

Northwestern University-Medill School of Journalism

   "This was a giant step forward from the Afghanistan war," said Prof. Joe Angotti, chairman of the Medill's broadcast department. "(In Afghanistan) the Pentagon was keeping all the media away from army activities and that was unrealistic and unfair."

While many Medill professors agree that embedded reporters provide an enhanced view of the war, the nature of embedded journalism has become controversial, particularly regarding the ability to provide balanced reporting.

"They have become very close to the troops they are covering -- maybe too close," Angotti said. "They spend 24 hours a day with them, they eat with them, they sleep with them.

"And when it comes time for them to be critical or ask tough questions, I think it may be difficult for them to ask those tough questions and report negative news."

See what the last elected President is doing these days


Bill Clinton gets enthusiastic greeting at University of Florida
Sarasota Herald-Tribune, FL - 4-4-03
Former President Bill Clinton, speaking to an enthusiastic crowd of 9000 students
and community residents, said Thursday that America needs to forge alliances ...

       Bill Clinton Gets Enthusiastic Greeting At University of Florida - WKMG
       Clinton: We need partners, not foes - Gainesville Sun
       Clinton: We must back troops - Orlando Sentinel

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