April 30 2003  Wednesday Issue

 Abortion rights exclude privacy
Portsmouth Herald, NH - Apr 30, 2003

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court cleared the way Monday for health authorities in South Carolina to collect names, addresses and other information about women seeking abortions, a power doctors say violates a fundamental duty to protect patient privacy.


Supreme Court Refuses to Consider Abortion Privacy Case
Feminist Majority Foundation - 4-29-03
The US Supreme Court yesterday refused to consider a case challenging a South Carolina regulation that allows records of women who have had abortions to be copied and removed from clinics by state officials, with no guarantee of privacy for the women. The Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) reports that health inspectors could obtain and copy records for any reason, even based on anonymous or unsubstantiated claims. Anti-abortion activists will be able to use this regulation to harass clinic patients and staff.


Florida's 'Scarlet Letter'
Controversial Adoption Law Pits Women's Privacy, Fathers' Rights ABC News

How's this for a classified ad: "Jane Smith, 31, brown hair, brown eyes, seeking 30-something man, blond hair, blue eyes, mole on right cheek, who spent last Nov. 20 in Rural Route 44 motel after drinks at sports bar next door. May have fathered child."

That notice did not actually run, but under a one-of-a-kind state law, Florida now requires women who don't know the birth father of their child to purchase similar ads in newspapers detailing their sexual histories before giving a baby up for adoption.

Buy French Now

A website devoted to French products and peace -- interesting


France denies giving information to Saddam
Straits Times, Singapore - 4-30-03
PARIS - France has denied a report in a British newspaper that claimed its journalists had found documents in Baghdad indicating that Paris had informed Saddam ...



Boycotts are tricky in this global era
The Tallahassee Democrat - 
As for continental condiments, French's Mustard is owned by the British. Grey Poupon, on the other hand, is owned by Philip Morris, an American tobacco company that's killed more people than the Republican Guard.


I ain't buying none of that French's mustard no more!


 The Cost of War

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed."

President Dwight D. Eisenhower
April 16, 1953

I thought I would post two totally different points of view.


SUBJECT: Zelda Morgan column

Thanks, I needed a little humor right now. I used to tell my conservative friends that the guy with his finger on the nuclear button should get all the BJs he wants or needs. They thought I was joking, or just being sexist. Imagine that. I look at Monica as kind of a heroic figure who helped a great man through a tough period. The Big Dog was under a withering attack by folks without scruples, and she did her level best to take his mind off of it, if for only a few moments. She performed a great public service. Remember that she tried to keep the dirty deed secret. Anyway, good read Zelda, and keep up the good work.

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SUBJECT: Your site

You are another Monica....

Are you insinuating what I think you are?  lol

Bush Troll Swatter

by my Austrian friend, Erich Mangl


 Great Collection of Bush MP3s

This MP3 sounds as if George W Bush is drinking again   click here




"What Santorum said was he is not against homosexuals, he is against homosexual acts. He said the only thing you should put in your mouth is your foot." óJay Leno




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