April 3  2003

War images stay with children fleeing Iraq
Reuters AlertNet, UK - 4-3-03
By Edmund Blair
RUWEISHED, Jordan, April 3 (Reuters) - Images of war are not far away for Abdel-Kadim, a 10-year-old Somali boy who fled conflict in Iraq with his family to a desert camp in Jordan...But after two weeks of war, there are far fewer people fleeing Iraq than aid workers expected. Only a few hundred expatriates have passed through Jordan and there have been no Iraqi refugees.

Iraq war brings unwanted memories
The Casper Star Tribune, WY 4-3-03

...The 1988 National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Study reported 31 percent of male veterans and 27 percent of women veterans experienced PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)at some point in their lives.
   "We start to get calls whenever there's a deployment," Hackman said. "The countries, the times, all those things are different but trauma is trauma."...

Environmental Damages Could Be 'Irreversible'
Washington Post, DC - By Eric Pianin
Environmental experts warned this week that war in Iraq will cause "massive and possibly irreversible" damage to the Persian Gulf region and significantly add to global warming. The environmental leaders said the ensuing damage to Iraq's ecosystem and food and water supplies may eclipse the destruction during the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

Today's cartoon was inspired by the look in that little girl's eyes.  Is she angry, scared or pissed off?


I can identify with that little girl.  I was about her age when Castro had Soviet nuclear missiles pointed at the US.  I lived about 100 miles away from Cuba at that dreadful time. Our school had each student's blood type determined and engraved on dog tags. That was not a necklace I wanted to wear. But I wore it until the day John F. Kennedy got Nikita Khrushchev to back down.  No bombs were dropped.  Tough diplomacy with the USSR by JFK insured a peaceful end to that nuclear threat.  Instant relief.


What relief will the above little girl feel when the war in Iraq is over?




Attention:  Zelda Morgan, our senior War Correspondent was hospitalized after an altercation with our junior War Correspondent (still unnamed pending litigation* read 4-1-03 column) The unnamed Hispanic junior War Correspondent has a broken nose, again.  Zelda was released from the hospital after her foot was removed from the junior War Correspondent's rear.



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Exclusive: Sources in Baghdad indicate Saddam alive, hidden, and ...
Albawaba Middle East News, Jordan - 4-3-03 (6am cst)
A number of reliable sources inside Baghdad report that two days before the start of the war Saddam disappeared into a hidden command center, in a location unknown even to his ministers. Since then, sources say that Saddam has not met in person with his top ministers, and has not talked to them directly by telephone. His instruction are delivered to them by messengers in writing or in video and audio cassettes. Saddam does not use the telephone or fax, which he believes can be intercepted or tracked by the Americans.

       Jihad call deepens Saddam mystery - Manila Times
       Iraq outfoxes enemy in Saddam's propaganda war - SpaceDaily
       Dead or alive - where is Saddam Hussein ?
Baltimore Sun, MD

By Bill Aksamitowski - Rochester, New York

Thanks to my Austrian Pal - Erich

Quotes of the Day

"They told us to buy duct tape and portable radios so that if the world does end, we can all listen to Rush Limbaugh blame it on Clinton." —Bill Maher "I'm not worried about things in the world because yesterday President Bush told reporters that he is monitoring the situation in North Korea, very carefully. In fact today the president spent the whole day watching reruns of M.A.S.H." —Conan O'Brien "Men have become the tools of their tools." Henry David Thoreau


Attention: Homeland Security Department Supervisors in the Red States
There appears to have been some miscommunication with the public about our recent instructions regarding the use of "duct tape" for the purpose of securing residences against terrorist attacks. This is especially true in your states where laws prohibiting marriage within the immediate family are rarely enforced.

Thanks to David Podvin

"And when like here, oh Great Dubyahi, you shall pass
Amoung the dead babies-scatter'd on the Grass,
And in your joyous errand to anoint thyself in oil reach the spot
Consider thyself but an insane Horse's Ass!"


"Slowly we turn, step by step, inch by inch, we move toward Baghdad."

-Moe Bush  

Thanks Candy. Your phrase has legs.  I'm leaving it up till we invade Baghdad.

Iraq Body Count

   A Flak Attack On The New Jersey Turnpike
By Stewart Nusbaumer - www.interventionmag.com
With the war in Iraq revving up and the war at home in America ratcheting up, flashbacks from the Vietnam era are proliferating, all which will make life here more ugly. Driving on the NJ Turnpike to an antiwar demonstration of military veterans, the author was suddenly mugged by hate talk radio!

Fox News defends its 'patriotic' coverage

Channel's objectivity questioned on Iraq
Radio & TV: David Folkenflik

   "Obnoxious, pontificating jerk." "Self-absorbed, condescending imbecile." "Ivy League intellectual Lilliputian."  These were among the choice phrases deployed by Fox News Channel's Neil Cavuto Friday to rebut criticism that the anchor had abandoned objectivity for overt nationalism on the air.
   The complaint was made in a letter written to the network by a journalism professor who Cavuto didn't further identify.
"There is nothing wrong with taking sides here, professor," Cavuto said during his show. "You see no difference between a government that oppresses people, and one that does not, but I do."
   Taken as a whole, the anchor's jeremiad neatly defines the tone of Fox News at war: It is patriotic, it is pugilistic, and it takes things personally.

Geraldo Rivera may return to Iraq

Yahoo News - 4-3-03
THE Pentagon says Geraldo Rivera is welcome to go back into Iraq  with US troops - now that he's learned his lesson. ...


OK. Let me get this straight.  The cable "news" network that bills itself as fair and balanced -- resorts to name-calling when someone provides a different opinion?  Oh, I get it, they are "fair and balanced" only to those who agree with them. FuxNews - Patriotic-Pugilistic-Pompous Pigheads

W.A.R. -- What does it stand for?


Thanks Erich

Viewer EMAIL: coslov@gte.net

Subject:  your website

I want to thank you for a wonderfully informative and thought provoking site. Personally, I'm anxious to be rid of that brutal dictator Saddam, because I can't wait to see what brutal dictator that we will replace him with. At my age (53) I fondly remember: Ferdinand Marcos....what a swell guy, and man of the people! I will never forget the Shah of Iran and that marvelously creative bunch...the Savak; who invented more fascinating uses for electricity than those ol' boys Tom Edison and George Westinghouse ever dreamed of!


Thanks for writing Mark. Maybe Bush should replace Saddam with Imelda Marcos.  At least everyone would have shoes.

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