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US Soldiers Fire at Iraqi Protesters
Seattle Post Intelligencer, WA - 3-29-03

FALLUJAH, Iraq -- US soldiers opened fire on Iraqi protesters after some in the crowd fired on them and least seven of the demonstrators were hit, a US officer ...

Looting in Iraq was US failure
Arizona Republic, AZ - 4-29-03
... the biggest loser of the war in Iraq: the Iraqi National Museum and the library, where countless ancient artifacts were lost or destroyed in an orgy of looting ...
Tallying the cultural losses in Iraq - San Jose Mercury News
Iraqis keep looted property safe from exploiters - The Age
Looters Return Some Stolen Iraqi Treasures
Reuters, UK - 4-29-03
The most precious items were stolen from the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad, which ... resigned in protest over the failure of US forces to prevent the looting ...
Iraqis Return Ancient Artifacts - Voice of America








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"From my cold, dead hands, General Ashcroft. You will have to pry her from my cold, dead and scratched, bloody hands." - Anita Beer while holding her calico cat high above her head.


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Newest US colony ruled by air power
Daily Times, Pakistan - 4-29-03
... American fans of Rush Limbaugh may swallow this pap; most Brits are too cynical and worldly to accept such crude propaganda; many Brits and Europeans believe ...
Still knee-deep in homophobia
Arizona Republic, AZ - 4-29-03

Let me translate into "bigotspeak" what Sen. Rick Santorum meant when he compared gays to bigamists, polygamists and practitioners of incest and adultery. ...



Daily Show Comedian Mocks Politicians at IOP Event

The Harvard Crimson, MA - 4-29-03
... to come to campus to participate in the IOP series. He follows Al
Franken ’73, Chevy Chase and Black’s colleague Jon Stewart. ...



Wall St. Firms to Pay $1.4B in SEC Deal
ABC News - 4-29-03
Wall St. Firms to Pay $1.4B, Change Practices in SEC Deal Over Alleged Misleading of Investors. In a bid to restore investor confidence ...

"The analogy is that if this were an operating room, they disinfected everything but the scalpel. The scalpel is left dirty."
SCOTT CLELAND, who heads a group seeking changes on Wall Street, commenting on a settlement between prosecutors and investment firms. NYTIMES



Hillary Clinton Rallies Democratic Troops
Hartford Courant, CT - 3-29-03

SOUTHINGTON -- In what seemed to be a badly needed pep talk for a limping party, U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton roused more than 1,500 state Democrats from their seats Monday night with what was both a rallying cry and a condemnation of the Bush administration's policies.

"I am sick and tired of people who call you unpatriotic if you debate this administration's policies," Clinton shouted as the crowd screamed its approval



Exactly what the Democrats need -- a woman with testosterone -- anyone with testosterone.


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Some U.S. Government visits to All Hat No Cattle this week

The above is a small sampling of visitors from the US Government. Are these bored employee visits or ? That is a lot of time to waste on this "itty bitty site".  The web crawler from nipr.mil is weird.  I have been visited by government agencies long before 9-11 and the Patriot Act. WTF is going on?