April 27,  2004  Tuesday

College leader 'disappointed' by Cheney
Boston.com, MA - 4-27-04
FULTON, Mo. -- Westminster College's president said Monday he was so "surprised and disappointed" by Vice President Dick Cheney's attacks on John Kerry during ...
Cheney speech prompts invitation to Kerry
Springfield News Leader, MO -

Kerry Questions Bush Attendance in Guard in 70's
New York Times - 4-27-04
... must admit that I was surprised and disappointed that Mr ... to maintain strong ties to Westminster College," she said ... and you can meet a foreign leader." Mr. Cheney ...
Kerry Puts Guard Story Back on Front Page
Washington Post, DC - 4-27-04
... The Kerry campaign was clearly delighted with Lamkin's letter ... Plan of Attack,' journalist Bob ... insider account of the run-up to war, portrays Cheney as obsessed ...

Isn't it "shoot yourself in the foot politics" to draw attention to Bush's unrecorded service in the Alabama National Guard by attacking Kerry's heroism?

"All these books coming out about President Bush. There's Richard Clarke's book, John Dean's book, Paul O'Neill's book. Now Bob Woodward has a book out. It's pretty amazing. Who would've thought that George Bush would be responsible for more Americans reading than almost any other President? It's amazing. He brought literacy to the forefront."  Jay Leno

Disagree with Kerry all you want..but the GOP has gone too far 
attacking his war service. Have they no decency?
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 The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


Purported Qaeda Tape Vows Attacks on US Interests
Reuters - 4-27-04
... An audio tape said to be from a senior Saudi al Qaeda leader warned the militant group would carry out "fierce" attacks this year against US interests and ...


Spanish pull out of holy Iraqi city as 43 insurgents are killed
Channel News Asia, Singapore - 4-27-04
NAJAF, Iraq : Forty-three insurgents were killed in fierce overnight fighting with US-led coalition forces near Najaf as Spanish troops were completing their ...

US soldiers killed in Baghdad blast
The Globe and Mail, Canada - 4-27-04
By BASSEM MROUE. BAGHDAD -- A workshop believed to be producing chemical munitions exploded in flames yesterday, moments after US ...


Indonesia troops try to quell Ambon unrest, toll 30
Reuters, India - 4-27-04
AMBON, Indonesia (Reuters) - Snipers killed one policeman and wounded two in Indonesia's strife-torn Ambon on Tuesday as police and soldiers patrolled the ...

Iraqi group threatens to kill Italians
Boston Globe, MA - 4-27-04
By Samia Nakhoul, Reuters | April 27, 2004. DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- A group holding three Italians hostage in Iraq has threatened ...

U.S. Relies on Private Security in Iraq

AP - 4-27-04

The blurring of lines between active-duty U.S. soldiers and contracted security personnel is causing unease in Congress, as violence continues to rise in Iraq.

Army Lures Iraqis With Construction Funds

AP - 4-27-04

The way to break the spiraling cycle of rebel attacks and U.S. counter-raids, the Army's just-arrived 1st Cavalry Division believes, is to kill the rebels with one hand and spread dollars with the other.

NATO Sees No Iraq Role Unless Many Conditions Met

Reuters - Mon Apr 26, 9:26 AM ET

NATO will only consider a wider role in Iraq if a string of conditions are met including a U.S. handover to a "credible" government in Baghdad, Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said Monday. 

Iraqi Argues for 'Complete Sovereignty'

AP - 4-27-04

Iraqis will need international help with security and building democratic institutions after the United States hands over sovereignty on June 30, a member of its Governing Council says.


Disturbing News

Saudi Says U.S. Criticism Undermines War

AP - Mon Apr 26,11:10 PM ET

Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal said Monday that U.S. criticism of the kingdom is undermining efforts to fight terrorism and that America was partially to blame for the rise of Osama bin Laden.

UK Foreign Minister Denies Rift With Diplomats on Iraq
Bloomberg -4-27-04
April 27 (Bloomberg) -- UK Foreign Office minister Mike O'Brien denied there was a rift between the British government and its diplomats over Iraq and the ...



Congressional Oversight of Intelligence Criticized

washingtonpost.com -4-27-04

In the fall of 2002, as Congress debated waging war in Iraq, copies of a 92-page assessment of Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction sat in two vaults on Capitol Hill, each protected by armed security guards and available to any member who showed up in person, without staff

Copter From Fort Bragg Missing in S.C.

AP - 4-27-04

An Army helicopter with three soldiers aboard vanished during a training flight, and a search was under way Tuesday, authorities said.


U.S. Pulling Most Troops From Korea's DMZ

AP - 4-27-04

The United States will pull nearly all its troops from their last front-line positions along the tense frontier with communist North Korea by October as part of a force reshuffle on the divided Korean peninsula, the United Nations Command said Tuesday.


 Israel Calls Doctor New Hamas Leader
Los Angeles Times (subscription), CA - 4-27-04
Mahmoud Zahar, a 53-year-old Egyptian-trained physician whose son was killed in an Israeli airstrike, was identified by Israel as the new Hamas leader in the ...



Powell Sees Iraq Post-June 30 Sovereignty Limits

Reuters - Tue Apr 27, 2:25 AM ET

Secretary of State Colin Powell said on Monday the still-undefined government due to take power in Iraq on July 1 would have to give up some of its sovereignty to allow a free hand to U.S.-led armed forces.


Republican Shenanigans

Investigation launched in Senate memo scandal
Indianapolis Star, IN - 4-27-04
Washington -- The Justice Department on Monday asked the new US attorney in New York to investigate how Republicans got access to Democrats' computer memos in ...

Cheney Takes GOP Lead Challenging Kerry

AP - Mon Apr 26, 6:23 PM ET

Vice President Dick Cheney, stepping forcefully into his role as John Kerry's chief critic, questioned on Monday whether the Democrat is fit to serve as president in a time of war. Democrats said the tactic is a sign of desperation.

Senate Republicans to Promote Marriage

AP - Sun Apr 25, 7:48 PM ET

Senate Republicans this week will launch a series of hearings to promote the value of traditional marriage, a move some Democrats are calling an election year ploy that is none of Congress' business.


Cheney Secrecy Case Goes to High Court

Tue Apr 27, 9:02 AM ET - (AP)

A nearly three-year fight over privacy in White House policy-making is going before a Supreme Court known for guarding its own secrecy.

Scalia Rebukes Justices on Prayer Case

AP - Mon Apr 26,11:19 PM ET

Two of the Supreme Court's most conservative members delivered an unusual public rebuke to more liberal justices Monday, accusing them of ducking an important church-state fight over mealtime prayers at a taxpayer-funded military college.


Democrats Want Details on Iraq Spending

AP - Mon Apr 26, 6:41 PM ET

Two leading congressional Democrats said Monday that President Bush had failed to give Congress enough detail on how $40 billion had been used for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and for fighting terrorists. They asked him to provide the information.

Key Democrats Question Bush on Sept. 11 Funds

Reuters - Mon Apr 26, 4:09 PM ET

Two congressional Democrats on Monday demanded a full accounting of how the Bush administration used emergency money intended to respond to the Sept. 11 attacks, after a book alleged some funds were diverted to prepare for the Iraq war.


AP: 10 U.S. Contractors in Iraq Penalized

AP - Mon Apr 26,11:16 PM ET

Ten companies with billions of dollars in U.S. contracts for Iraq reconstruction have paid more than $300 million in penalties since 2000 to resolve allegations of bid rigging, fraud, delivery of faulty military parts and environmental damage...




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Biz/Tech News



Appeals Court: NLRB Only Covers U.S.

AP - Thu Apr 22, 8:49 PM ET

The National Labor Relations Board has no power to sanction U.S. companies for unfair labor practices committed outside the nation's borders, even when the violations involve Americans working abroad, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday.


Spain's national ISP blocked by anti-spammers New Scientist4-27-04

Verizon's 1Q Earnings Drop 50 Percent

AP - 4-27-04

Verizon Communications Inc.'s earnings dropped 50 percent in the first quarter from a year ago as employee buyouts increased expenses for the country's largest phone company.



US Airways Reports a $177 Million Loss

Reuters - 4-27-04

US Airways Group Inc. (UAIR.O) on Tuesday reported a quarterly loss and said its results underscore the need for further changes in its business.



Primedia Overhauls About.com Web Network

Reuters 4-27-04

Media company Primedia Inc. on Tuesday plans to unveil an overhaul of its About.com Internet portal, a revamp that follows the appointment of a new chief executive of the unit late last year.


Oil prices rise as violence wracks Iraq
Forbes - 4-27-04
LONDON, April 27 (Reuters) - Oil prices rose on Tuesday as violence in Iraq stoked fears of possible supply disruption, though forecasts of increases in US ...


GeekTech: Create Your Own Home Page With Your Favorite Links

PC World - Tue Apr 27, 4:00 AM ET

Here's GeekTech's guide to creating your own Super Kickstart page filled with all of the Web sites you regularly visit



States Name, Shame Tax Scofflaws Online

AP - Tue Apr 27, 3:57 AM ET

To those for whom civic duty alone is not enough motivation to pay taxes, states are rolling out a new weapon: shame.



Google Co-Founder Lives Modestly, Emigre Dad Says

Reuters - Mon Apr 26, 7:50 PM ET

One co-founder of Google may be on the verge of pulling in billions of dollars with the most anticipated public offering in years, but he continues to live modestly, his Russian emigre father said on Monday.


AOL Subscribers Get E-Mail Flexibility

AP - Mon Apr 26, 8:59 AM ET

America Online subscribers can now check their e-mail using most third-party software, yet another sign of holes opening up in the Internet dial-up leader's walled garden.



Bush Asleep at the Wheel (A Great Flash)

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Good News


Jordanian TV airs confessions of alleged deadly terror plot
Chicago Sun Times, IL - 4-27-04
BY JAMAL HALABY. AMMAN, Jordan -- Al-Qaida plotted bombings and poison gas attacks against the US Embassy and other targets in Jordan ...

Clinton Memoir Due Out in June; 1.5 Million Copies to Be Printed
New York Times, NY - 4-27-04
By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK. o the relief of some of his fellow Democrats, former President Bill Clinton has finished his memoir, or ...

New mineral found on the Moon
ABC Science Online, Australia - 4-27-04
A new mineral has been found in a meteorite that fell to Earth from the Moon, researchers have reported. The mineral was formed ...



Odd News

Dancing supporters greet Gaddafi at EU
Reuters, UK - 4-27-04
By Marie-Louise Moller. BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Cheered on by African drummers and dancing supporters, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi ...

Handbags insulting "president" in French sell like hot cakes in US

AFP - Mon Apr 26, 5:42 PM ET

There is no doubt that sales are hot for handbags bearing an insult -- in French -- aimed at "our president." The question is: Which president?

Japanese hostages billed $30,000 for travel expenses home from Iraq

Mon Apr 26, 1:48 PM ET

TOKYO (AP) - Three Japanese who were held hostage for a week in Iraq were billed about $10,000 Cdn each to cover their plane tickets home and other miscellaneous expenses, an official said Monday.


Shooter Goes Out with a Bang

Reuters -4-27-04

Friends of a champion Irish clay pigeon shooter have fulfilled his dying wish by packing his ashes into shotgun cartridges and blasting his remains over firing ranges around the world.


Cops Want Spider Gun to Snare Bridge Jumpers

Reuters -4-27-04

Attention Spiderman: California needs you.


Food, Owners' Voices Coax Skittish Dog


Volunteers armed with Vienna sausages and a tape recording of Tom and Betty Kuffel's voice managed to coax the family's skittish dog back into safety.


Dog Finds Money Stuffing in Old Ottoman

Mon Apr 26, 5:35 PM ET

When Darlene Hall first saw the mess on her front porch, she wanted to kill her puppy. Now she's calling him her "money dog."

Dog Bites Eyelid, Surgeon Reattaches It

Mon Apr 26, 6:16 PM ET

She was home alone, putting her dog in its kennel when it snapped at her and bit her right upper eyelid. Alyssa Kieff pulled back. The lid ripped off.

Officials Seize Giant Snails From Schools

Mon Apr 26, 7:59 PM ET

Federal health officials have seized several dangerous pests called Giant African Land Snails from Wisconsin classrooms and have started a national search for the creatures, which reproduce rapidly, destroy plants and can transmit meningitis.


MORT SAUL ON SEAN HANNITY "Isn't it possible for them to get a real fascist instead of this guy who plays one on TV?"


A handout photo from Boeing showing their new 7E7 Dreamliner passenger jet.