April 26-27 2003  Weekend Edition

Thanks to MoPaul for picture of Ann Coulter without makeup




Dear Readers,


Zelda and I smuggled out this photograph via my laptop.  I used Newt's cable modem for internet access--he thought I was playing a video game.

Shot of John Ashcroft to come--he's kneeling in the spa fully clothed.

Big think tank. Smells like old socks.





Gingrich Re-Enters Political Firestorm
Guardian, UK - 4-26-03
... He joined the American Enterprise Institute; lectures on history; wrote books, columns and articles; gave speeches; and appeared frequently as a contributor on ...
Bush giving new meaning to hardball politics
Cincinnati Post, OH - 4-26-03
... Ornstein, who researches politics and Congress for the American Enterprise Institute ... has been "arrogant, dismissive, contemptuous" of Congress, said Thomas Mann ...

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 What's Trent Lott smoking these days?

Read his letter to the editor: click here 

excerpt: Parochialism hurts Mississippi...International business leaders from Tokyo, Seattle, Berlin or Hong Kong...

Trent considers Seattle an "international" group? Huh?  Zelda busted him.



EMAIL FROM: martin

SUBJECT:  All Hat No Cattle -- breath of fresh air


It's as if I've been choking on the stench of conservative "poopaganda" that has overtaken america. Thank you!! Your site is a much needed breath of fresh air. And, thanks to my 14 year old son who told me about your site.

Thanks again :)
Martin -- Columbia, MO

Thanks for writing Martin.  You are very welcome.  I like your son.


Have you  Visited Uncle Ernie's  Issues and Alibis?



Top US State department official calls Gingrich an "idiot"

Thu Apr 24, 3:57 PM ET

LISBON (AFP) - A top US State Department official called former congressman and current Pentagon  adviser Newt Gingrich an "idiot" in an interview published here.


Joe Scarborough for Congress

Why is Joe Scarborough's website still up?  He resigned from Congress almost 2 years ago. He is now another MSNBC right wing talk show host. Maybe he still has plans for political office?










Truth Hurts


"President Bill Clinton worked hard for our nation and the world. He worked late into the night, on weekends and holidays. We got a full day's work out of him. He was brilliant and effective. He earned every BJ he ever got. I owe him a BJ. You owe him a BJ. Get in line." - Anita Beer on the Karaoke Podium just before she sang, "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow." By Fleetwood Mac.


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