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ACLU: Pentagon to release images of prisoner abuse
The Associated Press -4-24-09
The photos' release is in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the ACLU in 2004 and will include images from prisons in Iraq and...


Pelosi, Reid part ways on torture panel
CNN Political Ticker - ‎4-24-09‎
...Reid said the bipartisan intelligence panel should complete its work by the end year and "we'd all be better off just relaxing" until all the facts are in.

Liz Cheney: Obama doesn't 'stand up' and defend America
CNN - 4-24-09

Liz Cheney, former State Department official and daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney...believes the new president is taking the nation down a "dangerous" path and that he has an "obligation to stand up."

"Dick Cheney and Karl Rove, once two of the most powerful men in this country, are now suffering from Balzheimer's disease. Why didn't I see it before? Balzheimer's is a terrible illness that attacks the memory and gives its victims the balls to attack others for things they themselves made a career of. There is no known cure." --Jon Stewart

Forget Bootleg DVDs, China Complains to U.S. About Piracy, of Torture Manuals!


The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Meanwhile Back In Pakistan


The chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff said in an interview broadcast Friday that he was "extremely concerned" about the Taliban's recent moves closer to Pakistan's capital of Islamabad.

"We're certainly moving closer to the tipping point" where Pakistan could be overtaken by Islamic extremists

Obama is being accused of having it in for George Bush. Yeah. Him and 64 million other Americans. –Will Durst




"Even Dick Cheney was into Earth Day. Did you see what he said today? He called for the use of only recycled water when waterboarding prisoners." --Jay Leno



Disturbing News


"Next month in Toronto, Canada, former President George W. Bush will debate former President Bill Clinton. The question of the debate -- is it worse to lie to your wife or lie to the entire country?" --Jay Leno



McCain Calls Karl Rove "Creepy"



Meghan McCain — who said earlier this week that she found Karl Rove "creepy" — said Thursday she wished the former Bush advisor would just "go away."


Republican-Shenanigans News



Queen of the GOP. Of Course She's Blonde!


Miss California may have lost her shot at becoming Miss USA after expressing her opposition to same-sex marriage but she’s nevertheless emerged as a star.

After getting booed by the beauty pageant crowd and berated by one of the contest judges Sunday, Carrie Prejean is suddenly a conservative sensation, a poster girl for the right who has bloggers, talk show hosts and Republican pols singing her praises.



"The Justice Department says they want to make an example of this Somali pirate guy. And I thought, really? In terms of making an example, I don't think you can do much better than shooting the other three guys in the head." --David Letterman



VIDEO-- Michele Bachmann: As Obama Denies Jesus, We Must Humble Ourselves Before God

Rock-The-Voter News


Ready the waterboard and buff up the electrodes for Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rove and Rumsfeld: they need to be held accountable. We know how to get the truth out of 'em: they taught us all we need to know. - Grant "Bud" Gerver



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Biz-Tech News

Industries Promoting Lies About Global Warming? I'm Shocked, I Tell You, Shocked!



For more than a decade the Global Climate Coalition, a group representing industries with profits tied to fossil fuels, led an aggressive lobbying and public relations campaign against the idea that emissions of heat-trapping gases could lead to global warming...But a document filed in a federal lawsuit demonstrates that even as the coalition worked to sway opinion, its own scientific and technical experts were advising that the science backing the role of greenhouse gases in global warming could not be refuted.


"President Obama has kind of a happier outlook on torture. He says instead of waterboarding terrorists, he's going to put them in dunk tanks." --David Letterman

Bush-Prison-Torture News



"But Dick Cheney is now criticizing President Obama, and he's saying that his recent actions around the world are 'disturbing' and 'not helpful.' Yeah, yeah, things were so much better when Cheney was president, weren't they?" --David Letterman


Go-F**k-Yourself News



"Well, here's an interesting study. Researchers in Britain announced today that global warming is caused in part by overweight people. They say obese people release more carbon dioxide into the air. No, this is real. This is real. See, all this time you used to think it was caused by coal-burning factories. Turns out it was Cheesecake Factories." --Jay Leno


All Hat No Cattle Weekend Commentary

This isn’t torture – just pranks

Oh, come on, now. Waterboarding is NOT torture, say the mavens of the right wing.
And we here at AHNC agree wholeheartedly. It’s just an extension of high school high-jinks behavior, like when one student (usually larger) walks up behind another who is bent over a water fountain and holds his face down over the spout so that he gets a longer-than-expected spurt in the face. Yeah, it’s just like that!
And to prove the point, courageous Sean Hannity of Faux News offered on his show the other night to let himself be waterboarded for charity.
This could be fun – if it ever happens.
But here’s a little prediction. It won’t. Somehow, some way, Hannity will find a way to back out of the ordeal. His extremist blathering on TV over the years can accurately be described as Hannity Insanity.
But the fellow isn’t really crazy. Just stupid and cowardly, as evidenced by the nonsense he frequently espouses and the way he tries to bully guests on his show who disagree with him.
And the coward in Hannity almost certainly will win out when it comes time to get strapped down with head inclined and have the simulated drowning process begun.
Of course, he will take a lot of heat as the pressure from liberals mounts for him to fulfill his foolish statement. Hannity’s tendency to shoot off his mouth without first considering the import of his words has often caused him problems in the past.
Keith Olbermann of MSNBC already has upped the stakes over Hannity’s waterboarding offer by pledging $1,000 to charity for every minute that Hannity tolerates the torture.
Oops, there’s that word again. Let us repeat: Waterboarding is not torture, according to its supporters. It is an “enhanced interrogation technique.”
Waterboarding and other misdeeds committed against prisoners by U.S. intelligence and military personnel – such as the stacking of naked Iraqi prisoners on top of one another and threatening them with guard dogs and electric shock – amounted to little more than college fraternity hazing.
That’s what right-wing radio hack Rush Limbaugh said way back when the activity was first revealed.
The only problem is that some U.S. troops went to prison for it. And that many U.S. military leaders spoke out forcibly against the activity.
This past week, while Hannity was again proving to the world just how stupid he is, the former U.S. commander of the infamous Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq said American troops were scapegoated for the brutal behavior that went on there. Brigadier General Janis Karpinski said orders for the torture and mistreatment came from the upper echelons of the Bush Administration.
Which brings an interesting image to mind: Three waterboards, side-by-side, with Hannity, former Vice President Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez occupying them. For former President George W. Bush, there would be a fraternity paddle engraved with his name.
After all, it’s not torture. Just high-jinks and hazing.



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