Monday edition - April 24, 2006


Ex-CIA official: WMD evidence ignored
CNN - 4-23-06
A retired CIA official has accused the Bush administration of ignoring intelligence indicating that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and no active nuclear program before the United States-led coalition invaded it, CBS News said Sunday.

Resolution urges Bush's ouster, ME - Apr 22, 2006
..."George W. Bush and Richard Cheney have acted in a manner contrary to their trust as president and vice president," the resolution reads.

US staff told to leave Nepal
News24, South Africa - 4-24-06
Kathmandu - The United States embassy in Nepal on Monday told the families of diplomats and some staff to leave the country because of security concerns after ...


The Bush Administration is turning into an interesting rendition of "Mutiny on the Bounty".



"President Bush met with the president of China at the White House. The arrival ceremony was interrupted by a protester who started yelling, 'Stop the persecution, stop the torture!' President Bush had to ask, 'Which one of us are you talking to?'" --Jay Leno







The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News



"It is kind of ironic, Iraq is having trouble forming a government, and President Bush is having problems keeping the government he formed." --Jay Leno






Disturbing Thoughts From Dubya's Bike Ride or "Follow the Leader or Else"


"I still ride the mountain bike primarily to help settle the soul and to burn off the excess energy one gets when you're living life to its fullest," Bush told an Associated Press reporter who accompanied him on the ride.


A long convoy of SUVs and off-road vehicles rumbled behind the group, carrying medics and security agents with machine guns.

One of the bicycle-borne agents had mapped out the route, and he was the only person who knew where to turn when the road forked. Bush, however, made plain he was in charge. "Drop back," the commander in chief ordered the agent, with a thumb over his shoulder.

The president explained later that he cherishes both the solitude and the social aspect of mountain biking.

"Generally when I ride it is the one time when I feel alone, even though I know people are behind me," he said. "I ask people a lot of times not to be in my line of vision because all I can see straight ahead is, you know, space."



Sounds like fun biking with the thug-in-chief as long as you are out of his peripheral vision.


Your thoughts?


Terry Davis, a retired U.S. Marine whose son was killed while on duty in Iraq, acknowledges a supportive motorist down the road from the entrance of the Marine Corp Air Ground Combat Center Sunday, April 23, 2006, in Twentynine Palms, Calif. President Bush visited the base Sunday as part of his four day trip to California. (Photo/Ric Francis)





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Disturbing News



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Andy H. Card's Been Replaced
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Andy H. Card's been replaced,
By Josh Bolten, that OMB ace.
But Bush/Cheney's still there,
And they're still waging guerre.
What a sad and unspeakable waste.

All three of my White House "house cleaning" limericks are here:



Record temperatures in Texas! It was over 100 degrees today! In fact, it was so hot, three thousand people are without power today -- three thousand and one if you count Tom DeLay. -- Jay Leno



Republican Shenanigans



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Burn Your Fern News


Former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, R-San Diego, who was sentenced to eight years and four months in jail after pleading guilty to bribery charges this year, is still entitled to an annual pension of about $36,000 for his 15 years in the House. That doesn't include his military pension or 401(k) benefits.

Former House Majority Leader
Tom DeLay, R-Texas, who is resigning after 22 years, will qualify for an initial pension of $56,000,


Bush's Blog About His California Trip Last Weekend!



Rock-The-Voter News


A New Music Video by PINK: Dear Mr. President




  "America is great because she is good. If America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great." -- Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859)





"Al Gore is coming out with a movie about global warming called 'An Inconvenient Truth.' It's described as a detailed scientific view of global warming. President Bush said he just saw a film about global warming, 'Ice Age 2; The Meltdown.' He said, 'It's so much better than that boring Al Gore movie.'" --Jay Leno




Bush Gets Cold Shoulder


The president's schedule called for him to pitch his immigration reform plan to the Orange County Business Council in Irvine, Calif. The Los Angeles Times reported one of the GOP's best-known local figures, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, planned to skip the speech.

"I don't want to be behind him looking glum and not applauding," Rohrabacher said.


If you could just get a car to run on right-wing arrogance... - Grant Gerver






Biz-Tech News


Bush Gets More Cold Shoulders


"I, first, wish Laura were here. She’s not, of course. About four people (going) through the photo-op line indicated that they kind of would rather have Laura here than me."

GasCo Mortgage: "Need a loan to buy gas? We're on it like Jumpin' Jack Flash!" - Grant Gerver



Bush-Prison-Torture News


500,000 Cash Found In a Nuclear Plant?


For now, there are still few answers as to what two Texas men were doing with more than $500,000 in cash at the Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Station on Tuesday, but investigators insist there was no terrorist activity involved.

A group of state troopers and investigators from the FBI are continuing to investigate the bizarre incident, in which two men from Houston, Donald R. Kingsby, 29, and William Lewis Jr., 28, went to the plant to pick up tools for Bechtel Corp., a contracting company doing work for the plant's $300 million upgrade.





Go-F*ck-Yourself News


Big Dog - Politics of Hope Purveyor


"I think the elections are a gift," Clinton told the Daily News. "The Democrats have great ideas ... I think we're going to have a great year. I'd be very surprised if we don't." At that, Arthur Schlesinger handed his "Bush Countdown Clock" to Clinton. "Only 1,005 days, four hours, and 36 minutes to go," Clinton said.




Best Places To Go To Prison -



If we were all smart, we would hire whoever builds Waffle Houses to build everything. They seem to be the only buildings left standing after hurricanes. Zing!



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Beginners luck: A 235 carat diamond, the size of a hen's egg, was uncovered by a small South African mining company only a few weeks after launching operations. Nare Diamonds Ltd said it uncovered the gem on April 19, 2006 after resuming mining in March at the Schmitsdrift mine 80 km (50 miles) northwest of the country's historic diamond centre of Kimberley. Photo by Nare Diamonds Ltd