Wednesday edition - April 23, 2008



Bush to Host Middle East Leaders, Discuss Peace Effort
Voice of America - 4-23-08
US President George W. Bush is hosting Jordan's King Abdullah and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas this week to discuss the Middle East peace..


 Rice, Iran official ignore each other at Kuwait meeting of Iraq ...
Minneapolis Star Tribune, MN - 4-23-08
The United States and Iran, the two nations with the most at stake in Iraq, pointedly ignored each other Tuesday as Iraq's premier unsuccessfully pleaded ..


Clinton wins in Pennsylvania
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA - 4-23-08
Stitching together a coalition of blue-collar workers, white men and women, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton kept her presidential candidacy...



"This is weird. I'm not making this up. ... Earlier tonight, President Bush made a special taped appearance on the game show 'Deal or No Deal.' Afterwards, Bush said, 'I like this show, because randomly pointing at boxes is how I make decisions, too.'" --Conan O'Brien






Meanwhile, Back In Afghanistan


A spate of suicide bombings and other attacks on security forces in southern Afghanistan Wednesday left 13 people dead and 24 others wounded, officials said.


"And earlier this evening, President Bush made an appearance on the TV show 'Deal or No Deal.' I guess he got turned down for 'Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?'" --Jay Leno







Disturbing News



Ballsy Legislation


The Florida Senate on Thursday passed an amendment to impose a $60 fine on Truck Nutz, one brand name for the novelty item on vehicle trailer hitches that resemble the dangling southern end of a northbound bull.

The proposal would make displaying bull genitalia reproductions on a vehicle subject to a $60 fine, moving violations and points against a driver license.


"In an interview, First Lady Laura Bush, who used to be a librarian, ... says she cannot fall asleep without reading. ... As opposed to her husband, who can't read without falling asleep." --Jay Leno






Obama's Waffle


Obama's eBay waffle bid tops $20,000; owner stops auction.


After a flood of calls to Glider Diner, Sen. Barack Obama's waffles are now off eBay.

The removed post has now spawned a series of "waffle" inspired items, including paintings and buttons for sale on eBay.


Hillary’s PA Win May Lead to Historic Compromise on ‘Co-Presidency’

By Don Davis







North Carolina GOP Attack Obama - YouTube









Unsecuring Our Border


The government is scrapping a $20 million prototype of its highly touted "virtual fence" on the Arizona-Mexico border because the system is failing to adequately alert border patrol agents to illegal crossings, officials said.

The move comes just two months after Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced his approval of the fence built by The Boeing Co.



"Speaking of reading, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is now working on a book about his strategy for the war in Iraq. It will be a while before it goes to the publisher because cause he just doesn't know how to end it." --Jay Leno





"Now here's something interesting. You know the Howie Mandel blockbuster quiz show, the game show 'Deal or No Deal?' Earlier tonight, appearing on 'Deal or No Deal,' President Bush. Meanwhile, over at ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars,' Dick Cheney collapsed." - David Letterman







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Odd News




In this photo released by the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday April 22, 2008, an 8-foot long alligator is seen in the kitchen of an Oldsmar, Fla. home Monday, April 21, 2008. The 69-year-old owner said the gator must have pushed through a back door screen door and then went inside through an open door. It then apparently strolled through the living room and down a hall and into the kitchen. A trapper removed the gator from the home.
Photo/Pinellas County Sheriff's Office