April 23,  2004 TGIF

US to relax ban on former members of Saddam's political party
CBC News, Canada - 4-23-04
The announcement represented a retreat from a centrepiece of US policy in Iraq after Saddam's fall - the dissolution of the Baath party and military that were ...

Marines Warn of Battle in Fallouja
Hampton Roads Daily Press, VA -4-23-04
...U.S. officials say time is running out on the tenuous cease-fire. Few Iraqis have complied with the requirement to turn in their weapons....
Kerry called 'Hanoi John' by Republican in US House
New Zealand Herald, New Zealand - 4-23-04
... Sam Johnson,Texas Republican...Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham ...added: "We do not need a 'Jane Fonda' as commander in chief.". ...

Bush could sell his followers the Brooklyn bridge.

"In his book, Woodward said that the Saudis knew we were going to war with Iraq before Colin Powell did. Hey, big deal, the Saudis knew about 9/11 before we did." —Jay Leno

Kerry to Bush: Talk OPEC Into Lower Oil Prices Now
Reuters - 4-23-04
... Prince Bandar bin Sultan assured Kerry on Wednesday that there was ... Bob Woodward, author of a new book on Bush's preparations for the Iraq war -- "Plan of Attack" ...

The – World – Is – A – Safer – Place – Without – Saddam  NEWS


U.S. Moves to Rehire Some From Baath Party, Military

washingtonpost.com - Thu Apr 22, 8:47 AM ET

The United States is moving to rehire former members of Iraq's ruling Baath Party and senior Iraqi military officers fired after the ouster of Saddam Hussein, in an effort to undo the damage of its two most controversial policies in Iraq, according to U.S.



Shi'ite Rebels Fight Foreign Troops in South Iraq

Reuters - 4-23-04

U.S.-led forces clashed with Shi'ite militiamen in the shrine city of Kerbala on Friday and U.S. Marines said they were poised for a fresh offensive against guerrillas in the Sunni flashpoint town of Falluja.


Anti-American rage is boiling in Mideast
Oakland Tribune, CA - 4-23-04
... The trigger was Bush's meeting with Ariel Sharon last week, after which the ... Iraq is another ... says his hatred built up over the years as Washington killed one UN ...


Shiite Cleric Threatens Suicide Attacks

AP - 4-23-04

A Shiite Muslim cleric threatened on Friday to launch suicide attacks if U.S. troops attack him and his forces in the holy city of Najaf.


Bashir Says U.S. Is an Enemy of Muslims

AP - 4-23-04

The alleged spiritual leader of the al-Qaida-linked Jemaah Islamiyah terror network has accused Washington of pressuring Indonesia to keep him in prison to stop his campaign to establish Islamic law in the world's most populous Muslim nation.


Polish Troops Clash With Shiite Militia

AP - 4-23-04

Shiite Muslim militiamen clashed with Polish-led coalition troops in the holy city of Karbala on Friday, the latest skirmish between followers of a radical cleric and coalition forces in the south.

McCain Says U.S. Needs 10,000 More Troops in Iraq

Reuters - Thu Apr 22, 6:59 PM ET

The United States needs at least 10,000 more troops in Iraq and must curb domestic spending to pay for the war, John McCain, a Republican senator and former rival of President Bush, said on Thursday.


U.S. Aimed for Hussein as War Began

washingtonpost.com - Thu Apr 22,10:15 AM ET

This is the last of five articles adapted from "Plan of Attack," a book by Bob Woodward that is a behind-the-scenes account of how and why President Bush decided to go to war against Iraq. Simon & Schuster. © 2004.



Pentagon Deleted Rumsfeld Comment

washingtonpost.com - Wed Apr 21, 7:52 AM ET

The Pentagon deleted from a public transcript a statement Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld made to author Bob Woodward suggesting that the administration gave Saudi Arabia a two-month heads-up that President Bush had decided to invade Iraq.

U.S. Says Iraq Coalition Is Not Crumbling

Reuters - Wed Apr 21, 6:35 PM ET

The White House insisted on Wednesday the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq was strong despite comments from staunch ally Poland that it may join three other nations in withdrawing troops.



Disturbing News

Photos of coffins draw US crackdown
Baltimore Sun, MD - 4-23-04
... pictures and documents released dozens of photographs of coffins ... him more than 350 pictures of Iraq war dead ... on the Internet caught the Pentagon by surprise ...

Pentagon mistakenly releases casket photos
Contra Costa Times, CA - 4-23-04
... briefly relaxed Thursday, as hundreds of photographs of flag ... any pictures of caskets arriving from Iraq at the ... The Pentagon on Thursday labeled the decision to ...

Pentagon angered by Air Force decision to release photos of ...
Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA - 4-23-04
... the stringency with which the Pentagon and the Bush administration have ... of the military honor guard receiving caskets of soldiers killed in Iraq as they are ...

Soldier Back From Iraq War Allegedly Drowns Wife In Tub
NBC4.TV, CA - 4-23-04
... My son called and said, 'I just killed my wife.' ... He's not my son anymore. I feel my son is still in Iraq. You can thank George W. Bush for this.". ...

Lawmakers seek more details on Bush's Iraq plan
Tacoma News Tribune, WA - 4-23-04
... 1. But the version Bush proposed had no money for US operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. ... On a day when nearly 70 people were killed by suicide bombers in ...

Ex-Football Star Killed in Afghanistan - Official
Reuters - 4-23-04
... star Pat Tillman, who gave up a $3.6 million sports contract to join the military's elite special forces, has been killed in a firefight in Afghanistan, a US ... 

Islamic call to prayer stirs tension

Chicago Tribune - Wed Apr 21, 9:40 AM ET

Immigrant Muslims in a traditionally Polish town in Michigan run into opposition from their Christian neighbors

Pakistan to Give Amnesty to Tribesmen

AP - 4-23-04

Pakistan has agreed to an amnesty for five renegade tribesmen accused of sheltering al-Qaida fugitives in return for their promise not to work against Pakistan's interests, a lawmaker said Friday.


"We have some good news. Major U.S. exports way up this year. The bad news, our number one export -- jobs."  Jay Leno

Republican Shenanigans

Republican committee race draws accusations of intimidation
Newsday, NY - 4-23-04
... John G. Rowland's to the Republican National Committee has drawn accusations of intimidation, The Hartford Courant reported in editions prepared for Friday. ...

Senate Republicans call on Gorelick to testify
CNN - 4-23-04
... fired off a letter Thursday to the 9/11 commission demanding ... as "silly" and praised Gorelick's work on the panel. ... The Bush administration was the focus of some ...

Calif. Candidate's Team Fined for Fraud
Guardian, UK - 4-23-04

WASHINGTON (AP) - The campaign manager and fund-raising committee for a California Republican have agreed to pay $84,000 in civil penalties for sending out letters pretending to be Democrats during a 1998 congressional campaign, the Federal Election Commission said...


"With the situation in Iraq growing ever more dangerous, the 34-member Coalition of The Willing are, one by one, dropping out to join the other coalition known as Most of The Rest of The World." —Jon Stewart


Business News



Ex-Enron CEO Broke Terms of Release -Prosecutors

Reuters - Wed Apr 21, 8:52 PM ET

Prosecutors charged on Wednesday that former Enron chief executive Jeff Skilling broke the terms of his $5 million bond during a bizarre alcohol-fueled fracas in New York earlier this month.



Snow dismisses worries on US deficit

FT.com - Thu Apr 22, 6:50 PM ET

John Snow, US Treasury secretary, has dismissed concerns that the US budget deficit poses a threat to global economic growth as "misguided".



Everybody Wants a Bite Of Google
Washington Post - 4-23-04
Friday, April 23, 2004; 9:54 AM. Wall Street's appetite for. Google. 's anticipated stock offering promises to spark a feeding frenzy ...




Tech News

Web site publishes photos of war coffins
International Herald Tribune, France - 4-23-04
... the stringency with which the Pentagon and the Bush administration have ... of the military honor guard receiving caskets of soldiers killed in Iraq as they are ...

Justice Dept. Cracks Down on Net Piracy
San Jose Mercury News, CA - 4-23-04
... The initiative, dubbed "Operation Fastlink," is the largest of its kind undertaken by the Justice Department against piracy of intellectual property over the ...

Report: Google May Announce IPO Plan Soon

Reuters - 4-23-04

Within days, Internet search firm Google Inc. is expected to announce it will carry out an initial public share offering, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, citing people familiar with the matter.

AOL and Its Cable Sibling to Cross-Promote

washingtonpost.com - 4-23-04

More than two years after the AOL-Time Warner merger, America Online Inc. and Time Warner Cable yesterday took a small first step toward promoting each other's high-speed Internet services.


"Why should we hear about body bags and deaths and how many, what day it's going to happen, and how many this or what do you suppose? Oh, I mean, it's, not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?" - Former first lady, Barbara Pierce Bush.


Different Strokes for Different Folks


Some might not consider comparing Moses our Teacher to George Bush.

Moses lead us out of slavery, in the holiday time we just celebrated. George seems to do just the opposite.

Also, soldiers are not guilty for the idiocy of their C-i-C.

Try to be a shade more accurate with your comparisons...
there's MORE than enough to laugh at with George, and more than enough to deride.

Seth S. Johnston, M.D.

When I first did that toon I thought it was inaccurate to say the last time folks followed a Bush (because the last time was Kuwait, Panama, Iran Contra ...then...Moses.  Then I said to myself "What the heck -- it's funny."

Hi Lisa, Hope it was ok to use your cartoon today. I like them all, but I think everyone needs to see the Desert Wandering one, it's funny and extremely accurate, lol.

Take care, Larry www.buckfush.com

I am honored that you used my toon!  I hope a lot of people visit your wonderful site today!

Hastert and Pelosi beaten by deputies ’ fundraising
The Hill, DC - Apr 21, 2004
... Majority PAC, after being fined by the agency for improperly running two PACs. Meanwhile, Majority Whip Roy Blunt (Mo.) the third-ranking House Republican, ...

Bush Cheney 2004 – This time we’ll win!
Freedom fever...catch it!


Odd News

Australian opposition leader 'stole' Clinton's words: Howard

AFP - Wed Apr 21,11:44 PM ET

The Australian government has accused opposition leader Mark Latham of stealing policy ideas and plagiarising the words of former US president Bill Clinton during a pre-election speech this week.

Louisiana May Ban Low-Slung Pants


People who wear low-slung pants that expose skin or "intimate clothing" would face a fine of up to $500 and possible jail time under a bill filed by a Jefferson Parish lawmaker.
Cat Lost in Fla. Is Found in California

Thu Apr 22, 7:38 PM ET

When workers at San Francisco's Department of Animal Care and Control located the owner of a newly arrived stray cat three weeks ago, they couldn't believe what they found: the cat belonged to a woman in Bradenton, Fla. — 3,000 miles away.

Dog feels below par after eating 28 golf balls


Vets cut open a German Shepherd dog to find she had scoffed no fewer than 28 golf balls.
World champion shearer recruited to fleece shaggiest sheep

Thu Apr 22, 7:35 PM ET

A world champion shearer has been rounded up to fleece New Zealand's shaggiest sheep, a merino who had managed to hide from the clippers for six years, organisers said.

Govt forced to introduce legislation to help bury dozens of people in N.S.

Wed Apr 21,12:42 PM ET

HALIFAX (CP) - The old gangster line of not knowing where the bodies are buried has taken on a new and grim meaning at the Nova Scotia legislature.

Rampant Rhino Gets Amorous with Car

Reuters - Thu Apr 22, 9:51 AM ET

A rampant rhinoceros gave a group of visitors a glimpse of nature in the raw at a British safari park when he tried to have sex with their car.


"President Bush commented for the first time on the Woodward book. Bush said he couldn't wait until the book came out on tape so he can find out what all the fuss is about." —Jay Leno

Thanks to Ron C for the graphic



Subject: As a Republican...

I can't understand how you Democrats can say that George Bush and his honorable cabinet members haven't learned anything after a year in Iraq. Just this week our top man in Iraq announced that we need Saddam's old generals to get things back under control. We are also considering reinstate Saddam in some capacity to help with the June 30th deadline. So I don't want to hear you liberals say that we Republicans haven't learned anything. After all, we've spent less than 90 billion dollars on the war to date, and most of that money came out of the Medicare and Social Security slush funds, money that would have just been wasted on the sick, lame and old anyway. You Democrats are just jealous because we've got Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld on our side.

Bob Miller http://www.bobmillerwrites.com/eyeslips.htm

Hahaha...you had me going!  Thanks for the laugh.


Today in History – April 23


I hope the fact that $87billion will not be enough comes as no surprise to anyone. When "the war" expenses were not included in the budget, until a
after the election, surely you knew.

Now we are hearing draft, not enough troops etc. I would hope all of voting age get out and register and vote in November or they will be enjoying time at the George Bush resorts in Iraq, Korea, Syria.

Bill C
Tampa, FL

I'm too old to be drafted but my kids aren't.



This handout picture shows a perfectly preserved head of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius unearthed by Jordanian French archeologists in the ancient Nabatean city of Petra south of Jordan.(HO)