April 23 2003  Wednesday




Santorum Seeks to Clarify Remarks on Gays
Washington Post, DC- 4-23-03

Rick Santorum, the Senate's third-ranked Republican who is under fire from gay-rights groups and Democrats, says he has "no problem with homosexuality -- I have a problem with homosexual acts."


White House mum on gay comments
News24, South Africa - 4-23-03
Washington - The White House ... Republican Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, the party's third-highest ranking member in the Senate, angered gay ...

Sen. Rick Santorum
Fridae, HK - 4-23-03
US gay rights groups have expressed outrage against Sen. Rick Santorum’s remarks that legalising sodomy could pave the way to legalising bigamy, polygamy and ...


Today's cartoon was inspired by the oxymoron -- compassionate conservative. I guess the right wing tired of French bashing and needed to return to gay bashing in order to express their diversity.





Truth Hurts


"President Bill Clinton worked hard for our nation and the world. He worked late into the night, on weekends and holidays. We got a full day's work out of him. He was brilliant and effective. He earned every BJ he ever got. I owe him a BJ. You owe him a BJ. Get in line." - Anita Beer on the Karaoke Podium just before she sang, "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow." By Fleetwood Mac.


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Sent in by Eric M.

Another Fig Leaf?
Mother Jones, CA - 4-23-03

For months, Bush administration hawks and their think-tank cronies have declared the UN a defunct, irrelevant institution. They belittled and blamed the UN arms inspectors working in Iraq. They argued against seeking international support for their longed-for invasion, and exulted when it became clear that the White House would launch the attack with only the diplomatic fig-leaf provided by a "coalition of the willing."



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"Fox News' Bill HO'Reilly sorry for racist gaffe--apologizes publicly 'to pickaninnies everywhere..' "


You are so pithy!

Santorum will probably be on HO'Reilly's show soon. Commiserating Compassionate Conservatives.






As Baghdad Awaits Aid, Feeling Grows Against U.S.
Islamic passions suppressed under Saddam Hussein escalated in Karbala. In Baghdad, Iraqis awaited material help from the U.S.

Soldiers' group denies Chirac website attack

PARIS (Reuters) - A U.S. servicemen's group denies it has played any role in the taking over of a website set up by French President Jacques Chirac, who infuriated Americans with his opposition to the war in Iraq


"At a Texas rodeo recently, somebody remained seated when the loudspeaker played Lee Greenwood's cornball ballad "Proud to Be an American." The man said he didn't have to stand for no damn country song, and fisticuffs ensued."-Gene Lyons Experts are saying that the rebuilding of Iraq will take years of dedication and commitment. To which President Bush replied, “Hey, look over there at Syria!”-Craig Kilborn "I have one share in corporate Earth, and I am nervous about the management."  E.B. White

On BillBoard, the Dixie Chicks Have the Top Album Two Weeks in a Row


US Cluster Bombs Continue To Be Deadly
Newsday - Apr 21, 2003
... For perhaps 2 miles along the highway, US forces attacked with cluster
bombs, according to several Iraqi eyewitnesses. The canisters ...




Iraq Body Count