April 22 2003  Tuesday





Iraq's oil-for-food scheme in limbo
Independent Online, South Africa - 4-22-03
Washington - Iraq's oil-for-food programme is in limbo, snarled up in political debates
and difficulties that make it unlikely that even 10 percent of its $14 ...

       US snubs call for return of weapons inspectors - Ananova
       Chief inspector says UN experts should return to Iraq; US sees no ...  - Boston Globe
       UN Council Considers Blix's Role in Postwar Iraq - Reuters


Operation info-scrub
Working for Change, CA - Apr 18, 2003
... In May 2001 Thomas White (ex-Enron Executive) was named Secretary of the Army. At the time, Russ Kick, the creator of the invaluable Memory Hole Web ...

Developments in Iraq's oil fields, world oil markets
Boston Globe, MA - 4-22-03
... which can be salvaged. Oil production in Iraq's northern fields near the city of Kirkuk has also not resumed.


Today's cartoon was inspired by how we have turned our military into warriors for oil corporations.  We all know Bush and Cheney's ties to oil -- but even the Secy. of the Army is an ex-Enron executive. What an oily bunch.





Mrs. Hippie


"They have a Democrat Governor, Attorney General and 60% plus Dem. Legislature in Mississippi. So why do they vote for Trent Lott? They keep their Democrats at home and send their a-holes to Washington, DC." - Anita Beer in the Oasis Lounge of the Gulfport Grand Casino, Gulfport, MS.


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EMAIL:  "Magginkat" rich6574@bellsouth.net

SUBJECT:  All Hat No Cattle

 I live in Pensacola which I refer to as a Republican hell hole.

The Republicans in the Pensacola area have ignored the infrastructure and the schools -- and the toxic pollution that falls on the P-cola area is more than the entire state of New Jersey. No wonder it's hard to breathe, eh?

I am working on my own web site Magginkat.com which was supposed to be a parody site but it's so dammed hard to find anything that is funny these days.

I know.

I am a 60 yr old grandmother and I'm so freaking tired of the self righteous repugs looking down their nose and acting as though murdering half the Iraqi population is something to be proud of.

I notice you have info about  Joe Scarborough on your site. RE: show on MSNBC....If that's not a sign that our country has gone insane I'm not sure what is. I'll tell you straight out that I think Scarborough was a major participant in the voter fraud in Florida and I think that Lori Klausutis was murdered because of what she knew.

I haven't seen any credible evidence that would imply Lori was murdered, but the investigation and misleading statements by the authorities were troublesome, to say the least.  The good ol' boy network protecting Scarborough was obvious. Yet, at the same time, the national media was hounding Gary Condit, while ignoring Scarborough.

I would imagine that considering what a farce the media is these days that the stupid "Dumb-ocrat" article of that shyster SOB is what qualified him for the job on MSNBC.

Why wasn't I surprised when MSNBC scraped the bottom of the barrel and hired Scarborough? Joe is owed a lot by the far right.  Can you imagine Gary Condit being hired by MSNBC? Of course not, Condit didn't have a dead aide turn up in his congressional office. If Condit was a Republican he could have had his mess swept under the rug, just like Scarborough.

Sheeze, I have never murdered anyone, don't own a corrupt corporation, and am not a stinking Repugnant.... I guess that means I don't qualify for public office.

Naw, Maggie, it means you don't want to associate with slime.

Maggie Richards

Maggie, thanks for writing and good luck with your website.





Where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction?


Weapons of mass destruction still haunt the Allies
Independent, UK -4-22-03
... a big yawn, except for a few of the backbench rebels persisting with their inconvenient
habit of asking awkward questions about weapons of mass destruction. ...

       WMD claims : farce , dishonesty perfected . - Hi Pakistan
       Britain urges patience in hunt for Iraq's banned weapons - Channel News Asia
       UK Says Will Take Time to Find Iraq's Banned Arms - Washington Post

Inflatable church open for prayers
Thu Apr 17, 2:55 PM ET

LONDON (Reuters) - A British designer has made what he says is the world's first inflatable church -- a grey plastic building with a blow-up organ, pulpit, altar, Gothic arches and fake stained glass windows.
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Just think, Jerry Falwell can now open his church in Wal-Mart parking lots across the U.S.of A.!


"I've really reformed, I'm not a complete jackass anymore."
-- New MSNBC show host KEITH OLBERMANN telling The Wall Street Journal that he's mellowed.
"Hey, today we got the four of clubs. A guy named Samir al-Aziz, a Ba'ath party bad guy. And we now have the four of clubs, the five of clubs, the five of spades and the seven of diamonds. I don't know what game they're playing at the White House, but today, when it was confirmed that we had the four of clubs, Condoleezza Rice had to take off her blouse." óBill Maher "The Pentagon said this week that the war in Iraq has cost $20 billion so far. The breakdown is operations: $10 billion; personnel: $6 billion; getting Bush re-elected: priceless." óBill Maher

This painting entitled 'Paper Boat,' by Iranian artist Hossein Khosrowjerdi, is part of 'Echoes in Blue,' an exhibit of work by contemporary Iranian artists on view at The National Arts Club in New York until April 29, 2003. (AP Photo/National Arts Club)


Latest on Saddam Hussein's son

One of Saddam Hussein's sons comes home from shopping with everything in a cardboard box.

When Saddam sees this he remarks: "Why have you brought the shopping home in a cardboard box, son?"

To which his son replies: "Because there's no Baghdad"

haha - sent in by Jerry Davidson.  Thanks.


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