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Limbaugh responds to Clinton with torrent of incendiary rhetoric
Media Matters for America - ‎4-20-10‎
Limbaugh asks Clinton, "What words caused Timothy McVeigh to act," says McVeigh was "outraged over the government invasion" in Waco.



Sarah Palin's 'Christian Nation' Remarks Spark Debate
ABC News - Teddy Davis, Matt Loffman - ‎4-20-10
"It's incredibly hypocritical that Sarah Palin, who disapproves of government involvement in just about anything, now suddenly wants the government to help...


Clinton: World sees too much infighting in US

AP – Mon Apr 19, 8:10 am ET
WASHINGTON - Former President Bill Clinton says he worries that the world perceives an America too immersed in its own internal political squabbles.


Rush has been fanning the right wing flames all these years for millions of dollars. No wonder the country is so f*cked up.



"Federal taxes last year when down for 98 percent of people, but when asked about this, only 12 percent of the Teabaggers thought this was the case. 88 percent of them had it wrong. And a spokesman for the Teabaggers said, 'We don’t want to just be taxed less. We want to be taxed less by a white guy." –Bill Maher



The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

A Look at Republicans Seeking a Washington Return



A look at some of the former Republican lawmakers intent on returning to Congress:



Right-Wing Militias Seek Greater Federal Regulation of Canned Goods

By Don Davis






Disturbing News



"The Tea Party used the opportunity on Tax Day to come up with what they call a 'Contract From America.' Remember the 'Contract With America'? Well, this is a different set of 10 completely ridiculous ideas. Like number 4, I'm not kidding about this: 'The tax code cannot have more words than the Constitution.' You know between this and the complaints about the health care bill being too long, can we say it? It's not taxes they hate, it's reading." –Bill Maher

School District Voyeurs Update


 A suburban school district secretly captured at least 56,000 webcam photographs and screen shots from laptops issued to high school students, its lawyer acknowledged Monday.





Republican-Shenanigans News


"This week the Tea Party was very upset with Obama because he had a big nuclear summit and he apparently bowed a little to the Chinese President. For the amount of cash that we owe China, we're lucky he didn't have to kneel and bl*w him." –Bill Maher



Rock-The-Voter News


“In a statement released this week, Pope Benedict said that he has forgiven the Beatles for John Lennon's claim that they were bigger than Jesus and for their Rock & Roll excesses – in the clearest sign yet that the Vatican is working from the bottom of the complaint box." –Seth Meyers


 The detention of an 83-year-old priest in Brazil for allegedly abusing boys as young as 12 in a case involving lurid videotape and a congressional investigation has added to the scandals hitting the Roman Catholic Church in Latin America.





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Biz-Tech News


Most Americans still oppose legalizing marijuana but larger majorities believe pot has medical benefits and the government should allow its use for that purpose, according to an Associated Press-CNBC poll released Tuesday.




Bush-Prison-Torture News


"A town in Tennessee elected a dead man as its mayor. Finally, a politician who won't cheat on his wife." –Jimmy Fallon



Go-F**k-Yourself News


As you probably know, the volcano on the tiny island of Iceland has shut down air traffic. President Obama had to cancel his trip to Poland. President Obama said he hopes the volcano will stop smoking soon, and the volcano said the same thing about him.- Jimmy Kimmel




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A visual play on words sits by the side of State Highway 66 near Lincoln, Ore., Thursday, April 15, 2010. The 'OPEN RANGE' sign, which had been lying abandoned in the ditch, inspired owners of nearby Pinehurst Inn Donnie and Denise Rowlett to recreate a joke they found on the internet. Donnie Rowlett says he called Sears to see if anyone had brought in an old, broken range to complete the joke. It has been in place for about a year, he said. Photo/Medford Mail Tribune, Jim Craven




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