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Axelrod comment that tea parties are 'unhealthy' stokes militia fears
Christian Science Monitor - ‎4-20-09
The comments could add to conservative Americans' sense that they are being either ignored or besieged but not heard. By Mark Sappenfield The nationwide angst about - and within - the so-called "tea party" movement continues to gather pace


Obama Says Reaching out to Enemies Strengthens US‎

ABC - 4-20-09
President Barack Obama pauses during his final ... he "strengthens our hand" by reaching out to enemies of the United States and

Planner of 9/11 attacks waterboarded 183 times-NYT
Reuters - 4-20-09
WASHINGTON, April 19 (Reuters) - CIA interrogators used the waterboarding technique on Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the admitted planner of the Sept


"We have a new 'border czar.' His job is to make sure nobody sneaks into the United States from Texas." --Jay Leno





The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam


God, I wish I was a failed bank. --Grant "Brad" Gerver

Elmer Fudd Speaks



A former head of the CIA slammed President Obama on Sunday for releasing four Bush-era memos, saying the new president has compromised national security.



Lest we forget …
the moronic behavior of the past President who so seriously harmed our nation, All Hat No Cattle now offers a different notable quotation from George W. Bush each week.

“We’ll let our friends be the peacekeepers and the great country called America will be the pacemakers.” – Sept. 6, 2000





Subject: The 'Rights' Propaganda machine


Hi Lisa;

I would like to pass a note in response to your AHNC weekend commentary, which discusses that subject "Can it get any crazier? Yes, and it will".

So what is really going on with all these frenzied Right wing posters now on all of the news media comment boards? It does not take a whole lot of digging to figure out that Rupert Murdoch of Fox news is more than partially responsible for the recent ‘Tea Party Patriots’ demonstrations. He along with the ‘Rights’ almost exclusive lock on AM talk radio, are about all that remains to cause further problems. It certainly appears as though they have managed to maintain a well-lubricated propaganda machine.

I think first we must understand fully that the ‘Rights’ ability to continue holding power as they have in recent times, has now been fairly diminished. I strongly suspect that we are witnessing now is very much like a spoiled child who is throwing a tantrum. They held a lot of power and sway for a considerable period, but those days are now finally gone. They no longer hold any form of majority, and they no longer hold any serious form of power. For a group of people whose main focus has always centered on their own self-reflection or vanity, such acceptance does not come easy. From this point forward, there will be a continued increase in several population areas, involving youth, immigrants and minorities, none of which will in any way prove helpful to the ‘Right’. There is no longer any need for a southern based political type organization with long roots into bigotry.

Unfortunately with their situation being so dire, we may find them reacting in much the same manner as we would the wolds most populous rodent would when it is cornered or threatened? For starters, continual referrals to our president’s policies as being ‘Socialist’, are both outright false and misleading. The truth most definitely appears to be the first casualty of this debate. Recently, I listened in to talk radio, while Mark Levin was calling on his listening audience to facilitate a direct payback, or a semi organized physical response to attempts by our president install his social programs. Mr. Levin did quickly offer a clarification of sorts by requesting that any Right Wing wacko’s to please hold off on rounding up their gun’s, but still. Just what kind of people do you think his audience consists of?

This ability by the ‘Right’ to both fester discontent and incite anger amongst our citizenry has already been well documented and noted. So far they have remained peaceful in nature, and we can only hope that they stay that way. Purposeful emotional incitement of hate monger groups however, can only over time bring about grave and undesired consequences. Their emphasis has always fostered on propaganda, and I believe that they fully intend to continue using it as such.




The "South" has lost twice. And they're pissed.

George W Bush said it best, "You're either with us or against us." In other words no questions dare be asked.

The Christian right is what is pushing the GOP agenda, anti-abortion, anti-gay and anti-gun laws.

They have been quite violent since the 1980s. Abortion doctor murders, clinic bombings and oh yes, Timothy McVeigh.

Example: Joe Scarborough was first elected to the US Congress in 1994 because he cozied up to the first murderer of an abortion doctor in the Redneck Riviera aka Pensacola, Fl. The area is filled with right wing religious nuts, talking in tongues and political snake handling included. And now Joe has his own show on MSNBC spewing the conservative right wrong ideology.. {{shudder}}

In the past decade the GOP gave us an impeachment, a stolen election, two wars and an economy in the toilet.

And all they can come up with is a tea bag party.

That is a good thing.

Thank you so much for writing.





Disturbing News


"George W. Bush has reportedly landed a $7 million book deal. The book will be about his years as president and is tentatively called 'Decision Point,' because every time Bush had to make a decision, he would point to Cheney." --Jay Leno



Shoe Hurling


India's politicians contesting in the general election, fearful of shoes hurled at them by disgruntled voters, have asked for more security and are erecting metal nets at rallies.




Republican-Shenanigans News


Yet Another Ode To Republican Hypocrisy
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Under Bush left-dissent equaled treason.
So Republicans claimed without reason.
Now Obama is prez
(A commie Chavez)
And secession is righteous — not teasin’.

Yes Gov. Perry and co. say it’s fine —
This unconstitutional whine:
Secede cuz Barack
Is a Europy Jacques.
Then they pray to Ron Reagan. Divine!


Subject: Mika wearing a Sarah Palin Button





Thanks Larry. Mika and Sarah are women who love to be judged by their cover.



Global warming, the economy, cartel violence and pirates: all the result of gay marriage.  --Grant "Brad" Gerver






"Do you know about this? Texas Gov. Rick Perry fired up an anti-tax tea party this week by saying that Texas has the right to secede from the Union if it wants to. And former President Bush, who now lives in Texas, is of course against the idea. Bush said if Texas leaves the Union, they'll be a foreign country, 'like Alaska and Hawaii.'" --Jay Leno


Rock-The-Voter News


"Oh, well, here is something that makes me proud to be a member of the NBC family. NBC has signed disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to star in a reality series. It's called, 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!' This is different from the show he did in Illinois. That was, 'He's an Idiot, Get Him Out of There.'" --Jay Leno


Pelosi Weighs In On Teabaggers


This initiative is funded by the high end - we call call it astroturf, it's not really a grassroots movement. It's astroturf by some of the wealthiest people in America to keep the focus on tax cuts for the rich instead of for the great middle class.


Ads by Google



Biz-Tech News



I came, I saw, I Twittered. --Grant "Brad" Gerver

Bush-Prison-Torture News


In case you missed it …

In its tireless effort to provide news and giggles for its readers, All Hat No Cattle offers this Monday glimpse back at the previous week with an emphasis on the weekend dump. (We mean the time preferred by government officials, politicians and titans of industry to release unsavory news in the hope it receives less media coverage – not the bathroom activity.)

Sun., 4-19-20
What you don’t know WILL hurt you
WASHINGTON (AP) – Despite a pledge to open government, the Obama administration has endorsed a Bush-era decision to keep secret key details of an FBI computer database that allows agents and analysts to search a billion documents with a wealth of personal information about Americans and foreigners.

President Barack Obama's Justice Department quietly told a federal court in Washington last week that it would not second-guess the previous administration's decisions to withhold some information about the bureau's Investigative Data Warehouse.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital rights advocacy group, had sued under the Freedom of Information Act to get records showing how the FBI protects the privacy of Americans whose personal information winds up in the vast database.


Sat., 4-18-09
Let’s not do anything to offend Israel
WASHINGTON (AP) – The Obama administration will boycott "with regret" a U.N. conference on racism next week over objectionable language in the meeting's final document that could single out Israel for criticism and restrict free speech, the State Department said Saturday.

The decision follows weeks of furious internal debate and will likely please Israel and Jewish groups that lobbied against U.S. participation. But the move upset human rights advocates and some in the African-American community who had hoped that President Barack Obama, the nation's first black president, would send an official delegation.

The administration had wanted to attend the April 20-25 meeting in Geneva, although it warned in late February it would not go unless significant changes were made to the draft text.


Fri., 4-17-09
Vatican stands tall in defense of Pope’s condom comments
VATICAN CITY (AP) – Critics of the Catholic Church's social teachings are trying to intimidate Pope Benedict XVI into silence, the Vatican charged Friday in responding to attacks on the pontiff's remarks about AIDS and condom use.

In a strongly worded statement, the Vatican defended the pope's view that condoms aren't the answer to Africa's AIDS epidemic and could make it worse. On his way to Africa last month, he said the best strategy is the church's effort to promote sexual responsibility through abstinence and monogamy.

France, Germany, the United Nations' AIDS-fighting agency and the British medical journal The Lancet called the remarks irresponsible and dangerous. The Belgian parliament passed a resolution calling them "unacceptable" and demanded Belgium's government officially protest.


Thurs., 4-16-09
It must have been the will of God – er Allah
KABUL – (AP) Two earthquakes shook eastern Afghanistan, killing at least 19 people and destroying dozens of homes, officials said.

The quakes destroyed an estimated 100 houses in two villages in Nangarhar province, said governor's spokesman Ahmad Zia Abdulzai. The provincial police chief, Ghafor Khan, said at least 19 people were killed and 20 injured.

One villager said the death toll was considerably higher. Officials were traveling to the site.


Wed., 4-15-09
Anyone for egg rolls?
(AP) – Union International Food Co. is expanding a spice recall to include all Lian How brand and Uncle Chen brand sauces, oil and oil blends in various size packages because the products may be contaminated with salmonella, an organism that can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections, especially in young children, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems. The company had previously recalled Lian How brand and Uncle Chen brand dry spices.

California state health department officials say the salmonella outbreak has sickened 33 people throughout northern and central California, and nine others in Nevada, Oregon and Washington. No deaths have been reported. Officials say most of the people sickened appeared to have been exposed to salmonella while eating at Asian restaurants that used the company's spices.


Tues., 4-14-09
Blago to be dropped in jungle with other monkeys
CHICAGO – (AP) An attorney close to Rod Blagojevich's legal team says the ousted Illinois governor wants permission to leave the country to appear on a reality TV show in Costa Rica.

Blagojevich, who pleaded not guilty to federal racketeering and fraud charges Tuesday, could tape the show in June if given permission by Judge James B. Zagel. The lawyer spoke on condition of anonymity, saying the plan was confidential.

NBC confirms it wants Blagojevich to appear on "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" A network statement says 10 celebrities will be dropped into the Costa Rican jungle "to face challenges designed to test their skills in adapting to the wilderness."


Mon., 4-13-09
We are your friends and allies! May Allah curse you!
 ISLAMABAD – (AP) Pakistan's pro-U.S. president signed a regulation late Monday to put a northwestern district under Islamic law as part of a peace deal with the Taliban, going along after coming under intense pressure from members of his own party and other lawmakers.

Asif Ali Zardari's signature was a boon for Islamic militants who have brutalized the Swat Valley for nearly two years in demanding a new justice system. It was sure to further anger human rights activists and feed fears among the U.S. and other Western allies that the valley will turn into a sanctuary for militants close to Afghanistan.



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