April 20,  2004 Tuesday

With God on his side
Working for Change, CA - 4-20-04

...Of course, as a self-described "messenger" of God who was "praying for strength to do the Lord's will," Bush was not troubled about shredding a little secular document called the U.S. Constitution...


Kerry lends sympathetic ear to veterans
Citizen Online, GA - 4-20-04
ATLANTA — Ray Jones says he is concerned the U.S. war effort in Iraq ‘‘makes me think of Vietnam all over again,’’ and he says that is why he joined other veterans who were on hand when Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry arrived...

State veterans and troops' families feel betrayed on WMD issue
Seattle Post Intelligencer, WA - 4-20-04

With Washington state contributing more than 10,000 hometown troops to the war in Iraq, some veterans of past wars and families of soldiers serving there feel deceived about the Bush administration's premises for the conflict.

I don't know which is more frightening --  that Bush implies that God told him to wage war or that he knows God didn't but said so anyway.

 "Two big announcements coming out of Washington, DC. This is kind of sad. The tour of duty for 20,000 troops in Iraq may be extended. That's too bad. And the other announcement, the tour of duty for President Bush may not be extended." David Letterman

More from Bob Woodward...

Cheney Was Unwavering in Desire to Go to War

washingtonpost.com - 4-20-04

This is the third of five articles adapted from "Plan of Attack," a book by Bob Woodward that is a behind-the-scenes account of how and why President Bush decided to go to war against Iraq. Simon & Schuster...


Iraq War News

Mortar Attack Kills 21 in Baghdad Prison
Washington Post, DC - 4-20-04
BAGHDAD -- Insurgents fired mortar bombs at a Baghdad prison run by US-led forces in Iraq Tuesday, killing 21 detainees, the US military said.

Gov't: U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Tops 700

AP - Mon Apr 19, 5:10 PM ET

The number of American troops who have died in Iraq since U.S. forces invaded in March 2003 has surpassed 700 and the number wounded in action has topped 3,600, the Pentagon said Monday.

Deal is reached in volatile Fallujah
USA Today - 4-20-04
By Jim Michaels, USA TODAY. BAGHDAD — Negotiators said Monday they have reached an agreement aimed at defusing tensions in Fallujah

Road Perils in Iraq Add to Chaos, Shortages

Los Angeles Times - 4-20-04

BAGHDAD — At a sprawling desert camp in southern Iraq, U.S. soldiers sleep in trucks and Humvees because Iraqi merchants are afraid to deliver tents to them.

Honduras Follows Spain, Pulls Out of Iraq

AP - 4-20-04

Iraq's multinational peacekeeping force scrambled to regroup Monday after Spain's announcement that it would pull out its 1,300 troops, with Albania pledging more soldiers but U.S. officials bracing for further withdrawals.

Iraqi Insurgents Asked to Turn in Weapons

AP - 4-20-04

U.S. officials and local leaders in Fallujah called on insurgents to lay down weapons in return for a promise from the United States not to resume its offensive against the Sunni Muslim stronghold

Troops Blast Music in Siege of Fallujah

AP - Fri Apr 16,11:32 PM ET

In Fallujah's darkened, empty streets, U.S. troops blast AC/DC's "Hell's Bells" and other rock music full volume from a huge speaker, hoping to grate on the nerves of this Sunni Muslim city's gunmen and give a laugh to Marines along the front line.

List of Journalists Who Died in Iraq

AP - Mon Apr 19, 5:22 PM ET

A list of news organization employees killed in Iraq since the start of war March 20, 2003:

Civilian Deaths Anger Fallujah Refugees

AP - Mon Apr 19, 6:17 PM ET

Fleeing the city of Fallujah in their car, 9-year-old Gofran Mohammed's parents and three of her siblings were killed by a spray of gunfire — U.S. fire, her relatives say. Now Gofran, wounded in the attack, is huddled with other Fallujah families in Baghdad who vow never to forgive the Americans.



Disturbing News


CNN team questioned on suspicion of filming at nuclear plant
Ha'aretz, Israel - 4-20-04
By Nir Hasson, Haaretz Correspondent, and Haaretz Service. A team from the American news corporation CNN was questioned by Israel


Feds Might Ease Post-9/11 Airport Rule

AP - 4-20-04

Pittsburgh International could become the nation's first major airport to get the OK to abandon the post-Sept. 11 rule that says only ticketed passengers are allowed past security checkpoints.


Saudi Islamic Doctrine Hard to Control

AP - Mon Apr 19, 2:52 PM ET

When his teenage male pupils asked about love, Mohammed al-Suhaimi would describe it as a great and noble feeling. When they asked whether Islam permits music, he would tell them the matter is disputed, but that music is a gift from God.


Bush Criticizes Spain's PM on Iraq Pullout

AP - Mon Apr 19,10:43 PM ET

President Bush gave a chilly welcome to Spain's new leader Monday, suggesting his abrupt withdrawal of troops from Iraq would give "false comfort to terrorists."


Pentagon Denies Terror Funds Used for Iraq

AP - Mon Apr 19, 8:26 PM ET

A Democratic congressman on Monday demanded to know whether the Bush administration transferred $700 million to Iraq war planning efforts out of counterterrorism funds without informing Capitol Hill. The Pentagon said it didn't happen.


Rice: U.S. Braces for Pre-Election Terror

AP - Mon Apr 19,12:36 PM ET

The United States is bracing for possible terrorist attacks before the November presidential election, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice said Sunday.


Poll Shows New Gains For Bush

washingtonpost.com - Tue Apr 20, 1:00 AM ET

President Bush holds significant advantages over John F. Kerry in public perceptions of who is better equipped to deal with Iraq and the war on terrorism, and he has reduced the advantages his Democratic challenger held last month on many domestic issues, according to a Washington Post-ABC News Poll.


"The Governor of my home state of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, has filed emergency, emergency legislation to freeze a court order allowing gay marriage. We have a gay emergency. We are in code pink, ladies and gentlemen." Jay Leno

Graphic by OZ

"Hey, did you all get your taxes done on time? You know, we got to thank President Bush. He made it a lot easier for people to do taxes this year. Sure, no job, no income tax. Couldn't be simpler." Jay Leno

Click here to see what our troops in the desert have to confront -- a Camel Spider ---ugh!


Assorted News


Blair condemns Israel and opens rift with US
Guardian, UK - 4-20-04
Tony Blair distanced himself from Washington yesterday by pointedly condemning the Israeli assassination of the Hamas leader, Abdel Aziz Rantissi, at the


Bill Clinton Endorses Gaza 'Disengagement'
CBS New York, NY - 
NEW YORK (CBS) Former President Clinton endorsed Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's proposed "disengagement" plan to unilaterally withdraw from the Gaza


China Says Media Didn't Censor Cheney
Guardian, UK -4-20-04
BEIJING (AP) - A government spokesman Tuesday dismissed suggestions that China censored a speech by Vice President Dick Cheney during a recent visit, saying...


Jordan's King Snubs Bush Over Israel Plan
Tuesday April 20, 2004 1:01 PM


Associated Press Writer

AMMAN, Jordan (AP) - The king of Jordan, one of America's closest allies in the Middle East, postponed a White House meeting with President Bush this week, questioning the U.S. commitment to ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


TV giants back Bono 'free speech'
BBC News, UK - 
Media companies and artists have protested a ruling made against U2 frontman Bono over his use of a swear word at the 2003 Golden Globe Awards.


Arab Democrats Feel Betrayed by Bush
Washington Post - 
Democratically inclined commentators in the region's online media are reeling from what they feel is the one-two-three punch of President Bush's rejection last



GOP Squabbles Over Tax-Cut Rules

AP - Sun Apr 18, 1:12 PM ET

A Republican fight over proposed restrictions on tax cuts has hamstrung congressional approval of next year's $2.4 trillion budget. It's a battle between President Bush's cherished tax reductions and deficit worries.


Supreme Court Considers Guantanamo Prisoners' Case

Reuters - Tue Apr 20,12:18 AM ET

The Supreme Court considers on Tuesday whether foreigners held at a U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba can go to American courts for relief, the first time it examines President Bush's policies in the "war on terrorism."


Death Sentences Hinge on Court Decision

AP - Mon Apr 19,11:01 PM ET

Subdued Supreme Court justices contemplated ordering new sentences for more than 100 convicted killers Monday in a case harking back to a 2002 ruling that made juries, not judges, final arbiters of the death penalty.


Saudis Say Won't Use Oil to Influence U.S. Election

Reuters - Mon Apr 19,10:24 PM ET

Saudi Arabia said on Monday it will not use oil prices to try to sway the U.S. presidential election, denying an allegation that the kingdom would cut petroleum prices before November to boost President Bush's re-election bid.


Shoplifter's 25-Year Sentence Overturned

AP - Mon Apr 19, 8:32 PM ET

A federal appeals court Monday overturned a three-strikes sentence of 25 years to life given a repeat shoplifter, saying his first two convictions were not serious enough to justify the lengthy term.


Sept. 11 Commission Glance

AP - Mon Apr 19, 4:44 PM ET

Upcoming events with the commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks:


Republican Shenanigans

Ex-congressman seeks to revive Clinton-Flynt suit

By Jeffrey McMurray, Associated Press, 4/13/2004

WASHINGTON -- Former representative Bob Barr is trying to revive a $30 million defamation suit against Bill Clinton, Democratic political adviser James Carville, and pornographer Larry Flynt.

Frist Funnels Cash to Daschle's Foe

AP - Mon Apr 19, 8:03 PM ET

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., is relying on his fund-raising strength to try to oust his Democratic rival — Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D. Frist has helped funnel more than $150,000 so far this year to Republican John Thune, who is trying to unseat the three-term Daschle



Business News

McDonald's Names Successors As CEO Dies

AP -

After the successful turnaround of its U.S. business, McDonald's Corp. faces a new challenge — the sudden death of CEO Jim Cantalupo puts a young and unproven leader in charge of the world's largest restaurant company.

AP Announces New Business News Service

AP - Mon Apr 19, 9:41 AM ET

The Associated Press announced Monday the introduction of a new service called AP Financial News that will extend the breadth and depth of AP's business coverage of top companies and financial markets around the world.

Mitsubishi Motors plans 4,500 job cuts as part of restructuring: report

AFP - Mon Apr 19, 8:57 PM ET

Struggling automaker Mitsubishi Motors Corp. is planning to cut 4,500 jobs, or 10 percent of its total workforce, as part of a restructuring plan to be revealed April 30, a report said.

Microsoft, Minnesota reach deal in antitrust case
Seattle Times, WA - 
The trial began five weeks ago, but that didn't stop Microsoft from reaching a preliminary settlement with Minnesota residents in a class-action antitrust case

Shell name dragged through mud after explosive report
Channel News Asia, Singapore - 
LONDON : The closely guarded reputation of Royal Dutch/Shell was left in tatters as British newspapers accused the oil giant of lies and a cover-up after an

Chief Executive of US Airways Quits Amid Strife
New York Times, NY - 
By MICHELINE MAYNARD. he chief executive of US Airways, David N. Siegel, who vowed last month that he would not run from the airline's


Internet News

REVIEW: Toolbars Offer More Than Searches

AP - Mon Apr 19, 7:59 PM ET

Search engine toolbars for the Internet Explorer browser have become nearly essential tools online: They can block pop-up ads, alert you to new e-mail, even protect you from scams.


Spyware's Victims Spread

PC World - Mon Apr 19, 7:00 PM ET

Service firms, tech vendors say their time is stolen by a pest that's growing faster than viruses.


Phatbot Worm May Be Attacking SQL Server Ports

TechWeb - Mon Apr 19, 6:00 PM ET

The worm can change itself to avoid and shut down anti-virus software, steal Windows software license keys, lift user names and passwords, and kill other worms and viruses.


Report Details Rise in Hate Web Sites

AP - Mon Apr 19, 7:09 PM ET

Online games that allow children to "shoot" illegal immigrants, Jews and blacks are among the thousands of extremist Web sites described in a report released Monday by an international human rights organization.


The Password Is: Chocolate

TechWeb - Mon Apr 19, 4:00 PM ET

A survey to be presented Tuesday at Infosecurity Europe found that 71% of office workers polled were willing to reveal their passwords for the price of a chocolate bar.


Apple wows the crowd at NAB

MacCentral - Sun Apr 18, 7:41 PM ET

Apple Computer Inc. on Sunday kicked off the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas, NV with an invitation-only event to unveil three product updates and two brand new products for the professional video market.


Jackson Wins Case to Shut Down Web Site

AP - Mon Apr 19, 9:36 PM ET

Pop star Michael Jackson has won a legal fight to shut down a pay-per-view Web site operated by a New Jersey man once awarded a warehouse full of Jackson family memorabilia.


Website logs 20000 human genes
ABC Science Online, Australia - 
A detailed functional map of more than 20,000 human genes has been published on the internet by an international research team.


"At the White House today, President Bush was answering questions about Iraq and said that he's worried the violence in Fallujah will spread to other parts of the country he can't pronounce." —Craig Kilborn

"It is, in a sense, the story of his presidency. This is the decision he made, he made it all alone. There was no committee vote," Woodward told CNN's "Larry King Live" on Monday. "He's the one who thought this story should be told."

click here for entire article

"The adult film industry has shut down all production because two of their stars have tested positive for HIV. Governor Schwarzenegger has of course declared a state of emergency and President Bush says we may have to dip into our porn reserve." —Jimmy Kimmel


Odd News

Gang of Deaf Thieves Jailed

Reuters - Mon Apr 19,10:32 AM ET

Chinese police have broken up a gang of deaf teenaged robbers who carried out a string of thefts on the orders of a brutal leader.

Judges Declare War on Pet Pests

Reuters - Mon Apr 19,10:30 AM ET

Two Texas judges have made a federal case out of dog poop on the courthouse lawn.

Couple to Move Into Home 19 Feet Wide

Mon Apr 19, 5:38 PM ET

After living on a boat for 15 years, Neil and Suzanne Ablitt don't find anything unusual about their plans to squeeze into a home that measures only 19 feet wide and 19 feet deep.

Court Rejects Woman's Licorice Claim

Mon Apr 19, 9:43 AM ET

Judges on Monday rejected a woman's claim that candy-giant Haribo did not properly warn her that the quantities of licorice she was consuming could be potentially harmful.

Surgery Available for a Younger Voice

Sun Apr 18,10:31 PM ET

After the tummy tuck, the forehead tightener, the nose job and the jowl trim, something still might be giving away your age: your voice. For patients who think their trembly, raspy or wispy words...


Paper: Naked Sushi Offer Leads to Fine

Mon Apr 19,11:19 AM ET

A restaurant in southwestern China has been fined for offering to serve sushi on the bodies of naked women, a newspaper reported Monday, after advertisements for the event sparked a rush of both indignation and curiosity.

Afghans disband team after asylum bid

Tue Apr 20, 2:48 AM ET

Afghanistan has disbanded its national soccer team after nine players disappeared from a training camp in Italy last week, an official says.


Kevin Spacey and the dog in the night-time
Guardian, UK - 
As dramatic setpieces go, Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey's five-minute apologia on the BBC's Today programme would not rank among his finest.


Woman takes legal action after scissors found in abdomen
ABC Online, Australia -
A Sydney woman is taking legal action after a pair of scissors were left in her abdomen after an operation. Pat Skinner has told




"In his press conference the other night, President Bush said that freedom is a gift from the almighty and we have been called by God to use our military power to spread freedom throughout the world. Then he called that al Sadr guy in Iraq a religious nutcase. He also said God is in favor of a cut in the capital gains tax." —Jay Leno





Australian Troy Brooks performs a 'superman' move in the Fosters Expression Session during the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach, Torquay, Australia, April 10, 2004. Brooks, who is one of a handful of surfers who can execute the Superman, is able to climb off his board in mid air and then jump back on his surfboard before landing back on the wave.(FES/HO)