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Some right-wingers ignore facts as they rewrite U.S. history

McClatchy -4-2-10

The right is rewriting history.
The most ballyhooed effort is under way in Texas , where conservatives have pushed the state school board to rewrite guidelines, downplaying Thomas Jefferson in one high school course, playing up such conservatives as Phyllis Schlafly and the Heritage Foundation and challenging the idea that the Founding Fathers wanted to separate church and state.

FBI warns extremist letters may encourage violence

AP –4-2-10
WASHINGTON - The FBI is warning police across the country that an anti-government group's call to remove governors from office could provoke violence by others

'Bondage-gate' spurs donor drain for RNC

The Newsroom – Thu Apr 1, 9:51 pm ET
Reuters It's not bad enough that, for some time forward, the words "Republican National Committee" will be the most frequent phrase surfacing in online search terms using the words "West Hollywood bondage club."


How do you get Republicans to oppose offshore oil drilling? Have Obama give a "drill, baby, drill" speech.


The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Anybody But the Black Guy


A fresh Gallup survey out Thursday has Republicans moving back ahead of of Democrats in generic ballots, with 47% of voters saying they’d vote for an unnamed Republican while 44% say they would back a Democrat.



"Here's a fascinating story. The Republican National Committee got together and said, 'You know, boys, things are going so well for us here lately, let's have a party.' So they said, 'Well, yeah, but we don't want to pay for it.' And they said: 'No. We'll get the Republican National Committee to pay for it — money that we get from donations and contributions. We'll let the folks pay for it.' And everybody said, 'Great, what do we do?' And they said, 'Well, let's go to Los Angeles to a sex club.' And they said, 'Great!' So they end up there at a bondage club in Los Angeles. And I thought that makes perfect sense because Republicans love tying things up: health care, you know; climate control; financial reform." –David Letterman




Disturbing News


$4 Billion Hedge Fund Manager: Obama Not Socialist Enough!

By Don Davis



Republican-Shenanigans News


The Republican National Committee ran up a two thousand dollar bill at a West Hollywood bondage club. The money was used for alcohol, not sex. Republicans live by a moral code which says that the tree of liberty is watered with super-premium vodkas. - Argus Hamilton




Rock-The-Voter News


Separation of  Church From Boys Is Needed


The president of the Boy Scouts council for the Portland metro area has testified he believes the parents of some Scouts were negligent and even criminal for allowing sleepovers that led to sex abuse...The man, Timur Dykes, has admitted molesting the victim who filed the lawsuit and has been convicted of other sex abuse dating back to the early 1980s, when Dykes was an assistant Scoutmaster.

During cross-examination by Kelly Clark, an attorney for the victim, had called Dykes a "pied piper" earlier in the trial for filling his apartment in the early 80s with things such as exotic pets, an aquarium and games to attract boys from a Scout troop organized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.




"During a fundraising trip to California, some young Republicans took the Republican Party credit card to a club in Hollywood that has nude dancers doing bondage shows. It must be very embarrassing for the people involved. I'm sure the strippers didn't want anyone to know they were hanging out with politicians." –Craig Ferguson

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Biz-Tech News


"And remember, you know, the Census Bureau sends a Census taker to any home that doesn't reply by mail. So unless you want to have a conversation with another human being, you better get that in." –Jimmy Kimmel



I'll Believe It When I Can Get Coverage


The Obama administration took a step Friday toward showing voters concrete benefits from the new health care law, moving to help people with pre-existing health conditions get coverage within months.


Bush-Prison-Torture News


"And unemployment in Florida hit a record high of 12.2 percent. You want to know how bad it is down there? Today, the Coast Guard picked up 50 Cubans off the coast of Miami trying to swim back to Cuba." –Jay Leno


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