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'I saw papers that show US knew al-Qa'ida would attack cities with aeroplanes'

Whistleblower the White House wants to silence speaks to The Independent

By Andrew Buncombe in Washington  02 April 2004

A former translator for the FBI with top-secret security clearance says she has provided information to the panel investigating the 11 September attacks which proves senior officials knew of al-Qa'ida's plans to attack the US with aircraft months before the strikes happened....


Lawyer: 9/11 Panel Lacks Clinton Records
Guardian, UK - 4-1-04
... full picture of former President Clinton's terrorism policies because the Bush administration won't forward all of Clinton's records to the panel, a lawyer said ...

Prosecutors Are Said to Have Expanded Inquiry Into Leak of C.I.A. Officer's Name


Prosecutors investigating whether someone in the Bush administration improperly disclosed the identity of a C.I.A. officer have expanded their inquiry to examine whether White House officials lied to investigators or mishandled classified information related to the case, lawyers involved in the case and government officials say...

Raise your hand if you think this White House is hiding something about 9-11.

"And Vice President Cheney has criticized this Richard Clarke guy. He's the former White House chief coordinator for anti-terrorism. He said he was out of the loop. Well, how's that a criticism of Clarke? Shouldn't the Bush Administration put their chief coordinator on anti-terrorism in the loop? Shouldn't that guy be the loop? Aren't you the loop when you're the chief coordinator?" Jay Leno

NewsView: Bush Loses Ground on Terror

AP - 4-2-04

President Bush's high marks for waging war on terrorism have been the bedrock of his popularity and his re-election campaign. Traditionally, commander in chief is the cornerstone for any incumbent, and this president is no exception...




U.S. Weapons Hunt Shifts Focus to 'Intent' in Iraq


"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. search for weapons of mass destruction
in Iraq will continue despite the failure so far to find them but the
mission will also investigate whether Saddam Hussein -->intended<-- to
develop such weapons, the chief U.S. arms hunter said on Tuesday."

We've gone from WMD's to WMDPRA's and now we're concentrating on whether
or not Hussein had the intent to acquire weapons or even plan to plan
programs? Hubboy.

Gallagher (yes he of sledge-o-matic fame) once said that the pyramids
were not amazing structures built as a testament to a people of vision,
but that they revealed the ancient Egyptians to simply be people with
diminishing goals.

So it is with President Le Petomane today.

Bob G.

I feel as though Americans are being led off the cliff by this Pied Piper.

Thanks for writing.

 "Well, the big story in Washington, they are grilling Rice, and, boy, is she steamed." Jay Leno

Rice to Address 9/11 Panel on April 8

AP - 4-2-04

The Sept. 11 commission will hear next week from National security adviser Condoleezza Rice as she tries to defend the Bush administration against criticism for how it handled the terrorism threat before the 2001 suicide hijackings....

Top Ten Questions You're Afraid To Ask Condoleezza Rice

10. "Did Bush ever hurt himself trying to pronounce your name?"

9. "At cabinet meetings, who besides you and Cheney wear lipstick?"

8. "Do you know Leeza Gibbons?"

7. "Do you own a condo?"

6. "Did you ever try the 'Condoleezza Rice' at Chi-Chi's?"

5. "As a souvenir, did you keep any of Saddam's beard lice?"

4. "Hey, where'd you get that cool Halliburton sweatshirt?"

3. "Who told CNN that Letterman faked the footage of the bored kid next to Bush?"

2. "About those Iraqi weapons of mass destruction -- did you check Baghdad Mini-Storage?"

1. "What kind of job will you and Bush be looking for in January 2005?"



Disturbing News


Saudi Arabia Reassures Bush on Oil Supply

Reuters - Fri Apr 2,12:53 AM ET

A Saudi envoy reassured President Bush on Thursday that the kingdom would not let oil shortages harm world economic growth, in a move that could help Bush who has been under attack from Democrats for failing to halt rising gasoline prices and OPEC output cuts.

Most in U.S. Back View Bush Was Lax on Terror -Poll

Reuters - Thu Apr 1,12:44 PM ET

Most Americans agree with a former White House counterterrorism chief that President Bush was lax on terrorism before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, a poll published on Thursday found.

Clarke Objects to Anti-Bush Group's Ads

AP - Wed Mar 31, 4:54 PM ET

President Bush's former counterterrorism adviser objected Wednesday to the use of his name and critical comments about Bush in a new broadcast advertisement from a political group supporting Democratic candidate John Kerry.

Bush Outspends Democrats 2-To-1 on Air

AP - Fri Apr 2, 3:28 AM ET

President Bush spent twice as much as Democrats in just four weeks on the air, pouring about $40 million into television and radio commercials that championed his record and assailed John Kerry's

Jobless Rates Rise in Key Election States

AP - Wed Mar 31, 6:25 PM ET

Unemployment rates increased in nine of the 17 battleground states that could decide the 2004 presidential election, with Missouri and Arkansas showing the biggest increases last month, the Labor Department said Wednesday.

FBI: Terrorists May Enter U.S. With Visas

AP - Thu Apr 1, 3:35 PM ET

U.S. officials have received intelligence indicating terrorists might attempt to slip into the United States using cultural, arts or sports visas, according to the FBI.


U.S. Behind in Dues to U.N., Other Groups

AP - Thu Apr 1, 2:45 PM ET

The United States is again struggling to pay its dues at the United Nations and dozens of other international organizations. This time, it's because of the weak dollar.


Price of Chemical Arms Disposal to Climb

AP - Thu Apr 1, 7:58 PM ET

Congressional investigators warned House members Thursday about the ballooning cost and missed deadlines plaguing the Army's efforts to rid itself of 31,000 tons of chemical weapons.


Sharon says Arafat could be target for assassination

AFP - 4-2-04

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon turned up the heat on arch foe Yasser Arafat, suggesting the Palestinian leader was "not immune" from assassination, while a Palestinian was killed in a fresh raid into the Gaza Strip.


Israeli Police Storm Disputed Holy Site

AP - 4-2-04

Israeli police in riot gear stormed a disputed holy site Friday, firing tear gas, stun grenades and plastic bullets to disperse Muslim worshippers throwing stones and shoes at them. Thousands of Palestinians later barricaded themselves in two mosques in the walled compound.


US officials knew Al-Qaeda planned plane attacks: whistle-blower

AFP - Fri Apr 2, 3:50 AM ET

US officials knew months before September 11, 2001 that Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda network was planning to use aircraft to carry out a terrorist attack, a former FBI translator has alleged.


Secret Service Official to Lead ATF

AP - Thu Apr 1, 3:55 PM ET

Carl J. Truscott, a senior Secret Service official, will become director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.


 "In fact, not only will Condoleezza Rice testify, but President Bush has also agreed to meet with the commission. He's going to testify. But he said he wants to have Dick Cheney there with him. Why does he have to have Cheney with him? What, does he have, like, a learner's permit to be president? You have to have the adult with him?"  Jay Leno

Dear Official Notetaker of the 9/11 Commission,

When President Bush and Vice-President Cheney testify before the 9/11 Commission, besides recording their statements, please take note of the number of times the following actions occur:

1. Dick Cheney kicks George W. under the table.
2. Dick Cheney coughs, while George W. glances over to him.
3. Dick Cheney scratches his nose, while George W. stares at him imploringly.
4. Dick Cheney yawns and discreetly smacks George W. upside the head.
5. Dick Cheney shoots a mind control beam at George W.
6. Dick Cheney whispers,
"Purple Monkey Dishwasher."



"If this were a Democrat administration and there was this kind of government witch hunt
against Rice, a black woman, you would not see the end of the charges of racism from the Congressional Black Caucus and Jesse Jackson."
- sayeth Rush The Junkie

Gotta love it when neo-fascists like Pigboy Rush, AnnThrax Coulter and Boob Novak try to act like civil rights acitvists!

Terry C


What can we expect from someone who made his career while high on the OxyContin he got in a Denny's parking lot form his maid?  See pic below.

Graphic by BH48

The Bush Administration and 9-11: Open Eyes Required

Written by Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence (hosts of Democratic Talk Radio http://www.DemocraticTalkRadio.com ).

The recent controversy swirling around the Bush White House, the 9-11 Commission and the Richard Clarke book, Against All Enemies has been very enlightening. Sensing that Bush has almost nothing else to run on in the 2004 elections, the Bush Republican attack machine and their fellow travelers in the Corporate Media have been vigorously trying to change the subject away from their competency in dealing with terrorism before and after the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

Instead of publicly dealing with the serious issues involved, the Bush Republicans have been attacking the character of anyone who raises any questions about their poor performance on national security issues. This has been the Karl Rove approach to anyone standing in the way of Bush obtaining and retaining political power. This tactic was key in defeating John McCain in the 2000 South Carolina Republican Primary Election. The tactic was used in the 2002 Congressional Elections to give the Republicans control of Congress. The tactic backfired when used illegally by someone highly placed in the Bush Administration to out the CIA agent wife of Ambassador Wilson over the false “African uranium-nuclear weapons” claims that helped Bush sell his invasion and occupation of Iraq. Most recently, the Republican attack machine went after former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neil, when the book The Price of Loyalty was published. This book confirmed many of the charge made against the Bush White House in the Clarke book.

While Clarke did his job in our government under Reagan, Bush (the Senior), Clinton and the current Bush very well, the Bush Republicans are now blaming their failings on him. As part of any White House team, any highly placed team member will publicly highlight the best-case scenario for the Administration’s performance while downplaying their failures. Clarke did this while serving in the Bush Administration. The Bush White House and their allies in Congress are trying to make these comments into a serious contradiction with the Clarke book and public statements of today.

Clarke left to Bush team because they were failing to meet the threat posed by the Bin Laden terrorist network both before and after 9-11. The former FBI lead investigator of Islamic terrorism and Bin Laden, John O’Neill resigned just weeks before the 9-11 attacks because he claimed the Bush Administration was blocking his investigation of Saudi ties to Islamic terrorists attacking the United States. This hero took the job as head of security for the World Trade Center and died in the 9-11 attack. Clarke to his credit tried to work within the system first. He was probably the only member of the Bush White House effectively doing their job in dealing with the Islamic fundamentalist terrorist threat.

Meanwhile, the Bush team along with Bush and Cheney were using the 9-11 attacks to launch an unrelated war with Iraq. Military and national security resources were diverted to this Oil War in Iraq just when America had a real chance of eliminating the Bin Laden organization in Afghanistan and the Taliban forces. Our enemies in Afghanistan have shown signs of renewed strength while the bulk of our military is tied down in another war in Iraq. The Iraq War has turned into both a terrorist training ground and a recruiting goldmine for our enemies.

Before the 9-11 attacks, the Bush Administration was simply asleep on the job. Instead of planning military actions against Afghanistan, they were negotiating with the Taliban for an oil pipeline designed to financially profit American oil companies. It has been reported by French intelligence experts in the book Bin Laden:The Forbidden Truth that these negotiations included military threats if the Taliban refused the oil pipeline deal. These negotiations and threats were just before the 9-11 attacks.

The role the Republican attack machine played in undermining public support for Clinton’s strong efforts against the Bin Laden network. Republicans chanted, “Wag the Dog” when Clinton took military action against Bin Laden. Republicans claimed Clinton was trying to divert public opinion away from the important threat to national security posed by Clinton having an affair outside his marriage. The Republican “get Clinton” mania trumped national security. The Republicans smelled political gain and political power in the Clinton sex scandal and would not let a little thing like terrorist attacking American embassies get in the way.

In our opinion, this approach to Islamic terrorism and Bin Laden became part of the conventional Republican mindset until after the 9-11 attacks. They downplayed the threat in their own minds because their had been great domestic political advantage in this way of looking at the issue under Clinton. The long and financially profitable ties between the Bush organization and Saudi business interests likely played a role in mentally dismissing the urgency of the terrorist threat coming from that nation.

The American people deserve an open investigation and debate on the 9-11 issue! While the public has been calling for Rice to testify publicly, we really need both Bush and Cheney to testify publicly before the 9-11 Commission. We need a real debate on Bush’s role in 9-11 controversy and the terrorist threat in the 2004 Presidential Election. We should have many debates between Bush and Kerry. One entire debate should be on the 9-11 issue and terrorism.



Fact-Free Bush


The Flip-Flopper-In-Chief would have us believe that John Kerry's the real flip-flopper. This, from a President who never lets the facts interfere with policy. Which brings me to my latest song parody, Fact-Free Bush. Feel free to sing it to "She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain,"
using this midi link which opens a second window.

When the facts get in the way you change the facts,
And when facts get in the way, give facts the ax.
When the facts get in the way,
When the facts get in the way,
When the facts get in the way you change the facts.

When Iraq is not as threat'ning as you claimed,
Say you never said it was, play language games.
When Iraq is not as threat'ning,
When Iraq is not as threat'ning,
When Iraq is not as threat'ning as you claimed.

When your job projection numbers are quite wrong,
Blithely claim you never bought them all along.
When your job projection numbers,
When your job projection numbers,
When your job projection numbers are quite wrong.

The rest of Fact-Free Bush song parody is here:


Judge Orders Release of Energy Documents

The Associated Press
Thursday, April 1, 2004; 1:19 PM

WASHINGTON - A federal judge told the government to release more documents related to a White House task force that met behind closed doors to develop a national energy policy. ..

"Boy, price of gas in California is going crazy. It's going crazy. In fact, today I did something smart. I bought a gallon as an investment." Jay Leno

Disturbing  War News


Anti-American Voices Get Louder Across Iraq

Reuters - 4-2-04

The people who burned and kicked the corpses of four American contractors in the Iraqi town of Falluja this week were not armed insurgents or foreign fighters.


Gruesome Iraq Images Could Shake U.S. Opinion

Reuters - Thu Apr 1, 3:13 PM ET

Graphic images of Americans being mutilated in Iraq could powerfully shake U.S. public support for the occupation and may play into the presidential campaign, pollsters and media analysts said on Thursday.


US Promises Overwhelming Response to Iraq Killings

Reuters - Thu Apr 1, 3:57 PM ET

U.S. troops Thursday promised an "overwhelming" response to brutal killings in the Iraqi town of Falluja and vowed to hunt down those who shot four American security contractors and mutilated their bodies.

Powell: Warlords May Hinder Afghan Efforts

AP - Thu Apr 1, 8:02 AM ET

Secretary of State Colin Powell warned on Thursday that warlords and criminal elements threaten to undermine the freshly bolstered reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan.

Fitness Guru Among 4 Killed in Iraq

AP -4-02-04

After serving 12 years in the Navy, Scott Helvenston started a career as a fitness instructor and worked as trainer and stunt man for such movies as "Face/Off" and "G.I. Jane."

Security Companies Find Thriving Business in Iraq, other ...
Miami Herald, FL - 4-2-04
2--MOYOCK, NC - Off a quiet back road here, on 6,000 acres of swampy, wooded land, Blackwater Security Consulting trains its employees to wield machine guns ...

Why are we hiring security?  Don't we have enough troops?

Profiting From Outsourcing
Motley Fool - 4-2-04
... Colin L. Powell, in New Delhi last week, assured Indians that the Bush administration would not try to halt outsourcing of high tech jobs to their country.". ...

"Hey, if you watch the news at all, I'm sure you know Saddam Hussein has hired a French lawyer. I believe his name is Jacques Cochran." Jay Leno

Disturbing Business News


U.S. Firms Keep Billions Overseas

washingtonpost.com - Fri Apr 2, 2:33 AM ET

With sales up 5 percent last year, Merck & Co. was not satisfied: To hold down costs, the pharmaceutical giant shed 3,200 jobs as 2003 drew to a close, and announced that an additional 1,200 positions would go this year.

Gateway to Close Retail Stores, Cut Jobs

AP - 4-2-04

Gateway Inc. completed its acquisition of eMachines Inc. last month, promising quick answers to three questions: who would run the troubled computer company, where its corporate headquarters would be, and what would happen to its money-losing stores.

9/11: An Insider Blows the Lid Off

BusinessWeek Online - Thu Apr 1, 8:20 AM ET

Vice-President Dick Cheney apparently didn't read Richard A. Clarke's new book before dismissing the former White House counterterrorism aide as being "out of the loop." If he had, Cheney might have attacked Clarke for something else -- anything else. But for being uninvolved? No. What's clear from the fascinating and highly detailed Against All Enemies: Inside America's War on Terror (Free Press; $27) is that Clarke has been a presence at all the anti-terrorism battles of the past 12 years.


Tech News


Google Not Fooling Around: Launches Gmail

NewsFactor - Thu Apr 1, 5:05 PM ET

Though the move at first was regarded by some as an April Fool's joke, Google really has launched a new consumer-oriented mail service, called "Gmail," which initially will be made available to about 1,000 users.



U.S. Goals Solicited On Software Security

washingtonpost.com - 4-2-04

The federal government should set goals for reducing flaws in computer software that allow attacks by hackers, and other regulations might be necessary to better protect cyberspace, an industry task force said yesterday.


China Jails Woman for Internet Posting - Report

Reuters - Thu Apr 1, 4:52 AM ET

China has sent a woman to a labor camp for posting comments on the Internet that accused police of roughing up people trying to submit complaints to the government, a U.S.-based rights group said on Thursday.



Graphic by Enright


"We may hate Americans. We may hate them with all our hearts. But all men are creatures of God."
MUHAMMAD KHALIFA, objecting to the mutilation of the bodies of four Americans killed in Iraq.


GHOST TOWN - Chernobyl
An interesting but chilling link...


Today in History - April 2

1513 Explorer Juan Ponce de León claims Florida for Spain

1863 Bread revolt in Richmond VA

1865 CSA President Jefferson Davis flees Confederate capital of Richmond VA

1866 President Andrew Johnson ends the Civil War in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee & Virginia

1877 1st Easter egg roll held on White House lawn

1926 Riots between Moslems & Hindus in Calcutta

1935 Sir Watson-Watt patents RADAR

1958 National Advisory Council on Aeronautics renamed NASA

1960 Cuba buys oil from USSR

1968 Senator Eugene McCarthy wins Democratic primaries in Wisconsin

1973 ITT pleads guilty to asking CIA to affect Chilean presidential election

1976 Cambodia's Khieu Sampan succeeds prince Sihanouk as premier

1978 Velcro was 1st put on the market

1981 Heavy battle between Christian militia & Syrian army in East Lebanon

1982  Argentina seized the Falkland Islands from Britain

1986 4 US passengers killed by bomb at TWA counter Athens Airport Greece

1988 - US Special Prosecutor James McKay declined to indict Attorney General Edwin Meese for criminal wrongdoing.

1989 - General Prosper Avril, Haiti's military leader, survived a coup attempt. The attempt was apparently provoked by Avril's U.S.-backed efforts to fight drug trafficking.

1992 John Gotti found guilty in death of Paul Castallanos

1996 - Lech Walesa resumed his old job as an electrician at the Gdansk shipyard. He was the former Solidarity union leader who became Poland's first post-war democratic president.

2002 - Israeli troops surrounded the Church of the Nativity. More than 200 Palestinians had taken refuge at the church when Israel invaded Bethlehem.

One year ago on All Hat No Cattle -  click here

Odd News


Suspects A-Peel for Justice

Reuters - Thu Apr 1, 7:29 AM ET

Police in Cambodia have been accused of extracting confessions from two teenagers by force-feeding them bananas until they felt sick.

Schwarzenegger Has No Taste for Governator Ale

Reuters - Thu Apr 1, 7:32 AM ET

An Oregon brewery has found out the hard way what happens when Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Hollywood idol turned governor of California, flexes his muscles to protect his image.

'Barbie Is a Lesbian' Shirt Case Settled

Thu Apr 1,11:02 PM ET

An openly gay teenager received a $30,000 settlement from the city over her suspension for wearing a "Barbie is a Lesbian" T-shirt to school, her attorney announced Thursday.

Police Uncover Underwear Drug Scheme

Thu Apr 1, 6:34 PM ET

The drugs came out in the laundry. When police did a routine search of thermal underwear left for an inmate Monday evening, they found a long, plastic bag containing what police believe to be marijuana.

Prince William on the ski slopes with a young woman described as his girlfriend, earning the displeasure of royal aides who barred the newspaper from future official photo opportunities.


Britain: Chicken-Equipped Nuke Not a Hoax

Thu Apr 1,10:50 AM ET

A claim that Britain considered using live chickens in a nuclear weapon aroused skepticism Thursday, but officials insisted it was not an April Fool's hoax.


Chinese tipple heading to America?

Fri Apr 2, 2:52 AM ET

Beijing's most popular brand of firewater beloved by taxi drivers and political leaders alike may soon be the liquor of choice at fashionable U.S. bars.


Australian trial aborted after joking juror's April Fool's Day prank


An Australian trial was aborted after an April Fool's Day joke by a juror backfired.

Hobby pilot lands by mistake at US military airbase in Germany

Wed Mar 31,10:21 AM ET

A German pensioner and hobby pilot landed at a heavily guarded US military airbase by mistake, Bitburg police said.


Prince William Tabloid Pics Dismay Royals

AP - Thu Apr 1, 2:54 PM ET

A tabloid on Thursday published paparazzi pictures of


"Cheney's kind of like that pilot that was with Bush when he landed on the aircraft carrier. You know, they want someone in the plane who knows what the hell they're doing."  Jay Leno

Stern Shocks Listeners with April Fool's Hoax
Reuters, United States -4-2-04




Sharks and fish swim at the Okinawa Chura Aquarium in southern Japan. Fish did not grow legs to colonize the land as previously thought, but to prop themselves up underwater 370 million years ago, according to US scientists who published a study. (HOJIJI PRESS)