April 2  2003

Beneath the Surface
Washington Post, DC - 4-2-03 11am cst
... The Post's Emily Wax, who reported on Sunday about the growing anger. "Bush is an occupier and terrorist. He thought he was playing a video game,"...

Schlock and Awe
Minneapolis City Pages, MN - 4-2-03
... tempered marine sergeant would have some insight into the exhaustion, dread, anger ... while Americans are sitting gut- wracked in front of CNN...

Mesopotamia. Babylon. The Tigris and Euphrates
Guardian, UK - 4-2-03
On the steel torsos of their missiles, adolescent American soldiers scrawl colourful messages in childish handwriting: For Saddam, from the Fat Boy Posse. A building goes down. A marketplace. A home. A girl who loves a boy. A child who only ever wanted to play with his older brother's marbles

Today's cartoon was inspired by wondering if Bush is really a moron with a thug mentality or does he know exactly what he is doing.  Either way -- we lose.

Attention:  Zelda Morgan, our senior War Correspondent was hospitalized after an altercation with our junior War Correspondent (still unnamed pending litigation* read 4-1-03 column) The unnamed Hispanic junior War Correspondent has a broken nose, again.  Zelda was released from the hospital after her foot was removed from the junior War Correspondent's rear.



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Bush, allies may be liable before global court, says RP jurist

Despite the refusal of Washington to ratify the agreement that created the International Criminal Court (ICC), US President George W. Bush and the leaders of the “coalition of the willing” may face indictment on war crimes owing to the ongoing military attacks in Iraq.

Ambassador Raul Goco, former Philippine jurist of the United Nations International Law Commission, said war crimes do not prescribe and in the event of change in the US administration, the new leaders may decide to endorse the ratification of the ICC to the US Senate.

Quotes of the Day

"The Pentagon said today they're sending another 100,000 troops into the Gulf. We have 250,000 there and another 100,000 on the way — it's Operation George Gone Wild." —Jay Leno "The president had a press conference the other day and he insisted that we have a huge coalition, larger than the one we had in 1991. I'm not saying he's lying, but he would believe anything Dick Cheney tells him." —Bill Maher ''Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.''-- Plato

Sure...the attack on Iraq isn't about oil.



Air campaign shifts aim to Guard
USA Today - 4-2-03
... building in the Saudi desert, the Combined Air Operations Center, a computer-filled
warren that has coordinated the more than 18000 sorties flown against Iraq ...

       US opens path to Baghdad - Boston Globe
       FACTBOX-Military Action by 3:30 am EST on Day 14 - Reuters
       Latest Developments in the Iraq Story - KTRE


Over 18,000 sorties have flown against Iraq.  The environmental damage done by all this bombing has found no place in the media reporting.  Bush may "liberate" Iraq but Bush also poisoned their land and water.  What kind of liberation is that?

(CAUTION: Scroll over this if (a) you are intensely patriotic, (b) believe this savage attack is justified, and/or (c) are particularly squeamish.)

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"Slowly we turn, step by step, inch by inch, we move toward Baghdad."

-Moe Bush  
Thanks Candy.

Iraq Body Count

No One Ill After SARS Scare on American Jet
Reuters, UK - 4-2-03
... Tokyo on Tuesday in what turned out to be a false alarm, after five people arriving
from Hong Kong were thought to have symptoms of the potentially fatal SARS ...

       Quarantined American plane not exposed to SARS - Dallas Business Journal
       SARS scare ties up plane at San Jose - Tri-Valley Herald
       Two Monterey County residents may have SARS - Sarasota Herald-Tribune
       The Japan Times - Sacramento Bee - 


 Teachers are on leave over war art
  St. Louis Dispatch, MO - 4-2-03
... I really agonized over this," said Cooper, an English teacher ... I don't want to be suspended.


This is getting insane. From banning anything French to suspending a teacher for displaying student's artwork.  What's next -- the ancient Spartan punishment of hand/tongue removal?

Geraldo Rivera's status unclear
Tacoma News Tribune, WA - 4-2-03
While veteran reporter Peter Arnett wasted no time beginning his new career
as a weekly newspaper commentator, it wasn't clear whether Geraldo Rivera ...

  Thank God for my remote control. But Geraldos are everywhere.  It's time to crank up my large dish satellite and stop watching cable news.

W.A.R. -- What does it stand for?


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Greetings, Lisa.

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I assume you've read Fortunate Son by (the no longer living) Mr. Hatfield?

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Thanks for writing.  I have read Fortunate Son.  I wonder what Greg Palast, Gene Lyons and Eric Alterman think happened to Mr. Hatfield?

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