Thursday edition - April 19, 2007




Court backs abortion limits
USA Today - 4-19-07
WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court ruled for the first time Wednesday that governments can ban a particular abortion procedure.


Gonzales to appear before Senate panel
USA Today - 4-19-07

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was to be summoned to a Capitol Hill showdown Thursday as he fights to save his job in ...

Contractor: Hiring of Wolfowitz friend ordered
CNN - 4-19-07
The U.S. Defense Department ordered a contractor to hire a World Bank employee and girlfriend of then-Pentagon No. 2 Paul Wolfowitz in 2003 for work related to Iraq, the contractor said on Tuesday.


It doesn't feel very good knowing my gun has more rights than my uterus.



"Culture of Life" Bush is beaming over his anti-abortion victory. And, as he so confidently points out, "culture of life" only applies to the United States. - Grant Gerver,



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

Really Odd News

The sister of the gunman responsible for the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history works as a contractor for a State Department office that oversees billions of dollars in American aid for Iraq.

Sun-Kyung Cho is employed by the Iraq Reconstruction Management Office, according to U.S. officials and a State Department staff directory that says she works from an annex near the department's headquarters in Washington.




"A lot of people are asking for extensions this year ... even President Bush. He got an extension because he's still deciding whether or not to write off Alberto Gonzales." --Jay Leno



Disturbing News


Wolfowitz Update


...When one participant suggested that Wolfowitz's departure would resolve the problems, Wolfowitz replied that he had no plans to resign and that leaving "under the current circumstances" would not help the institution. Instead, he offered to change his management style and the "structure" of his office. Several officials interpreted that as willingness to remove or limit the authority of two senior aides, former Bush administration officials Robin Cleveland and Kevin Kellems, who have clashed with bank staff members during Wolfowitz's tenure....



Daily Show: Where is Paul Wolfowitz Now?



"President Bush picked [Iraq war architect Paul] Wolfowitz to head the World Bank in 2005. His mission? Use its mighty financial resources to raise the living standards of people around the world. His first beneficiary? Well, his girlfriend. Last week it was disclosed that Wolfowitz had used his influence to get a promotion and a raise for his long-time paramour, World Bank employee Shaha Ali Riza -- considered to be a foremost expert on the Middle East. Which means, you know what they say, opposites attract." --Jon Stewart


Republican Shenanigans

F.O.G. = Friends of George


While calling for the Department of Education to undertake a set of emergency reforms in collegiate student lending around the country today, a top House Democrat warned that the private student loan industry was as bad as Halliburton and assailed the Bush administration for ignoring its activities.

"This is the [modus operandi] of the Bush administration – they never took a look at their friends, whether it's Halliburton in Iraq, contractors in Hurricane Katrina, or Vice President Cheney and the oil companies," said Rep. George Miller (D-CA), Chairman of the House Committee on Education and Labor. "Now it's the lenders."



"Mitt Romney has announced that his son Tagg Romney has joined the campaign. No word from the other kids -- Skip, Jump Rope, and See Saw." --Jay Leno


Rock-The-Voter News


Big Comedy


Al Franken, who hopes to challenge Minnesota Republican Sen. Norm Coleman (news, bio, voting record) next year, delivered a stern message to friend Tom Hanks at a fundraiser in Los Angeles last month.

Franken told the assembled group that while Coleman takes money from "Big Tobacco" and "Big Oil," he'll be raising money from "Big Comedy" — and that he wouldn't be writing any congressional earmarks for Hanks.




Biz-Tech News



Karl Rove Update


In a question-and-answer period after his speech, Karl Rove was asked whose idea it was to start a pre-emptive war in Iraq.

"I think it was Osama bin Laden's," Rove replied.


Bush-Prison-Torture News



Russ Feingold writes to John Roberts of CNN

I write to express my concern about your comments during CNN's Late Edition on April 15th. During the broadcast, you falsely implied that the Feingold-Reid Iraq redeployment bill would "cut off the funds in the middle of a war" for "troops in the field." While I certainly respect differences of opinion in the debate about the war, I strongly object to this mischaracterization of our effort. Our legislation forces the safe redeployment of troops by March 31, 2008, by prohibiting funds for continued military operations after that date, with a few narrow exceptions. Troops in the field would continue to get their salaries, food, ammunition, weapons, and other supplies as they currently do. You went on to suggest that such an approach has "never happened before." In fact, this is precisely the step Congress took in 1993 to end military operations in Somalia.

Here's a pdf of the entire letter.

Comment to CNN



Go-F***-Yourself News

Over Covering a Story Leads to Stupid Remarks



I watched Fox Noise yesterday when Shepard Smith interviewed two rescue workers involved in the Virginia Tech massacre. At the end of the interview he shouted "GO HOKIES!" to the stunned but polite rescue workers. I wish I had a video clip for you.




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Odd News



In this artist's rendering released by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Japan's first lunar probe SELENE's main satellite makes its way in orbit, accompanied by two smaller satellites. Japan is set to launch its first lunar orbiter this summer, but exploring the moon is just part of the mission. Japan's space agency JAXA announced last week that the much-delayed SELENE probe will be launched in August."This mission will involve observation of the whole moon, not just parts of it," said JAXA spokesman Satoki Kurokawa. "It is a very ambitious project." Photo/Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency