April 19-20 2003  Weekend Edition


Judges Question US Move in Cheney Suit
Common Dreams - 4-19-03
A government lawyer for Vice President Cheney received a scolding yesterday from a panel of federal appeals judges over the Bush administration's use...

.       Appeals judges skeptical on halting Cheney suit - Contra Costa Times
       Appeals court unreceptive to bid to toss suit on Cheney energy ...  - Chicago Sun Times
       Judges say energy panel case out of place - Dallas Morning News (subscription)


US Gives Bechtel a Major Contract in Rebuilding Iraq
Yahoo News - 4-19-03

... of Michigan, the ranking Democrats on the Government Reform and Energy ... Halliburton is giant Texas company that had been run by Vice President Dick Cheney ...

Sky News, UK - Apr 18, 2003

... Embarrassingly, the reports included American vice-president Dick Cheney. Aged 62, he underwent a quadruple heart bypass a few years ago. ...


Today's cartoon was inspired by Dick Cheney and all his secrets. The Clintons had their underwear drawers searched over a land purchase in Arkansas. And Cheney wants to claim privacy?  What is he hiding?  Maybe in those Energy Task Force meetings Cheney discussed attacking Iraq for oil acquisition ? Ya think?








Dear Readers (and those who just come to look at my picture),

Due to popular demand, this column is being held over for the Easter Weekend.

To make the best use of my time off, I have volunteered to prove to the world that Kevin Spacey and the Easter Bunny are not gay.

Thank you for the wonderful response and have a happy holiday weekend!

Create peace,

Zelda Morgan AHNC War Correspondent




"I want to see someone in the prison cafeteria ask Ken Lay or Bernie Ebbers for a dance." - Anita Beer at the Bad Boys and Beggars Banquet.





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EMAIL:  Fabrice DELANGRE fdelangre@noos.fr

SUBJECT:  Greetings from France

Hi Lisa !

Thank you VERY much for your funny, witty, and clever web site. As french citizen living in Paris, I am very pleased to see so much (even if not enough) american involved against this foolish administration. I am distressed by the strong propaganda in the US media which try to present the French as traitors just because they don't agree (for their huge majority) with the current american foreign policy. You simply cannot pretend bring the democracy (with bombs...) and refuse to your allies and other countries, to have a different opinion from yours.

You are welcome. The French bashing that is occurring is moronic, just like the actions of Bush. I think French bashers are culturally jealous (they just don't know it).

All the friendly signs from american citizens which come to us, are very pleasant and welcomed in this sad situation. We are together in this fight. But you are very deserving, because I can imagine how it is difficult today in the US to oppose this war without beeing considered as unpatriotic or anti-american.

The French aren't the only ones bashed in the US -- anyone who disagrees with Bush are verbally beaten up.  Yur either with us or agin' us!

You are not unpatriotic, and I am not (and have never been) anti-american. I was very shocked, like all the French, by the 9/11 attack, and our main newspaper "Le Monde" have entitled "Nous sommes tous américains" (We are all americans). But I am also shoked to see so many Iraqi civilians, who have nothing to see with that, killed by the american bombs and shots. It's not the image of America that many of us love and cherish.

I am grateful that Jacques Chirac was the first leader to visit our country after 9-11.

Many thanks again and good luck.

Best wishes from Paris,


Thank you for writing and Vive la France!




Click here for a great Mark Fiore flash animation cartoon - Looting and Apple Pie



Marines Feast on Saddam's Wild Gazelles
Fri Apr 18, 6:20 PM ET
Supper time has become a double treat at a Marine base outside Saddam Hussein's hometown — not only is there fresh meat, but it's from Saddam's personal hunting preserve.



"The Iraqis sat down for talks on how to put together a post-war government. They would have sat down yesterday, but somebody stole all their couches." —Jay Leno A book that needs writing: Ham-handed in the Middle East - The cultural sensitivity of George W. Bush.-  Barry Crimmins "A leader is a dealer in hope."  Napoleon Bonaparte


SUBJECT: Re: "Deck of Defeat" cards


what's next? The Dice of Domination? Dominos of Destruction?, Yahtzee-Nazi? Jump-rope of Justice? Wiffleball of War Criminals? Red Rover Red Rover let Ashcroft come over? Yeah these are stupid but perhaps your brilliant readers can invent some good ones. Or a cartoon..


Thanks for writing.  Any of those would make a good cartoon.

“‘Representative public opinion poll shows U.S. President George W. Bush suffering his first-ever legal presidential election defeat. By crushing margin.”


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