April 18 2003   Friday TGIF


Leaner Space Crew Still Plans Research
New York Times -4-18-03

WASHINGTON- The crew that will head to the International Space Station next week should be able to conduct a substantial amount of research despite ...


Cosmic dust bunnies
Christian Science Monitor - 4-18-03
Most household dust is made up of cast-off skin cells mixed with tiny dirt particles; nothing very inspiring. But, as it turns out, there's a reasonable chance that maybe one or two of the tiny dust particles comes from the deepest reaches of outer space.

New look at mystery space flashes
MSNBC - Apr 16, 2003
Cosmic rays apparently source of odd sightings by astronauts...Some scientists scoffed at the ghostly observations and at the prediction from the pre-Apollo era that such a phenomenon could occur. Nobody is scoffing now.


Today's cartoon was inspired by wondering how the astronauts view the war far below them -- and their return to earth soon.








Dear Readers (and those who just come to look at my picture),

Due to popular demand, this column is being held over for the Easter Weekend.

To make the best use of my time off, I have volunteered to prove to the world that Kevin Spacey and the Easter Bunny are not gay.

Thank you for the wonderful response and have a happy holiday weekend!

Create peace,

Zelda Morgan AHNC War Correspondent




"I want to see someone in the prison cafeteria ask Ken Lay or Bernie Ebbers for a dance." - Anita Beer at the Bad Boys and Beggars Banquet.





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Vietnam SARS sense of humor


A bust of Louis Pasteur adorned with a surgical mask is displayed at the entrance of the Vietnam-France Hospital in Hanoi April 17, 2003. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) has infected 68 people in Vietnam and killed five. REUTERS/String

China Vows Transparent SARS War
Reuters, UK - 4-18-03
BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Communist Party leadership, accused of half-hearted cooperation with the world on the SARS outbreak and masking its own numbers ...
       China Cautions Officials Not to Hide SARS Cases - New York Times
       S. Korea reports two suspected SARS cases - Channel News Asia
       Worries Arise Over SARS Increase in China - Kansas City Star
       US Reclassifies Probable SARS Cases - Voice of America
       Race to stop SARS - USA Today
       Beijing agrees to raise toll "significantly " - WHO - Reuters AlertNet
       Fighting SARS At The Speed Of Science - Hartford Courant, CT


Thanks to Eric M.




Click here for a great Mark Fiore flash animation cartoon Looting and Apple Pie

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SUBJECT: Dixie Chicks, Michael Moore, etc.

The fastest way to get people to listen to, read or watch something in this country to tell them that they shouldn't.

Terry C


"The press is scared, the Democrats have soiled themselves with fear like Bernard Shaw hiding under a table in Baghdad in 1991.  We're on our own - and all we have is the Internet." - Bartcop "Bush says the job won't be done until all traces of Saddam Hussein's regime are eradicated. Which should be easy work compared to his war's recent removal of all traces of Mesopotamia."- Barry Crimmins "The looting of the museum took TWO DAYS. Looters were working in SHIFTS yet the US couldn't manage to do anything to quell the Sack of Antiquity?" - Barry Crimmins

A Legal Counterattack



Saudis hire some of the toniest U.S. law firms to defend them against the landmark $1 trillion lawsuit on behalf of the victims of 9-11. So why is the plaintiff’s counsel ecstatic? Plus, new heat on radical imam

How the access capitalists at the Carlyle Group became real ...
Slate - Apr 15, 2003
... bureaucracies came aboard, among them longtime Republican apparatchik Fred Malek,
Carlucci, and Bush I Secretary of State James Baker. ... And in the pre-9/11 ...


Unearthing the roots of the US strategy in Iraq
Oregonian, OR - Apr 17, 2003

... In the spring of 1997, a think tank called the Project for the New American Century was formed to "promote American global leadership."

In its statement of principles -- signed by, among others, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Jeb Bush -- these Middle East hawks advocated "a Reaganite policy of military strength and moral clarity." ...

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Dear Lisa,
I was upset with a father in law, a Pensacola native, for voting for Nader in 2000.  I now think that's the way to go. 

I feel your pain. But Nader has as much of a chance of beating Bush as I do. 

The Dem's are hopeless.

I partially agree, the Dem's are leaderless and without hope.  We need a leader to give us hope.  The Republicans have given us fear.   I am impressed with both John Dean and John Kerry.  They aren't afraid of Bush and his war mongering machine.  Whomever wins the Democrat primary, will win without ever questioning anyone's patriotism.  The Republicans can't say that.


Thanks for writing Rusty

“‘Gulf War II’ didn’t exactly play out the way we promised the ‘American People’ it would.”


Iraq Body Count