April 17 2003   Thursday


Syria backs Mideast WMD-free zone
Gulf News, United Arab Emirates - 4-17-03
... an interview with Australian SBS television broadcast yesterday, Al Shara vigorously denied US allegations that Syria had chemical weapons or had allowed Iraq ...
       Syria strives to make Mideast WMD free - Mid-Day Mumbai
       Syria submits resolution in UN for WMD free Middle East . - Hi Pakistan
       Syria backs anti-WMD resolution in UN - United Press International
       Boston Globe - CNN International 


So where are weapons of mass destruction?
Knoxville News Sentinel, TN - 4-17-03
... What the United States did in going to Iraq is ... It's the spearhead in the new world order. If we don't find one WMD, it was worth it. ... If they are not found ...

Violence Continues in Mosul
Voice of America - 4-17-03
... Iraq, where at least three people were killed in shooting stemming from continuing anti-American tensions. The circumstances are unclear, but the unrest ...


Today's cartoon was inspired by the camel. Maybe the camel knows where the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq are and why Saddam never used them.








Dear Readers (and those who just come to look at my picture),

Due to popular demand, this column is being held over for the Easter Weekend.

To make the best use of my time off, I have volunteered to prove to the world that Kevin Spacey and the Easter Bunny are not gay.

Thank you for the wonderful response and have a happy holiday weekend!

Create peace,

Zelda Morgan AHNC War Correspondent




"I want to see someone in the prison cafeteria ask Ken Lay or Bernie Ebbers for a dance." - Anita Beer at the Bad Boys and Beggars Banquet.





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Australian Documentary

Media Watch: Human Beings As Feces On FOX NEWS

Excellent report.  You need media player to view this long piece.  It is worth every minute..click here.

every week there's a new episode posted here:   http://www.abc.net.au/broadband/

The Christian Coalition don

their new Easter bonnets.





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EMAIL:  Jim L.

SUBJECT: Where are the Iraqi POWs?

Dear Lisa,

I love your site and look forward to reading it every day. I have a question that I was wondering if you could help me with. Everybody knows that we put the captured Taliban fighters in prison on our base in Cuba. The administration has said that they are not prisoners of war and are considered "unlawful combatants" and since they are a risk to our national security they can be held indefinitely. My question is, what are we doing with the Iraqi POWs? Now that the country has been defeated, are we releasing them? Where are they being held? Are they also going to end up in Cuba? I haven't seen anything about this. Have you? Thanks for your help.

Jim L.
Pittsfield, Maine

Thanks Jim.  Great questions. I did a search and came up with very little.

 News No. 03/40 - Iraq: Restoring family links   Rock-hurling Iraqi prisoners riot at US POW camp   US holding more than 7000 Iraqi POWs

W is protecting their rights, I am sure.  Just like he has protected the rights of American Jose Padilla Appeals court gets clearance to decide 'dirty bomb' issues


"For the first time the people of Iraq are united. Today on CNN I saw a Kurd, a Shiite and a member of the Republican Guard coming together to cart off a big screen TV." óJay Leno "More bad news for the Taliban. Remember how they are promised 72 virgins when they die? Turns out that it's only one 72-year-old virgin." óJay Leno "Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent."  Napoleon Bonaparte

Baghdad looting just a shopping festival, survivor Sahhaf says

DUBAI (AFP) - "There's no looting, it's a shopping festival," says Iraqi information minister Mohammed Said al-Sahhaf whose spirit has survived the demise of his regime to put some spin on the orgy of plundering in Baghdad.

Sahhaf has dropped out of sight since US forces took over the Iraqi capital on April 9, abruptly ending Saddam's 24-year-rule, while unconfirmed press reports even claim he committed suicide.


Pale Rider of Apocalypse Riding Into Toy Stores
Reuters - Wed Apr 16,11:28 AM ET

"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death...."

Isn't that lovely.  Toys to scare children from the Bible.  What would Jesus think?

EMAIL: Jenny L.

SUBJECT: Billboard change

I see that you have quite a few comments about Northwest Florida. I thought my husband and I were the only Democrats (here) (we're new here, not staying longer than we have to). Where are the liberals in this area, and can they please put up a billboard next to the one in Milton that says "Support our President and his decisions" saying "Regime change begins at home"?


Jenny L

The politics in the panhandle are as bad as the roads. Democrats are afraid of gettin' shot here.  So are blacks.

I have a response to that Milton billboard: Impeach a president for war crimes--not sex.

Thanks for writing.

Iraq Body Count