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 Conservatives to Bush: Fire Gonzales
TIME - 4-16-07
In what could prove an embarrassing new setback for embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on the eve of his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, a group of influential conservatives and longtime Bush supporters has written a letter to ...

UK coroner reopens inquest into 8 Iraq deaths, criticizes US ...
San Diego Union Tribune, CA - 4-16-07
OXFORD, England – A coroner on Monday reopened an inquest into the deaths of eight British servicemen at the start of the Iraq war, and criticized the ...

France Knew in 2001 al-Qaida Had a Plot
WJLA, DC - 4-16-07
France's foreign intelligence service learned as early as January 2001 that al-Qaida was preparing a hijacking plot likely to involve a US airplane, ...

I wonder how final season of "The Tenors" will end?


"President" and "Bush" go together like "oxy" and "moron." - Grant Gerver,


The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


CIA Tell All Book


The drums have begun sounding for the long-awaited book by former CIA director George Tenet, in which he gives his take on pre-9/11 days and on Saddam's huge cache of weapons of mass destruction.

And the drums are saying that Tenet is not going to get too many Christmas cards from Vice President Cheney's office [or] Paul Wolfowitz-- a guy who's already going through a rough patch -- and former defense undersecretary Douglas Feith, might also get some heartburn...Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who was President Bush's key adviser in engineering the Iraq invasion, doesn't come out so fine. Not fine at all.



By Don Davis



Disturbing News


"Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter has filed papers to run for president, but in his official filing, he misspelled the word 'president.' Political experts say it's all part of Hunter's plan to attract Bush supporters." --Conan O'Brien




By Don Davis




Scooter Libby Update


In the nearly six weeks since his close friend and former chief of staff was convicted of lying and obstructing an investigation, Vice President Dick Cheney has not once spoken to I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby. Why?

"Well, there hasn't been occasion to do so," Cheney said in an interview broadcast Sunday on CBS'"Face the Nation."

Republican Shenanigans


"Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is on the show tonight. She is second in line to be president. And with Cheney ahead of her, that line could move pretty quickly." --Jay Leno



9/11 Coincidences (Part Six)


Rock-The-Voter News

Extreme Skydiving -






Biz-Tech News


"Yesterday, Don Imus was fired by MSNBC. Then today, he was also fired by CBS. When reached for comment, Imus said, 'I can't believe I've been kicked off TV and Sanjaya hasn't.'" --Conan O'Brien


Bush-Prison-Torture News

Go-F***-Yourself News


Let us rejoice as we pay our taxes: they're being used to keep us safe, secure and broke. - Grant Gerver,




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Odd News



If symmetry is a sign of splendor, then the newly discovered Red Square nebula is one of the most beautiful objects in the universe.

The Red Square ranks among the most symmetrical objects ever observed by scientists. 'If you fold things across the principle diagonal axis, you get an almost perfect reflection symmetry,' said study leader Peter Tuthill from the University of Sydney in Australia. 'This makes the Red Square nebula the most symmetrical object of comparable complexity ever imaged.'

Tuthill and James Lloyd spotted the Red Square using the 200-inch Hale Telescope at Caltech's Palomar Observatory and the Keck-2 Telescope in Hawaii.