April 15  2003   Tuesday  Did you pay your taxes to W?

Guest cartoon by BH48


US warns Syria, threatens strong sanctions
Arizona Republic, AZ - 4-15-03
... When asked for proof Monday that Syria is working on weapons ... last year about the "acquisition of technology relating to weapons ... Syria sought CW (chemical ...
US warns of actions if Syria harbors Iraqis - Boston Globe
Bush Repeats Warning to Syria Against Protecting Iraqi Fugitives - Voice of America
Syria Has ‘Weapons Of Mass Destruction’: Bush - Palestine Chronicle


Look out for Corporate America's Most Wanted
Nashville City Paper, TN - Apr 7, 2003 - Arianna Huffington
... Ken Lay, former chairman and CEO of Enron, aka "Kenny Boy." Wanted for: cooking the books; cashing in $100 million in Enron stock in the year before the ...

US fines sanction busting companies
BBC, UK - 4-15-03
... Among the 59 companies fined a total of about $1.1m were Amazon, Bank of New York, Caterpillar, ChevronTexaco, Citibank, ExxonMobil and WalMart....

 Today's cartoon was done by BH48 . Thank you. I needed a break.

Ken Lay's Enron Empire destroyed thousands of people's finances in a heartbeat. Isn't Ken Lay an evil doer too?






Fast Cars and Great Bars


"I used to own a Le Car by Renault and I still don't hate the French." - Anita Beer at the Bastille Day Masquerade Ball for Media Beau Monde, in the Freedom Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana.









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"Compassionate Conservatism"

George Bush was spending some time at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. One afternoon, he was riding in the back of his official limousine when he saw two men eating grass by the roadside. click here


SUBJECT: Operation Middle East Piece.

That's what they're calling it. Mainstream media just can't spell right.


Oh, Elena, so true.

Sent in by Dean S.


"It isn't pollution that's harming the environment. It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it."
Dan Quayle*.

*Another bush shining star

"I do not belong to any organized political party: I'm a democrat."
Will Rogers.
"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." Mao Tse Tung

BAGHDAD LOOTING UPDATE: US Troops protect Ministry of Oil & Interior while museum and library are gutted.

Robert Fisk: US guards only oil and intelligence as looters ...  

BAGHDAD - Iraq's scavengers have thieved and destroyed what they have been allowed to loot and burn by the Americans - and a two-hour drive around Baghdad shows clearly what the United States intends to protect, presumably for its own use.

After days of arson and pillage, here's a short but revealing scorecard
click here

We now see compassionate conservative values in action. We gotta get that oil.


Just a thought!  Each day I tune in Washington Journal on C-span. A man called in and asked them to please show Bush's speech recently to the Governors' meeting in Washington, DC. He said that Bush was either drunk or on drugs. I didn't see this but wonder if there is anything to it.
Thanks for the work you do.

sandr Ullrich

I haven't found anything on that particular meeting.  But I recently saw a video on CNN of Bush exiting Marine One on the White House lawn.

Picture this scenario ( see photo below ): Barney, the Scottie dog, was sitting on the second step, blocking W's exit from Marine One.

REUTERS/Hyungwon Kang

Guess what Bush does when confronted with this dang gummed situation?

Does Bush tell Barney to move? No he doesn't.

Bush decides quickly to climb over the dog. At that exact point, Bush looked like he was looped on something, as he clumsily lifted his leg like a guy walking the DWI line.

Of course, Bush could have been in a rush to break into his cocky strut he has perfected since the war began.

Thanks for writing.

Iraqi currency gets second life on eBay
Mon Apr 14, 3:32 PM ET

The Iraqi dinar may have plunged in value since the fall of Saddam Hussein, but its worth on the US-based eBay internet auction site seems to be rising.

Florida Judge Must Apologize for Remarks


Former President Joins Battle Over Judges
George H.W. Bush hosted a $250,000 fundraiser in Houston with the intention of buying television ads attacking Senate Democrats who are delaying his son's judicial nominees. By Thomas B. Edsall

Iraq Body Count