All Hat No Cattle

Since we last met...

Where to begin? After my email and website blog were hacked, my new laptop hard drive died.
Gee, do you think there is a connection?

Anyway, I had no way to communicate with my viewers since my laptop was down, until now.

Thanks to all of you who stuck with AHNC. I may be disabled but I am not down and out.

Since picking up my laptop, I have been busy reinstalling programs, learning my new website
building software and updating. Oh, the joy of it all to have my laptop back. I really felt more sick
than I already was without my laptop. Now, I feel pixel peace.

Please be patient, as I am still learning how to build this website.

The Luck of this American in Costa Rica

Wednesday, after I picked up my repaired laptop, I stopped at a newly renovated grocery store to
spend some of my social security check. I noticed that there was fresh bread in a new bakery.
Eureka. Before I knew what was happening, photos were being taken, people were shaking my
hand and I was being congratulated for being the first bakery customer. I won a free loaf of the
most delicious bread!

I should have played the lottery! Damn.

Dangerous Mountain Roads

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend's daughter, Amalia, was in a horrible accident. She is doing OK,
now. She was riding with her mother's fiancée, who was hauling 10 horses. As he peaked a hill
and was headed downward, the brakes failed, he immediately pushed Amalia out of the truck
into a ditch. When the truck crashed, he was thrown out, separated his shoulder and damaged
his knee...4 horses died after the trailer flipped and landed in a mountainside front yard. Amalia
had a broken forearm and had a huge scrape across her back and stomach, she also had a
concussion. If he had not pushed out Amalia, she would surely have been killed when the truck

He feels guilty that Amalia was hurt...I told my girlfriend her fiancée is a keeper.

Damn Death

While I was offline, a great pioneer of online political humor, Bartcop, died. A little bit of me died
too. I had the pleasure of meeting Bartcop and his lovely wife, briefly, in Washington DC, at
Juliefest, an event Bartcop and James Carville hosted in 2002. Bartcop gave me and many
others exposure on his website. He will be sorely missed.

It sounded as though he died from not being able to fight the flu and pneumonia after chemo
shut down his ability to fight off any bacteria or infection. That was my biggest fear after I had
chemo, my doctor's fear, too. I kept a Z-pack on hand just in case as I lived so far from a
pharmacy. Hours count.

The world is a sadder place without
Bartcop. Please continue to visit his website as I am sure it
will not die.

Health  Update

I recently contacted a doctor. She recommended an oncologist and dermatologist in Liberia to
see asap. She said I need three biopsies. Sigh.

Terramoto AKA 6.6 Earthquake

Ay yi yi yi. Only two coffee cups fell and broke in this quake.

Here is a bit of odd news about yesterday's’s earthquake in Nicaragua.

April 11 is a Costa Rican national holiday in memory of William Walker's defeat at Rivas,
Nicaragua by the Costa Rican forces, 158 years ago.

The 6.6 epicenter is about 10 miles from Rivas.

Talk about Karma.

Walker was a bad bad man….Rumored to be the "W" in George Walker Bush.

Costa Ricans are paid double that day if they work. If they choose not to work they are paid their
regular salary.

The twin volcanoes below are across from where yesterday’s earthquake struck. They are a
sight to behold. They truly look as though Lucifer himself designed them.

Body Heat

What global warming?

The drought has been so bad here that we had our water rationed to about 6 hours a day for the
past two months. A new well was dug and water service is back to normal.

To my northern neighbors who have gone through incredible freezing temperatures, here is a
taste of my body heat in my 106° apartment last week.
Is there Viagra for candles?

I will be back online tomorrow with a new edition.

Peace to all.