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Wednesday edition - April 12, 2006



Paper: Bush touted WMD find despite doubts
CNN - 4-12-06
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Bush administration claimed trailers captured soon after the fall of Baghdad proved Iraq had weapons of mass destruction even though US ...

Deaths of US Soldiers Climb Again in Iraq
New York Times, United States - 4-12-06
BAGHDAD, Iraq, April 12 - The death toll for American troops is soaring this month, with the military today announcing the deaths of two more soldiers ...

Top officer defends Rumsfeld from ex-generals
Reuters - 4-12-06
The top US military officer on Tuesday defended Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld against three retired generals demanding his ouster, and denied that the United States ...


I miss Bill and hearing phrases such as; "the president was greeted by cheering crowds overseas", or "budget surplus", or "oil is hovering around $30 per barrel."



"This is what I don't get about this. They've got oil. Their citizens love the United States. Forget Iraq, we should have invaded Mexico." --Jay Leno







The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

Cheney Booed


Greeted with loud boos and some cheers, Vice President Dick Cheney threw out the ceremonial first pitch Tuesday at the Washington Nationals’ home opener.

He stood directly in front of the mound and released a ball that hit the dirt in front of home plate. Nationals catcher Brian Schneider scooped it up.

Cheney wore a red-and-blue Nationals jacket that seemed bulky, perhaps filled out by a bulletproof vest. Security agents ringed the top edge of the outdoor stadium



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Disturbing News




Ode To A Madman
By Madeleine Begun Kane

When I heard that George Dubya had plans,
To attack and launch nukes at Iran,
I wasn't surprised.
I'd already surmised
That George Bush is a very sick man.

And my other Nuclear Limerick is here



The Massachusetts Legislature toils hard and is now ensuring that all citizens will be covered with universal health care. By contrast, the Florida Legislature is now assuring all citizens that key lime is our state pie of choice. - Zing!


Republican Shenanigans



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Grandma Anna taught me what two million marchers this week are trying to teach that slow learner, George W.: In America, it's not where you come from that counts, it's where you're going. --Greg Palast, Investigative Journalist








Jeb, stop criticizing the Senate campaign of Katherine Harris. She put your brother in the White House. Your family owes her big-time!- Zing!


Rock-The-Voter News





Remember the days when all we had to worry about was an intern in the White House?- Zing!





Corning Inc., one of upstate New York's largest and oldest employers, has supported Republican candidates for so long that its chairman once joked that it had not raised money for a Democrat since 1812.

But since Hillary Rodham Clinton was elected to the Senate in 2000, Corning and its mainly Republican executives have become one of her largest sources of campaign contributions







White House staffers are forbidden from referring to "going to the bathroom" as "taking a leak." Grant Gerver



Biz-Tech News



After the events of the last few days, what with the 'leak' news and the Sy Hersh story in the New Yorker about the impending invasion of Iran, I'm now completely convinced that Bab's little troll is clinically insane. -- Bob Witkowski,






Bush-Prison-Torture News



With the tax deadline less than a week away, the IRS is reminding the public that no one from the IRS will ever contact you via email. They say the only government people who will try to contact you via email are creepy guys at Homeland Security.-- Jay Leno




Go-F*ck-Yourself News



"The 40 Days of Lent are almost over. Lent is the time when people give something up. President Bush gave up government secrets." -- David Letterman


Odd News

"What if I really am related to George Bush?" A Sumatran orangutan ponders from his enclosure at the Hanover Zoo. (Photo/Jochen Luebke)