Tuesday edition - April 11, 2006

Special prosecutor links White House to CIA leak
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA -  4-11-06

From the beginning days of the CIA leak investigation in 2003, the Bush White House has insisted there was never an effort to discredit Joseph Wilson ... But now the White House -- and specifically President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney -- have been pitched back into the center of the controversy, this time because of a prosecutor's court filing in the case that asserts there was

Leaks were to answer questions about invasion, Bush says
Detroit Free Press - 4-11-06
President George W. Bush said he declassified intelligence information on Iraq's weapons in 2003 in response to critics' post-invasion questions about whether his administration distorted prewar intelligence.

Bush blasts `wild speculation' over Iran plans
Chicago Tribune, United States -  4-11-06
President Bush on Monday dismissed as "wild speculation" reports that the administration was planning ...


If you live by the leak, you die by the leak.



Tom DeLay gets to collect over a million dollars in congressional pension money. That's what is great about Congress! It's the only place in the world where the robbers get to keep the money. -- Jay Leno






The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


"President Bush threw out the first pitch Monday at Cincinnati's great American ball park. 18 Iraqis were killed." --Amy Poehler



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Bush's Baghdad


With government talks stalled, Iraqi institutions have begun to drift, their lack of oversight and leadership seriously hampering efforts to curb militias, improve infrastructure and get on with the work of governing.

The long list of moribund projects has grown, and public officials whose jobs are stymied by the word "interim"
have begun to despair.






Would a Department of Tourism Help?


Zurich is the city with the highest quality of life in 2006, while Baghdad, for the third year running, has the lowest, a survey published Monday shows


Disturbing News




Subject: Valerie Plame


If Bush is indeed the guilty party in the Plame case---will he run a wiretap on HIMSELF?



Hahaha.  Bush is used to being wired -- remember the great debates of 2004?








"I don't need to be lectured on ethics from a much married, obese, drug addict." -- Mary Mapes on Rush Limbaugh


Republican Shenanigans


RepubLEAKans - Grant Gerver





The Telephone Presidency


Q...Mr. President, how do you propose to bring private military contractors under a system of

THE PRESIDENT: I appreciate that very much. I wasn't kidding --
(laughter.) I was going to -- I pick up the phone and say, Mr. Secretary,
I've got an interesting question. (Laughter.) This is what delegation -- I
don't mean to be dodging the question, although it's kind of convenient in
this case, but never -- (laughter.) I really will -- I'm going to call the
Secretary and say you brought up a very valid question, and what are we
doing about it? That's how I work. I'm -- thanks. (Laughter.)

Q Good morning, President Bush. I also feel very strongly about
freedom, although I see it in terms of human trafficking. Your
administration takes a very strong stance against prostitution...Have you considered changing your ideas
about prostitution for the purposes of helping either save or keep people
from being enslaved in sex prostitution?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I appreciate it. I'm -- it sounds like I'm dodging
here, but, again, you know more about this subject than I, and I will be
to call Condi and talk to her about our policy.





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"The scandal of the week for the White House is that Dick Cheney's main man Scooter Libby says that it was Bush himself who approved leaking classified information. I find that hard to believe, that President Bush is allowed to see classified information." --Bill Maher


Rock-The-Voter News



Yet Another White House Scandal and It's Only Tuesday!


Key figures in a phone-jamming scheme designed to keep New Hampshire Democrats from voting in 2002 had regular contact with the White House and Republican Party as the plan was unfolding, phone records introduced in criminal court show.

The records show that Bush campaign operative James Tobin, who recently was convicted in the case, made two dozen calls to the White House within a three-day period around Election Day 2002 - as the phone jamming operation was finalized, carried out and then abruptly shut down.



Good News






John Ashcroft - Flying High


Earlier this week, the Justice Department leased a NASA-owned G-3 Gulfstream for a 6-day trip to Western states. Such aircraft cost the government more than $1,600 an hour to fly. When asked whether Ashcroft was paying for any portion of the trips devoted to personal business, a Justice Department spokeswoman declined to respond.

All other Bush Cabinet appointees, with the exception of Interior and Energy with remote sites to oversee, fly commercial airliners.
Janet Reno, Ashcroft's predecessor as attorney general, also routinely flew commercial.



Biz-Tech News




Even Republicans Get the Insurance Shaft


A lawyer for U.S. Sen. Trent Lott said Monday that State Farm Insurance Co. is destroying documents that could show the insurer has fraudulently denied thousands of claims by Lott and other policyholders whose homes were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.


Bush-Prison-Torture News





Rove's Early Resume


Rove acknowledges that, in 1970, he used a false identity to gain entry to the campaign offices of Illinois Democrat Alan Dixon, who was running for state treasurer. Once inside, Rove swiped some letterhead stationery and sent out 1,000 bogus invitations to the opening of the candidate's headquarters promising "free beer, free food, girls and a good time for nothing."

"It was a youthful prank at the age of 19 and I regret it," Rove says.



Rep. McKinney Incident Highlights Face Recognition Issues
Emediawire (press release), WA


Go-F*ck-Yourself News





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A cloud formation over Mt. Rainier in the state of Washington.