April 11  2003  


Why didn't Saddam use his weapons of mass destruction , Mr. Bush?


Talkin' Baghdad: The word on Baghdad Street
Electronic Iraq - 4-11-03

... This is not humanity purpose! ... of the effects of depleted uranium weapons used by the US in southern Iraq ... DU is a weapon of mass destruction. ...

Where are the weapons? - Radio Netherlands


Nuclear Site Stood Unguarded for Days
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, FL - 4-11-03
... Although Iraq has not used weapons of mass destruction so far, the Bush administration believes that the country has the capability. ...

Stronghold of Tikrit may be Saddam's last stand
CNN Asia, Asia -  4-11-03
...Maj. Gen. Stanley McChrystal said Thursday. "I think we are prepared to be very, very wary of what they have and be ready for a big fight."

 Today's cartoon was inspired by all the GOOBER EMAIL I have received  saying the same thing I put in Bush's word bubble above.  Saddam coulda...woulda...used wmds .







"Like most young people starting out in their careers, I had optimistic dreams of climbing the corporate ladder with the single goal in mind; breaking away, taking their customers with me and going on my own -- being my own boss. Being My Own Boss. Harp music rings in the air; the violins hum; butterflies light, for a moment, on my typing fingers; a glittering spectrum of rich, jewel tones arcs over my head and leads me to the pot of gold at the bottom of my Be My Own Boss Rainbow."





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Second Ex-FBI Agent Resigns From Lab
ABC News - 4-11-03
... filed after Smith and Leung were arrested. ... Authorities say Leung, a high-profile Republican ... long affair with a retired FBI agent to spy for China. ...

Spy case arrest shocks GOP friends

The Chinese American woman has been accused of acting as a double agent.

By Margaret Talev -- Bee Capitol Bureau
Published 2:15 a.m. PDT Friday, April 11, 2003

Katrina Leung seemed just the sort of woman the California Republican Party wanted in its ranks.

A Chinese American business consultant from Southern California, Leung spoke Cantonese, Mandarin and English with ease, was well connected and was eager to donate her energy and money to the GOP.



TRIVIA QUESTION:  Guess who was on the China-United States Chamber of Commerce Board and just resigned recently? 

ANSWER:   Prescott Bush, Uncle of George W. Bush


USATODAY.com - President's uncle shares Bush family ties to China
... Background: Chairman, US-China Chamber of Commerce; president, Prescott
Bush Resources. Politics: Unsuccessfully challenged US Sen. ...


Prescott Bush must have since resigned from the board or retired since the above article was written. He is no longer listed on their website. I guess he did all the damage already.   I did a toon last year about Prescott Bush click here




Iraq Body Count

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