April 10-11,  2004  Weekend Edition

Easter Wishes from the Pope


Graphic by OZ

Bush's pre-Sept. 11 al-Qaida memo released
Modesto Bee, CA - 4-11-04
... request of the 10-member bipartisan commission investigating the 9-11 attacks. ... The memo released Saturday noted that the United States had received "clandestine ...

Poll: Americans Skeptical of Bush 9/11 Claims
Voice of America, DC - 4-10-04
A new poll finds three out of four Americans believe the Bush administration is hiding something about what it knew ahead of the September 11 terrorist attacks ...

Bush Catches Bass With Crew From TV Show
Guardian, UK - 4-10-04

...The administration is sensitive to charges Bush is loafing at a time of chaos and bloodshed in Iraq. He is spending a week at the ranch and plans to return to Washington on Monday...

Kidnappings upstage Cheney's Japan visit
MLive.com, MI -4-10-4
... But US officials said they did not expect more than minor concessions from Japan, possibly to be announced during Cheney's visit. ...

Stupid is as stupid does.

"President bush has begun an Easter week vacation in Crawford, Texas. This is part of his plan to get in touch with ordinary Americans and see what it’s like to be at home not working." —Jay Leno

Disturbing News

U.S. Backs Off Bin Laden Capture Forecast

AP -4-10-04

The U.S. military pulled back Saturday from an earlier prediction that Osama bin Laden would be captured this year, even while preparing its largest force to date for operations along the Pakistani border where the al-Qaida chief is suspected to be hiding.

Bush Memo Included Possible Plot Warning

AP - 4-10-04

President Bush's August 2001 briefing on terror threats included information that federal agents were investigating reports three months earlier about a possible plot on U.S. soil.

Mexico Restaurant Blast Kills 8 Near U.S.

AP - 4-10-04

A huge explosion Saturday at a restaurant near the U.S. border killed eight patrons and injured many others, rescue workers reported.


Iraq Group Threatens Christians Over Falluja Siege - (Reuters)

U.S. Losing Support of Key Iraqis

Los Angeles Times - Sat Apr 10, 7:54 AM ET

A threat by Governing Council members to quit in protest of tough military tactics may hurt coalition plans to hand over power June 30.

Iraqi Kidnappers Threaten to Kill U.S. Hostage

Reuters -4-10-04

Iraqi kidnappers said in a tape aired on an Arabic television station on Saturday they would kill and maim a U.S. hostage they had seized unless American forces lifted the siege of Falluja.

Canadian Among Hostages Taken in Iraq

Reuters - Thu Apr 8, 4:45 PM ET

A Canadian humanitarian worker is among the hostages seized in Iraq, Foreign Affairs spokesman Reynald Doiron said on Thursday.


"The United States has just announced we will begin photographing and fingerprinting every visitor to the united states even those from our allied nations. Isn’t that unbelievable? We still have allies?" —Jay Leno

Graphic by Bill B

"Condoleezza Rice testified this morning before the 9-11 commission. Or as they’re calling it in Washington — 'The Passion of the Rice'. ... She did a great job. It is not easy raising your right hand while you’re trying to cover your ass as the same time." —Jay Leno

Military News

U.S. Forces Attacked in Baghdad, Offer Falluja Truce

Reuters - 4-10-04

Street fighting erupted in Baghdad on Saturday and sporadic gunfire echoed across Falluja despite a new U.S. truce offer and an effort by Iraqi officials to secure a peace deal with insurgents in the western city.


U.S. Says Airman Killed in Iraq Mortar Attack

Reuters - Sat Apr 10, 1:47 PM ET

One airman was killed and two wounded in a mortar attack on a U.S. airbase north of Baghdad on Saturday, the U.S. army said in a statement


Rumsfeld asked to explain role of private security contractors in Iraq

AFP - Fri Apr 9, 8:18 PM ET

Thirteen of the most powerful opposition US senators on Friday released a letter to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld asking to explain the role of civilian contractors in Iraq.



Republican Shenanigans


Bill May Derail Medical Resident Lawsuit

AP - Fri Apr 9, 7:47 PM ET

A provision slipped into the pension bill headed to President Bush's desk could derail an antitrust lawsuit against a national program that matches medical residents with jobs in teaching hospitals around the country.

House GOP Committee Pays Soft Money Fine

AP - Fri Apr 9,12:10 PM ET

The National Republican Congressional Committee has agreed to pay a $280,000 civil fine for transferring big donations known as "soft money" to an outside group to finance ads in the 2000 election.


Spy Agency Launches Recruiting Campaign

AP - Sat Apr 10,12:03 PM ET

The highly secretive National Security Agency is looking to hire 7,500 workers over the next five years in the spy agency's largest recruiting campaign since the 1980s.


Odd News

Race in Bush's District Tough for GOP

AP - 4-10-04

Republicans hold every statewide elected office in Texas, rule both legislative houses and are expected to soon control the congressional delegation. This is clearly Bush country.

Treasury News Releases on Taxes Attacked

AP - Fri Apr 9, 6:55 PM ET

The Treasury Department issued a batch of tax-related press releases Friday that each carried a message saying America has a choice between growing the economy and raising taxes that could hurt the recovery.

F-16s Intercept Small Plane Near Bush Ranch

Reuters - Fri Apr 9, 4:37 PM ET

U.S. F-16 fighter jets intercepted a small plane flying near President Bush's ranch on Friday.


Tennessee Town Covers Up Nude Statues

Sat Apr 10, 9:56 AM ET

A garden center's nude statues proved a bit immodest for some in this small town. G & L Garden Center responded to complaints by covering up the classical-style statues with stylish, two-piece crimson velvet sarongs.

U.S. Air Marshal Forgets Gun in Restroom

Fri Apr 9,10:14 PM ET

A federal air marshal accidentally left her gun in a restroom at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, an airport spokeswoman said Friday.

Fat Cat Hunger Strike After Meat-Feeding Owner Goes

Reuters - Sat Apr 10, 6:40 AM ET

An obese German cat six times the normal weight has gone on a hunger strike at a Berlin animal shelter after being taken from his owner who had fed him four lbs of mince daily, Bild newspaper reported on Saturday.


What does W and Marie Antoinette have in common?

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Business News

Ex-Enron CEO Taken to NY Hospital

Reuters - Fri Apr 9,10:10 PM ET

Indicted former Enron Corp. (ENRNQ.PK) chief executive Jeff Skilling was taken to a New York City hospital early on Friday, after police responded to complaints that he was accusing patrons at a bar of being FBI agents and pulling on their clothes, police officials said.

Mac OS X Attacked by Trojan Horse

NewsFactor - Fri Apr 9, 4:17 PM ET

Mac users are used to feeling safe as their Windows-based brethren scramble to address security flaws. Now a security firm has discovered what may be the first Trojan horse created to attack Mac OS X.

"The White House Easter Egg Hunt will be open to the public but President Bush will not be there. Well sure. How embarrassing would that be? It’s bad enough he can’t find weapons of mass destruction, what if he can’t find any eggs either?" —Jay Leno






Easter Island Easter bonnets.


Peace and may thee gorge on Easter candy.