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Looting fears keep docs from hospital
Edmonton Sun, Canada --4-10-03 4 hours ago
BASRA, Iraq -- ... What we lack is safety ... take responsibility for the security ... crowds ravaged the city, looting ...
Coalition urged to beef up security - London Free Press
Hospitals, Doctors Reflect Chaos in Basra - Salt Lake Tribune


Hospitals struggle to cope with casualties
Gulf Daily News, Bahrain - 4-10-03
... volunteers to reach some hospitals and lack ... to the director of another hospital ... water network was limited because of security ... has been hit by widespread looting ...
Baghdad: Unsafe For Red Cross? - WCCO
Red Cross Suspends Baghdad Work; Canadian Killed - Washington Post

Slain aid worker was `great humanitarian'
Toronto Star, Canada - 4-10-03
A Canadian working with the International Red Cross was killed in a chaotic firefight in Baghdad when his vehicle was hit by crossfire, the humanitarian aid ...

 Today's cartoon was inspired by this quote: "We thought when they entered the city, they would prepare an administration to take control," said Dr. Janan Peter al-Sabah, the Basra's hospital chief of surgery. "We don't need food or water. What we lack is safety and protection. Our message to the coalition troops is to take responsibility for the security of the people, of the homes, of the facilities."








"In order to somehow fix what happened on September 11, the Presidiot told us to go to Disney World and shop a lot. So we did our patriotic duty. We deserve a medal of honor and free plane rides for life for serving our country. I nearly died standing in all the check-out lanes. I should be memorialized somehow for prosperity in The Tomb of the Unknown Shopper."





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Conflicting news stories:


You read - you decide.


US defense contractors take aim at 'friendly fire'
Forbes - 4-9-03

(Reuters) In the first Iraq war 12 years ago, 35 of the 148 U.S. troops killed in combat died as a result of "friendly fire." That means almost a quarter of American war dead from that conflict were killed by friendly forces.

In this war, as of Monday, "friendly fire" killed 16 out of the 89 Americans who had died in the conflict. That's about 18 percent


Half of US Troop Deaths Said Accidental 

 Seattle Post Intelligencer 4-9-03

Of the 108 coalition troops reported dead in Iraq as of midday Monday, 53 had been killed in action, according to military reports. Of the remaining 55, helicopter accidents had killed 28 and 14 others died in land accidents, according to a casualty database maintained by The Associated Press.


Conflicting news reports on the deaths of US Troops?  Good communication job, W.

Before Baghdad’s cocks crow thrice the Bush administration plans to announce its hand-chosen glove-puppet permanent our-son-of-a-bitch to rule the “new” Iraq.



Spotlight shifts to Iraq's weapons
BBC, UK - 4-10-03
... is turning once again to the search for Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction ... been no known attempts by Saddam Hussein's forces to use ...
       Saddam's Legacy: Future Use of WMDs? - RushLimbaugh.com
       Iraqis have paid the blood price for a fraudulent war - Guardian
       Blair, Bush send messages to Iraqis - ABC Online


 Art by Jackanapes

Why didn't Saddam use his weapons of mass destruction? Is he saving them for the right moment?


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Oh My God.....
What are you people gonna do now?
We did what PRESIDENT George W. Bush said we would. We did it quickly, cleanly,
and decisively, despite all the nay-saying liberal, self loathing, self hating, tree hugging, knee jerk, bleeding heart, whining, slobbering, socialist, communist, red-diaper, doper babies were all saying about our efforts.

Finished with your whining and name-calling?  The "War" is not over as of this post.

Personally, I would just hit the delete key and remove this web site... except of course it provides
comic relief from the inane stupidity of the Liberal Left Democrats...why be a dumbocrat anyway

The above paragraph doesn't make any sense but I will partially respond:

I am a Democrat because:

  1. McCarthyism
  2. Watergate
  3. Iran-Contra
  4. Bush pardons of Iran-Contra felons
  5. Impeachment of a president for lying about sex
  6. Bush going to the US Supreme Court to overrule the Florida Supreme Court
  7. Bush starting an unprovoked war in Iraq...and on and on and on.

The worst thing any Democrat has done in my lifetime pales in comparison to the above Republican atrocities.

P.S.  .. can you imaging if we did have Al BORE in office? 

9-11 could have been avoided or at least stifled if the Republican Congress would have read Vice President Gore's detailed study on terrorism and airport security done in 1997  read Gore report

But obviously, facts don't interest you. Plus you and those Republicans were ever so busy looking for Monica's dress.


...since we know that lame ass Gore couldn't stop a playground bully from picking on anyone!

Bashing veterans again? At least Gore went to Vietnam unlike Bush. Bush proved he was the playground bully with his preemptive strike on Iraq. Just ask the world.

How does it feel to have your head stuck that far up you rear end??????????????

I think you can answer that question better than I can.

Edward Pearo


"If a murderous dictator won't use WMD when he's days or hours from death, when would he use them?
    -- BartCop

"In Iraq, the U.S. military's whack-a-mole approach to killing Saddam Hussein may have finally paid off. ... The bombs destroyed the area and left behind a 60-foot crater, or as coalition forces prefer to call it: a freedom hole." —Jon Stewart "Did you see the Osama bin Laden dinner party tape? He's having dinner with a legless sheik. We can't even catch that guy." —David Letterman

Widely seen military set built in Chicago
April 9, 2003

When the U.S. military holds its news briefings every morning in Qatar, the top military brass does so on a Hollywood-like set built in a warehouse on Chicago's Goose Island.

Dozens of people at Chicago Scenic Studio worked around the clock to quickly produce the $200,000 set that the U.S. military uses when it fields reporters' questions at the televised briefings.


Just what the military needs--a $200,000 Hollywood-like stage--how apropos.

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