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Republicans Disinvite Palin to Major Fundraiser
FOXNews - ‎3-31-09
Congressional Republicans Tuesday decided to ditch Sarah Palin in favor of Newt Gingrich for the critical House-Senate fundraising dinner in Washington June...


US, Russia say they want to reduce nuke warheads
The Associated Press - 4-1-09
LONDON (AP) — The United States and Russia, striving to ease strained relations, announced jointly Wednesday that they'll try to put a new nuclear arms

Obama tries to rally world to cope with downturn
The Associated Press - 4-1-09
LONDON (AP) — On the eve of a global economic summit, President Barack Obama promised world leaders he would listen, not lecture, as they seek a common fix ...


When FoxNews dissed Palin I got a warm fuzzy feeling all over.



And Republican Congressman Peter King says he’s very upset that Notre Dame, where he went to law school, is giving an honorary degree to President Obama, even though Obama is pro-choice. He said that giving Obama an honorary degree is putting him in an exalted position. Really? Isn’t he President of the United States? You think that little certificate from Notre Dame is going to push him right over the top? - Jay Leno




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The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam


Big day in Detroit. You may have heard about this. The Obama Administration asked General Motors C.E.O. Rick Wagoner to step down, and he agreed, which is good news for Obama. You know, the last time he tried to get someone to quit, it took months. And even then, he had to promise her a job as Secretary of State. - Jay Leno

Mercenary Replacements


Herndon, Virginia-based Triple Canopy has been awarded the security services contract in Baghdad, a State Department source told CNN Tuesday.

The order is effective Tuesday, the source said, but Triple Canopy's "in-country performance" won't begin until May 7.

Triple Canopy will take over the expiring contract of Blackwater, which changed its name to Xe last month. The State Department decided in January not to renew Blackwater/Xe's contract when it expires in May.




Disturbing News


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Who Needs Volcano Monitoring?


Observatory officials say Alaska's Mount Redoubt has spewed steam and ash up to 25,000 feet high.


And listen to this. I guess they’re going to, like, be in the car business. President Obama said the United States government will stand by your car’s warranty. Assuming, of course, the government is still around in five years. - Jay Leno





Republican-Shenanigans News


 A special court on Tuesday ordered further review of 400 absentee ballots in the Minnesota Senate race, dealing a crippling blow to Republican Norm Coleman's legal challenge against Democrat Al Franken's lead.


According to the government, Rick Wagoner was forced to resign because of poor performance. That’s embarrassing. You run an organization that loses billions of dollars and then get fired by a guy who heads up an organization that loses trillions of dollars. - Jay Leno


Rock-The-Voter News

Obama's Illegal Aunt


Barack Obama's Kenyan aunt lost her bid for asylum more than four years ago, and a judge ordered her deported. Instead, Zeituni Onyango stayed, living for years in public housing



Barack Obama is taking his first overseas trip as president tomorrow. He is headed to the G20 economic summit. And he’s been rehearsing his opening line to foreign leaders. “Hi, I’m not George Bush. Hi, I’m not George Bush.”- Jimmy Fallon


An effigy of a banker with a bloody hands and a board reading ' Eat the Bankers' is hanged by protesters from a traffic light outside the Bank of England in the City of London, Wednesday April 1, 2009. Bankers are widely blamed for the economic crisis which has lead up to the G20 conference to be held in London on Thursday. Photo/ Chris Ison, PA


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Biz-Tech News

Puerto Rican Identity Theft


An identity-theft ring that catered to illegal immigrants seeking to establish themselves in the U.S. stole the personal data of 7,000 public school children in Puerto Rico, officials said Tuesday.

Bush-Prison-Torture News

Up In Smoke


Larry Jukes said he remembers when he could buy 10 cigarette packs for $2.50.

Coloradan Larry Jukes says he's upset about the hike but doesn't expect it will persuade him to quit smoking.

But he'd now take the days when -- just last month -- he could buy his carton of choice for $49.

Thanks in part to the largest-ever federal cigarette tax increase -- a nearly 62-cents-a-pack hike that starts Wednesday but was reflected in many prices earlier -- Jukes on Tuesday paid more than $58 for a 10-pack carton at the Cigarette Store in Denver, Colorado.


Go-F**k-Yourself News


"This is America. We don't save room for dessert. We MAKE room for dessert." - Bill Maher


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Odd News

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Kim Weinstein tosses a phone during the Unemployment Olympics in New York, Tuesday, March 31, 2009. Weinstein placed third in the event. The lighthearted competition was only open to the unemployed, and included such games as 'Pin the Blame on the Boss' and 'Office Telephone Toss.'
Photo/Seth Wenig





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