April 1  2003

German President Rau Criticizes Bush's Religious Fervor
Deutsche Welle, Germany - 4-1-03  6:30am cst
German President Johannes Rau has added his voice to the millions of others expressing harsh criticism of U.S. President George W. Bush and the war he is leading against the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein.

The mind of George Bush
Australian Financial Review, Australia - Mar 27, 2003
... Bush uses his humour when he makes decisions... The White House political adviser Karl Rove, when I asked him to compare his boss to other presidents, mentioned Dwight Eisenhower on the grounds that both men had a "wiliness about being underestimated". Bush knows that low expectations work to his advantage. Eisenhower used geniality and opaque rhetoric to make people think less of him. Bush clowns.

Cardinal: War may pit relgions against one another

Head of Chicago archdiocese fears shattered alliances, persecution
By Eric Gorski - Religion Writer- Denver Post, CO - 4 -1-03
Tuesday, April 01, 2003 - The escalating war with Iraq has the potential to pit religions against each another and serve as a destabilizing event globally for years to come, the leader of the nation's second-largest Roman Catholic diocese said Monday night in Denver.

Today's cartoon was inspired by the foolish warmonger arrogance displayed by George W. Bush -- and his ability to pit 95% of the world against the United States of America and Christianity in one felt swoop.



With regret, we did not win the contract with Peter Arnett. The competition was steep. Every fish wrap on the planet was in the auction house. Yesterday, it was a madhouse in here with phones ringing, potential contracts rolling off the FAX machines, the wires cranking out each new development, and the coke delivery was late again!

We did our bidding. We failed. We lost Peter. We gained a thorn in our sides...We got slapped with an Affirmative Action lawsuit. This lifestyle journalist who chose to apply for the job-opening, played his Hispanic, race card. He played his whole Spanish deck. A thundering herd of civil litigators showed up at our door with teeth bared.  Click here

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By Clarence Swinney
Burlington, NC  cwswinney@netzero.net  


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"Playboy magazine announced that they are going to support the troops by sending them emails from Playboy playmates. After hearing this the U.S. troops said 'Just our luck, we get emails from playmates, but we're embedded with Geraldo.'" —Conan O'Brien

The latest hastily-revised U.S. strategic war plan intentionally held back to coincide with April Fool’s, the most sacred day in the Bush family calendar, is now clear for all the world to see.

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"Slowly we turn, step by step, inch by inch, we move toward Baghdad."

-Moe Bush  
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Iraq Body Count

SARS could be airborne, says top US health official
Channel News Asia, Singapore - 4-1-03 7:30 am cst
SARS could be spread through the air, making it far more contagious
than previously thought, says a senior US health official.

       Does SARS pose a big threat locally? - Chicago Sun Times
SARS probers seek 118 Californians - San Francisco Chronicle
SARS spreads to 75 people in one day in Hong Kong - Channel News Asia

U.S. Nuns Go on Trial for Military Break-In

Reuters - 4-1-03
With anti-war protesters cheering them on, three Catholic nuns went on trial on Monday for alleged sabotage and malicious destruction of property related to a break-in at an unmanned missile silo in northern Colorado.

You go sisters. I was taught by Dominican Nuns and they are smart tough cookies.

PEARLS OF WISDOM - Cartoon by Bill Mitchell

Salon.com Blogs Backwards, Down and Right sent in by Bill Blackmon

"President Bush said the other day the war is not about timetables. It's about winning. Hey, it worked in Florida." —Jay Leno

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Subject: God Bless You!

I think I remembered hearing about your web site some months ago, but I just stumbled across it today and I'll bookmark it now.

I wanted to share the idea that this so-called 'coalition of the willing' name has to go, and I would suggest that we start calling it what it really is-

The Bush League of Nations

Over time, it should get shortened to Bush League, because he is.

David Stever
St. Paul, Minnesota

Thanks David. That would make a good cartoon.

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