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US troop "surge" may be needed in Iraq until next year
Orange County Register, CA - 3-8-07
Military officials say a top commander of US forces in Iraq has recommended the heightened troop levels there be maintained through February 2008. ...


US general says no need now for more Iraq troops
Reuters Canada, Canada - 3-8-07
BAGHDAD - The US military commander in Iraq said on Thursday he currently saw no immediate need to request more US troops other than those already ...

Pentagon Deploys More Troops To Baghdad
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 3-8-07
David Petraeus, who assumed command in Baghdad last month. He added that there were other troop requests still being considered in the Pentagon; ...


Bush leaves for Latin America today -- anyone taking bets he's house hunting for an place to exile to?



"Afghanistan reported a record opium crop. I think that explains why Dick Cheney came back from his trip saying, 'Hey, they greeted us with flowers. And they blew my mind'." --Bill Maher





The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


The Reason Why George Washington Never Had Children (According to Bush, that is)


Even before President George W. Bush set out for his four-day visit to Latin America, a predictable game of rhetorical ping-pong began. In a speech to the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce this week, Mr Bush pledged to “complete the revolution” for social justice begun by Simon Bolívar.

Comparing the South American liberator to George Washington, Mr Bush said: “Neither Washington nor Bolívar was destined to have children of their own, so that we Americans might call ourselves their children.”


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Disturbing News



Coulter Losing Her Ammunition


Three newspapers said this week they will drop Ann Coulter's column after the conservative author referred to U.S. Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards as a "faggot."

The Mountain Press in Sevierville, Tennessee, The Oakland Press in Michigan and the Lancaster New Era in Pennsylvania
said they would stop running Coulter's syndicated column because of the comment she made last week.


"We are 10 months away from anyone even casting the first vote in the presidential election, but already the mud is flying. Did you hear the latest about Barack Obama? He comes from a family of slave owners. He's black, but he's half white. Apparently, on his mother's side, which is the white side, they owned slaves. The Barack Obama camp is going to deny it, but his approval ratings in the South shot up 27 points. That's nothing. Apparently, President Bush's entire family is owned by Saudi Arabia." " --Bill Maher

Republican Shenanigans



Jenna Bush Wrote a Book. No, Really!


Jenna Bush, in a rare interview, says her forthcoming book for teens - about a 17-year-old single mother in Panama who is living with HIV - will end with a "call to action."...Bush says she will donate her earnings to UNICEF. She says she "very, very modestly" hopes her book will have some of the influence of two books about girls caught up in the Holocaust: Lois Lowry's novel Number the Stars and Anne Frank's The Diary of Anne Frank.


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Rock-The-Voter News


"You heard about the big John McCain gaffe. He was on the David Letterman show announcing his presidential campaign, and he pulled a Joe Biden. ... He used the word 'wasted' to describe the lives lost in Iraq. Next day, he said he should have used the word 'sacrifice'. But to put it into perspective, when McCain was a prisoner in Vietnam, George Bush was wasted. Sorry, I meant to say he was sacrificing brain cells." --Bill Maher



Biz-Tech News


"Why aren't we hearing the other side of this issue? Yes, there is tons of black mold growing in the walls where we house our wounded soldiers. But nobody mentions, mold can be used to make cheese ... and penicillin. You might say Walter Reed's walls are dripping with medicine." --Jon Stewart


Bush-Prison-Torture News


To Pardon or Not to Pardon?


[T]here’s one significant roadblock on the path to Libby’s salvation: Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff does not qualify to even be considered for a presidential pardon under Justice Department guidelines.




Go-F***-Yourself News



Subject: Chinese pets as dinner?


Thanks for my morning dose of racism.



I hope you are being sarcastic. The reason I made that comment was due to my son's culinary experiences in China last summer.  He said he ate chicken, beef, fish, frog, pork, rat and dog --  and a delicious mystery meat on stick.


I was just kidding!




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Odd News



Humanoid robot HRP-2 uses a tap after washing a cup during a demonstration at Tokyo University in this February 28, 2007 picture. A Japanese university has developed two humanoid bartender and waiter robots who can also wash dishes -- sort of. The two robots, named HRP-2 NO.7 and NO.8, work as a pair to serve drinks and then collect the empty glasses. They are also designed to open a faucet and place objects beneath it. Photo/Kim Kyung-Hoon