Wednesday edition - March 8, 2006

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Bush Faces GOP Effort to Stop Ports Deal
ABC News - 3-8-06
House Armed Services chairman Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif. holds a press conference on a bill he is submitting in reaction to the ...

Americans Want Saddam to Hang if Convicted
Washington Post-  3-8-06
 Most people in the United States want Saddam Hussein to hang if he's convicted at his trial, a view ...

Five Vermont towns endorse move to impeach the president, VT -  3-8-06

Voters gathered Tuesday in an 1832 white-clapboard town hall to conduct their community's annual business ...


Saddam, Bush and Cheney should be sentenced to life in the same cell at Guantanamo.



George Clooney won for Syriana, which is about the CIA and what people will do for oil -- or as Dick Cheney calls it, a love story. -- Jay Leno




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

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Will This Man Be Fired by Bush or Change His Comments?


The US ambassador to Baghdad conceded yesterday that the Iraq invasion had opened a Pandora's box of sectarian conflicts which could lead to a regional war and the rise of religious extremists who "would make Taliban Afghanistan look like child's play".



Disturbing News



It was made official today... Plans were announced to raise $300 million for George W. Bush Presidential Library. Three hundred million!! Wow, that's $150 million per book!!!-- Jay Leno




Rush Disses Hillary and Divorcees


Limbaugh on Hillary Clinton: "She sounds like a screeching ex-wife. ... Men will know what I mean by this"


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Republican Shenanigans



"Dick Cheney's approval rating is also dropping. Now down to 18%. In fact, the only ones who like Cheney now are the quail he didn't shoot."-- Jay Leno


Liberal Exposure


A liberal group plans to launch an advertising campaign Wednesday attacking Focus on the Family founder James Dobson for what it says are his ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.


Rock-The-Voter News

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Revising History with Photographs


President Bush 's recent visit to India, Afghanistan and Pakistan doubtless will provide an infusion of spectacular pictures for the George W. Bush Corridor at the State Department.

The busy hallway leads from the diplomatic entrance to the employee cafeteria. For many years it housed an exhibit of two dozen great moments in diplomatic history -- negotiations with American Indian tribes, Woodrow Wilson at Versailles, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill signing the Atlantic Charter and such.

A couple of years ago that exhibit was moved to a less-traveled corridor and replaced with 21 large photos of Bush as diplomat.



There's nothing wrong if a legislator accepts bribes. This stimulates the economy.-- Zing!



"President Bush was also in Pakistan. Which is a little scary. When they landed there they landed in the dark with the lights off and all the shades pulled down. So if you count the Dubai deal, that's the second time President Bush has been operating in the dark." --Jay Leno




Biz-Tech News



The President of Oil Addiction


President Bush didn't take his responsibility to vote in the Texas Republican primary on Tuesday lightly: He took a nearly 1,500-mile trip from Washington to vote in person.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan wouldn't say whether Bush had to make the trip because he wanted to vote in person or, as some suspect,
because aides forgot to get him an absentee ballot.



Bush-Prison-Torture News


"President Bush says America has caused an incredible transformation in Afghanistan. He said everything's being rebuilt, people are getting jobs, kids are going back to school. He said it works so well that he's thinking of trying it in New Orleans." --Jay Leno


Go-F*ck-Yourself News


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Odd News



This photo released Tuesday March 7, 2006 by the IFREMER (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea) shows a new crustacean, called 'Kiwi hirsuta'. The eyeless shellfish, about 15cm long was discovered in March 2005 during a diving mission led by American researcher Robert Vrijenhoek, of the MBARI Institut, Cal., in hydrothermal vents of the Pacific Antartic Ridge, south of Easter Island. (Photo/A Fifis, IFREMER)