March 8,  2004 Monday

Bush, Blair Knew They Were Hyping Case for War-Blix

Reuters - Mon Mar 8, 1:02 AM ET
LONDON (Reuters) - George W. Bush and Tony Blair probably knew they were exaggerating
the threat from Iraq when they were making the case for war, according to ...


Bush has an answer to all questions: 9/11
Miami Herald, FL - 3-8-04
... as a voting cue is an age-old tactic in politics but one that could backfire on President Bush, who has been criticized for his 9/11-based campaign ads. ...


Transcript: Bush staff went after ambassador

Chicago Tribune - Sat Mar 6, 9:40 AM ET

A transcript subpoenaed in the CIA leak investigation reveals the White House press operation began trying to discredit former Ambassador Joseph Wilson IV days before a columnist blew the cover of his CIA-officer wife...


The Bush ranch hands don't seem to be taking very good care of Dubya's truck.  Check out the side mirror.  Gosh, a bottle of touch up paint at Walmart just costs a few dollars.



The world would be a much better place if the court-appointed Bush Administration knew the difference between Americana and Ghengiskhana. -





Explain, don't exploit 9/11
Palm Beach Post, FL - 3-8-04
Bush adviser Karen Hughes says "with all due respect, I just completely disagree"
with families of 9/11 victims who accuse the president of crass exploitation ...


Maureen Dowd: And now for a laugh, Dick Cheney stars in re-election ads
Salt Lake Tribune, UT - Mar 7, 2004
... Audacious enough to shred the American Constitution, even while he imposes one on
Iraq.". ... of speaking at the end to say he approved the message, as Bush does in ...


"President Bush was in Los Angeles yesterday where he announced his new campaign theme. Safer, stronger and tested. Isn't that a condom ad?"  Jay Leno





Kerry says Bush 'stonewalling' probes of 9/11, Iraq intelligence -

 Chicago Sun Times 3-8-04

JACKSON, Miss. -- John Kerry on Sunday accused President Bush of ''stonewalling'' separate inquiries into the events leading up to the Sept. 11 terrorists attacks, as well as into the intelligence that suggested Saddam Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq....


The Top Ten Conservative Idiots (No. 146)
March 8, 2004
Vote For Bush Or You're All Going To Die!!!!! Edition




Gas prices head for spring high
Bellingham Herald, WA -3-8-04o
... say that unless Americans drive less or the economy flags, gas prices will spike
in ... experts say, in large part because there are fewer US refineries trying to ...

       More closed refineries bring higher gas prices - The Desert Sun
       Shock at the pump - Newark Advocate

"President Bush has two daughters, They may work on their father's presidential campaign after they get out of college. This is a pretty good move because in this economy they won't be able to find real jobs."- David Letterman







Blix trumpets Blair's crumpets

Reuters - Mon Mar 8, 5:52 AM ET


Florida Firehouse Catches on Fire

AP - Mon Mar 8, 8:23 AM ET


Court Says Porn, Prostitutes Not Covered by Welfare

Reuters - Sun Mar 7, 9:01 AM ET

A German court rejected a legal bid on Friday by an unemployed man who wanted the state to provide him with free pornography and trips to brothels because his wife is in Thailand.


Handyman Nailed with His Own Nail Gun

Reuters -3-8-04

An Australian handyman admitted he was stupid to shoot himself in the head with a nail gun in a misguided prank that left him with a nail lodged in his brain.


Tall people need not apply, says Britain's spy service MI5

AFP - Sun Mar 7, 1:24 AM ET

Wannabe British spies should think again if they are above a certain height, Britain's domestic intelligence service MI5 suggests on a new application form, a weekly newspaper said.

Finnish-French solo adventuress sets off for North Pole

Fri Mar 5, 3:17 PM ET

Finnish-French adventuress Dominick Arduin set off from northern Russia on skis in an attempt to become the first woman to make her way to the geographical North Pole alone





The Army's new Smar Truck lll concept, designed for America's homeland security, or for use in a war zone, sits outside Cobo Center March 6, 2004 before being put on display for it's March 8 unveilling at the Society of Automotive Engineers 2004 World Congress. Built in partnership with International Truck and Engine Corporation, the vehicle showcases the latest in armor protection, and detection and deterrent capabilities. Smar Truck lll is equipped with a weapons station module featuring a remote controlled .50-caliber machine gun which rises from the back of the vehicle and has sniper-detection directional sound capabilities. (HO)



25 Rules For Being A Good Republican

 1) Being a drug addict is a moral failing and a crime, unless you are
 millionaire conservative radio jock, which makes it an "illness" and needs
 our prayers for your "recovery".

 2) You have to believe that those privileged from birth achieve success
all on their own.

 3) You have to believe that the US should get out of the UN, and that our
 highest national priority is enforcing UN resolutions against Iraq.

 4) You have to believe that government should stay out of people's lives
but it needs to punish anyone caught having private sex with the "wrong"

 5) You have to believe that pollution is ok, so long as it makes a profit.

 6) You have to believe in prayer in schools, as long as you don't pray to
 Allah or Buddha.

 7) "Standing Tall for America" means firing your workers and moving their
 jobs to India.

 8) You have to believe that a woman cannot be trusted with decisions about
 her own body, but that large multi-national corporations can make
decisions affecting all mankind with no regulation whatsoever.

 9) You have to believe that you love Jesus and Jesus loves you, and that
 Jesus shares your hatred of AIDS victims, homosexuals, and Hilary Clinton.

 10) You hate the ACLU for representing convicted felons, but they owed it
to the country to bail out Oliver North.

 11) You have to believe that the best way to encourage military morale is
to praise the troops overseas while cutting their VA benefits.

 12) You believe that group sex and drug use are degenerate sins that can
 only be purged by running for governor of California as a Republican.

 13) You have to believe it is wise to keep condoms out of schools, because
 we all know if teenagers don't have condoms they won't have sex.

 14) You have to believe that the best way to fight terrorism is to
alienate our allies and then demand their cooperation and money.

 15) You have to believe that government medicine is wrong and that HMOs
and insurance companies only have your best interests at heart.

 16) You have to believe that providing health care to all Iraqis is sound
 government policy but providing health care to all Americans is socialism

 17) You believe that tobacco's link to cancer and global warming are "junk
 science", but Creationism should be taught in schools.

 18) You have to believe that waging war with no exit strategy was wrong in
 Vietnam but right in Iraq.

 19) You have to believe that Saddam was a good guy when Reagan armed him,
a bad guy when Bush's daddy made war on him, a good guy when Cheney was
doing business with him, and a bad guy when Bush needed a "we can't find Bin
 Laden" diversion.

 20) You believe that government should restrict itself to just the powers
 named in the Constitution, which includes banning gay marriages and
 censoring the Internet.

 21) You have to believe that the public has a right to know about the
 adulterous affairs of Democrats, while those of Republicans are a "private

 22) You have to believe that the public has a right to know about
Hillary's cattle trades but that Bush was right to censor those 28 pages
from the
 Congressional 9/11 report because you just can't handle the truth.

 23) You support state rights, which means Ashcroft telling states what
 locally passed voter initiatives he will allow them to have.

 24) You have to believe that what Clinton did in the 1960's is of vital
 national interest but what Bush did decades later is "stale news" and

 25) You have to believe that trade with Cuba is wrong because it is
 communist, but trading with China and Vietnam is just dandy









David Bruce - Columnist  (interesting trivia column)





Sent in byLSmith


"Political experts say this whole election will come down to a handful of swing voters. You know what a swing voter is? Someone who was against the war in Iraq but has a job at Halliburton." -Jay Leno

Republican Shenanigans in the News


Republicans quickly line up to bash Kerry
Sacramento Bee, CA - Mar 7, 2004
... House Majority Leader Tom DeLay called him a "slick operator, without the slick."
Republican strategist Ralph Reed described him as "clearly out of the ...


Mud aside, this race matters
US News - Mar 6, 2004
... Or that smiles as its minions, like House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, say of Kerry,
"He's either insincere about his new spending, dishonest about his new taxes ...


'Indecency' crackdown won't hit premium cable
Denver Post, CO - Mar 7, 2004

…House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, told broadcasters and advertisers in Washington, D.C., that if they don't "clean up their act" the government will do it for them. "The entertainment industry - and I include the advertising industry in there - has collectively decided the bad press they suffer for producing trash is worth the (economic) benefits they enjoy for hyper-stimulating the imaginations of 7-year-olds with gratuitous sex and violence," DeLay said…


Bush woos white men
Jackson Sun, TN - 3-8-04
... prized voter profile and 75 million-strong fan base, that is getting Bush's attention.
His campaign made sure that the first round of re-election ads air on ...


DeLay to offer own Hill agenda
Washington Times, DC - 3-8-04
House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, criticized by some conservatives for toeing the
White House line too often over the past three years, is about to announce his ...


Bush Backs Off Fingerprinting Mexicans

AP - Sun Mar 7, 8:44 AM ET

President Bush gave Mexican President Vicente Fox a gift to take home on Saturday: his pledge to exempt certain frequent Mexican visitors from onerous new security checks at the U.S. border...



La Vida Cheapo

AARP Magazine
Can you really get by on $400 a month south of the border, as the guidebooks suggest? Our inquiring explorer took a firsthand look—and he says the deals are real…

Good News

Poll Shows Kerry Leading Bush in Florida

Reuters - Sun Mar 7,10:18 AM ET

Democratic Sen. John Kerry would defeat President Bush in Florida if the presidential election were held today, according to poll results published on Sunday....


McCain says WMD Commission needs subpoena power
ABC Online, Australia -3-8-04
... SHOVELAN: Just a few days after the man who once led the CIA's search for weapons
of mass destruction in Iraq, David Kay, advised President Bush to come ...


I wish the US would adopt the part of the Iraqi constitution that calls for a 25% female minimum in our political bodies.



Bush's flip flops
by kos
Sun Mar 7th, 2004 at 21:37:53 GMT

So Bush has a site somewhere that tracks Kerry's "flip-flops". Reader TK probably spent three seconds coming up with this list of Bush flip flops. It's not like they're hard to find:
  • Bush is against campaign finance reform; then he's for it.
  • Bush is against a Homeland Security Department; then he's for it.
  • Bush is against a 9/11 commission; then he's for it.
  • Bush is against an Iraq WMD investigation; then he's for it.
  • Bush is against nation building; then he's for it.
  • Bush is against deficits; then he's for them.
  • Bush is for free trade; then he's for tariffs on steel; then he's against them again.
  • Bush is against the U.S. taking a role in the Israeli Palestinian conflict; then he pushes for a "road map" and a Palestinian State.
  • Bush is for states right to decide on gay marriage, then he is for changing the constitution.
  • Bush first says he'll provide money for first responders (fire, police, emergency), then he doesn't.
  • Bush first says that 'help is on the way' to the military ... then he cuts benefits
  • Bush-"The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden. Bush-"I don't know where he is. I have no idea and I really don't care.
  • Bush claims to be in favor of the environment and then secretly starts drilling on Padre Island.
  • Bush talks about helping education and increases mandates while cutting funding.
  • Bush first says the U.S. won't negotiate with North Korea. Now he will
  • Bush goes to Bob Jones University. Then say's he shouldn't have.
  • Bush said he would demand a U.N. Security Council vote on whether to sanction military action against Iraq. Later Bush announced he would not call for a vote
  • Bush said the "mission accomplished" banner was put up by the sailors.  Bush later admits it was his advance team.
  • Bush was for fingerprinting and photographing Mexicans who enter the US. Bush after meeting with Pres. Fox, he's against it.
  • Sent in by TomS


    "It's important for presidents to wave the bloody shirt.'' -Republican motto post Civil War


    "When I came in as governor, we were $6 billion in the hole. When I left office, we were $2 billion in the black. If I'd have known I was going to lose to George Bush, I'd have spent every dime." -Ann Richards