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Deal gives Dubai firm role at other ports
San Jose Mercury News,  USA - 3-7-06
WASHINGTON - The $6.8 billion deal British courts approved Monday, putting a Dubai-owned company in ... operations at six US ports, also gives the company ...

Bush Campaigning for US-India Nuke Deal
Guardian Unlimited, UK -  3-7-06
... will be working to win over a Congress that was cautious, at best, in reacting to news that Bush and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had agreed to a deal. ...

Gonzales Defends US Policy on Torture
CBS News -  3-7-06
(AP) The US attorney general defended his country's treatment of terror suspects against criticism from Europe and elsewhere, saying Tuesday that the United ...


Last week Bush OKed that our ports are run by United Arab Emirates and OKed nukes for India. Is next week going to bring Fidel Castro running our Coast Guard?


After being away for nearly two years, The Sopranos are coming back in a few weeks. Mob boss Tony Soprano faces his biggest challenge ever -- trying to get the docks away from the Arabs. -- Jay Leno






The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

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"At least in India Bush was greeted by thousands of people waving American flags. They were on fire." --Bill Maher



Bush Plays Nuclear Baseball


The five countries that the NPT (Nonproliferation Treaty) officially designates as "nuclear states"—the United States, Russia, China, France, and Britain—have stopped building new nuclear weapons. India currently has about 150 atomic bombs, only slightly fewer than China, France, and Britain. (Pakistan and Israel, the two countries besides India that haven't signed the NPT, have about 75 and 200 respectively. North Korea, which signed but later abrogated the treaty, may have a handful.)


Disturbing News




Katherine Harris Snubbed Again


The political buzz among several of those at Vice President Dick Cheney's fund-raiser for U.S. Rep. Clay Shaw, R-Fort Lauderdale, was more about how U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris' Senate campaign may be unraveling.

Cheney even provided some fuel when he said he was looking forward to swearing in a Republican replacement for Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson -- but didn't mention Harris by name.


Republican Shenanigans


President Bush made a surprise visit to Afghanistan. The president said he heard it was a good place for an embattled leader to disappear into the mountains." --Tina Fey




Beware: Angry White Female Democrat


Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton suggested yesterday that her Republican enemies have targeted her simply because of her gender, hinting that Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman's recent claim that she was too "angry" to be elected president was political sexism...Clinton went on to say Mehlman's recent comments about the former first lady's temper were a "badge of honor," adding, "There are lots of things that we should be angry and outraged about these days."


Rock-The-Voter News



"According to the internet ... Cheney was having an affair with the woman he was hunting with and that she fired the shot that hit the lawyer and Cheney took the blame to protect her, which sounds possible until you realize that means the woman would have to be having sex with Dick Cheney." --Jay Leno



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Bush got on the videoconference to boost morale, not collect information, McClellan said, and he left before it ended for a previously scheduled press event at which he made a statement on the hurricane.

"Some have twisted the facts to fit a story line," McClellan said.
"He was not there to participate in the full briefing. He was there for that purpose: to lift their spirits."




"President Bush said today his plan to fight terrorism is simple and straightforward -- go after the evildoers, track them down, find out where they're hiding and then sell them our seaports." --Jay Leno



Biz-Tech News

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America is a land of opportunity if you're a businessman in China, India or Japan.

-- Zing!



"I believe that a prosperous, democratic Pakistan will be a steadfast
partner for America, a peaceful neighbor for India, and a force for freedom and moderation in the Arab world."
—George W. Bush, mistakenly identifying Pakistan as an Arab country, Islamabad, Pakistan, March 3, 2006



Bush-Prison-Torture News


Cheney Loses to OJ and Michael Jackson


“How low is 18 percent?” This was a headline in the Washington Post on March 5. The 18 percent is the support rate of vice president Dick Cheney from a public opinion survey conducted by CBS.

Michael Jackson, who was alleged of sexually harassing an underage boy, and American football player O.J. Simpson, who caused a huge clamor for being suspected of murdering his wife in 1994, each maintained 25 percent and 29 percent favorable impression rates, respectively.


Go-F*ck-Yourself News


The Washington Times' Insight magazine is reporting that Dick Cheney will resign in the year 2007. Cheney himself said he's going to leave when shooting guys in the face just isn't fun anymore.-- Jay Leno





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Odd News




Bio prospector and venomous animal expert Stuart Douglas goes eyeball to eyeball with one of his deadly 'milking' tarantulas at his new Australian Venom Zoo at Kuranda Queensland Australia Friday March 3, 2006. Douglas is the only contracted collector and exporter of venom from Australian tarantulas, scorpions and centipedes which are being used by United States biopharmaceutical companies in new disease cures currently being tried. Toxin from tarantulas and scorpions may hold the key to cancer and heart disease treatments, once thought most likely to come from the Amazon, but it's now much more likely the cure could come from Australia. (Photo/Brian Cassey)