March 6-7,  2004  Weekend Edition

Sept. 11 victims' kin urge Bush to pull ads

NEW YORK -- A group representing 120 families of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks called on President Bush's reelection campaign yesterday to withdraw political advertising using images of the attack's aftermath...


Firefighters decry 9/11 images in Bush campaign ads
The Grand Rapids Press, MI - 3-6-04
... Bush's re-election campaign began airing the commercials nationally Thursday on cable ... few
months after nearly 3,000 people died in the attacks, Bush told House ...

Bush campaign to continue airing 9/11-themed ads
Cleveland Plain Dealer, OH - 6 hours ago
President Bush's new re-election commercials will not be pulled, despite complaints that images of the 9/11 terrorist attacks are inappropriate, Mark Racicot, Bush's national campaign chairman, said Friday during a visit to Columbus. ...

Any one surprised at Bush's insensitivity?  What can one expect when his mother said:

"But why should we hear about body bags and deaths and how many, what day it's going to happen, and how many this or what do you suppose? Oh, I mean, it's, not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?" ~ Barbara Bush


Who do you want to be John Kerry's running mate?
John Edwards
Wes Clark
Bill Clinton
Ann Richards
none of the above

Poll Posted Sunday 3-7-04 Noon Central Time


"Do you realize that the Bush administration has now produced more gay marriages than jobs?" —Jay Leno


Graphic by the always creative

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Rush Limbaugh Update

Prosecutors back Limbaugh letters release
South Florida Sun-Sentinel, FL - 3-6-04

…The letters show prosecutors think Limbaugh committed at least 10 felonies for "doctor shopping" -- secretly obtaining overlapping prescriptions for painkillers from different doctors. Limbaugh, 53, who lives in Palm Beach, has not been charged with any crimes….

Limbaugh camp talked first, prosecutor says
Palm Beach Post, FL - 3-5-04
WEST PALM BEACH -- The Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office not only defended
its release of plea negotiations regarding Rush Limbaugh's drug prescription ...

State senator returns fire to Limbaugh
Palm Beach Post, FL - Mar 4, 2004
... I'm still listening for the applause for Rush, and I don ... After the Enquirer story,
Limbaugh announced on his show that he was addicted to prescription drugs. ...


``George Bush is a walking contradiction and a walking barrel of broken promises." John Kerry

Disturbing News


Rall: Pulled Comic Because of Conservatives

Editor and Publisher - Fri Mar 5,11:50 AM ET

NEW YORK said it canceled the use of Ted Rall's editorial cartoons effective March 1

because they didn't fit "the tone" of the popular Web site….


PG&E's Toxic Plume Creeps Toward L.A. Water Supply

Los Angeles Times – 3-6-04

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. is poised to begin pumping polluted groundwater from under the Mojave Desert

to stop the toxic chemical hexavalent chromium from seeping into the Colorado River and tainting the water

supply of 18 million Southern Californians….


Oil Prices Rise, Supply Falls During Bush Years

Reuters - Fri Mar 5,12:10 PM ET

Three years ago, President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were seen as the U.S. oil industry's dream team and most capable of tackling America's energy problems, as both were former oil executives.


Study: Defense Dept. Didn't Bill Insurers

AP - Fri Mar 5, 6:12 PM ET

The Defense Department is failing to collect at least $44 million a year from private insurance companies for

health care services provided to military-related patients, according to congressional findings obtained Friday

by The Associated Press.


As pilots' skills improve, mechanics' progress lags - Fri Mar 5, 8:15 AM ET

Pilots are required by the federal government to undergo rigorous training exerciseseach year to keep flying. Flight attendants must take courses in emergency procedures yearly. But airline mechanics - whose exacting work can determine whether a planestays in the air - face no such mandate.


Martha Stewart Found Guilty; Prison Likely

Los Angeles Times – 3-6-04

She is the first major figure convicted at trial in a wave of financial scandals. A juror calls the verdict 'a victory for the little guys.'


Spam scam: The fake do-not-e-mail "registry" - Thu Feb 19, 6:53 AM ET

My column last week covered the recent rules implemented by the FTC and the FCC relating to the National Do Not Call Registry – a list of phone numbers from consumers who have expressed their preference to limit the telemarketing phone calls they wish to receive.


Justice Intervenes in Boy Scouts Case

AP - Thu Mar 4,10:45 PM ET

The government intervened Thursday on behalf of the Boy Scouts of America in a federal lawsuit over whether the

Scouts should be evicted from a San Diego park because they discriminate against atheists and gays.


Bush Supporters Defend His New Ads

AP 3-6-04

Supporters of President Bush and some relatives of those killed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks are defending

his new campaign ads, which show the wreckage of the World Trade Center.


U.N. Study: Women Lowest on Pay Scale

AP - Sat Mar 6, 4:56 AM ET

Women make up a greater percentage of the global work force than ever before, but many make so little

 money they can barely survive, the United Nations said.


Bush Gets Failing Grades on Global Women's Issues - Fri Mar 5, 9:51 AM ET

WASHINGTON, D.C., Mar. 4 (OneWorld) -- The Bush administration today received low marks from U.S. women's organizations for its failure to follow through on promises made to improve womens political and human rights.


Enviro-activist Tooker Gomberg reported missing, presumed dead in Halifax

Canadian Press - Fri Mar 5, 4:59 PM ET

HALIFAX (CP) - Tooker Gomberg - an environmental activist, failed Toronto mayoral candidate and high-profile thorn in the side of Alberta Premier Ralph Klein - was missing and presumed dead Friday.


How the clueless few diminish Internet community
Houston Chronicle, TX - 3-6-04
... by convincing people not to click with abandon on everything that comes into their
inbox — before the criminal and the clueless few ruin the Internet for the ...


Bush Perot


Republican Shenanigans in the News


GOP Wants Ads That Criticize Bush Pulled

AP - Fri Mar 5, 6:16 PM ET

The Republican National Committee on Friday asked about 250 television stations to pull a

liberal group's ads critical of President Bush.


AP: Effort to Quash Conn. Gov. Subpoenas

AP - Thu Mar 4,12:53 PM ET

A state contractor and a close friend of Gov. John G. Rowland went to court Thursday to try to quash

subpoenas from the legislative committee investigating the governor....


White House Warns Against Extra Pension Relief

Reuters - Fri Mar 5, 7:07 PM ET

The White House warned lawmakers on Friday against special help for severely ailing pension plans

ahead of a meeting of congressional negotiators next week to write a final version of a pension relief bill.


MDs Urged to Denounce Malpractice Site

AP - Fri Mar 5,10:08 PM ET

A consumer rights group Friday urged the Texas Medical Association to denounce an Internet database that profiles patients who have sued doctors for malpractice.

GOP warns TV stations on anti-Bush ads The Olympian


'Little nurse' makes it big in politics
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA -3-6-04
... But at 60 years old and after five statewide elections, Hafer hit a ceiling
in the Republican Party - her ascent blocked, she says, by [republican] US Senator Rick Santorum. ...


Rowland link asserted in probe of 1999 crash
Stamford Advocate, CT - 3-6-04
... The Espositos, who were large and frequent donors to Republican governor's election
campaigns, said McKenzie, a Republican National Committee member, told them ...


Knox County clerk gets four years' probation
Peoria Journal Star, IL - 3-6-04
GALESBURG - Twenty-eight-year-old Marc Wong had devoted his life to public service.
Leaders of the state Republican Party respected his expertise and energy. ...


Bush may impose sanctions on Syria
CNN/Money - 3-6-04
... Though the White House insists no final decisions have been made, senior
administration officials Friday informed Florida Republican Rep. ...


US to Pay Haitian Coast Guard to Curb Refugees
Reuters, United States - 3-6-04
... Bush's brother, Jeb, is governor of Florida, the closest state to the turbulent
island. In the early 1990s, well over 50,000 Haitians took to the sea in ...



For Profit Patriotism: Profiteering in Times of War
Axis of Logic, United States - 3-6-04
... The combination of upcoming presidential elections, powerful Republican chairmen
of congressional committees who don't want investigations, lawmakers devoted ...




I typed the word republican into the Google news site and came up with a plethora of illegal activity and/or intimidation by the GOP.

I tried the same typing the word democrat and came up with all positive messages about the Democrats.

It's comforting to know that the GOP can't SPIN that fact.



Uncle Bam - Evil Twin of Uncle Sam

(a coup in review)

Here's your weekly dose of antiwar satire: This week's Uncle Bam cartoon

Graphic by OZ

Good thing that the US persecuted, errr, prosecuted Martha Stewart instead of George Bush's close friend, Ken Lay.

Does any one find a ying yang thing going on with Ashcroft hospitalized the same day Martha got convicted?

Which presidential candidate best represents your point of view on the issues?

By AOL-Time Warner


just read in newspaper that bush´s tv-spots show pictures of 9/11 and people
over there are NOT happy about that - do they republicans have no respect about anything ?

first they block investigation but now the victims should help him to get
reelected ??

hope the last idiot in your country will see/understand now what character those
asses have ....



Thanks for writing Erich, my dear Austrian friend, in this country, it is called compassionate conservatism.

Graphic By OZ

"We've lost all three branches of government — the Judiciary when they selected the President, the Congress when they abdicated to the Executive Branch, the Executive when they refuse to listen to dissenting Americans." - A Vietnam Veteran

Transcript of the remarks delivered by Laura Nader at a forum of UC Berkeley faculty experts convened at Zellerbach Hall on April 1, 2003

Excellent--a must read.

Sent in by Gini--thanks girlfriend.

Bush the Holey


Love your site. I came across this article and thought you would like it.

The Daily Brew
© March 3, 2004
Pop Quiz

It is 1969. You are a 21 year old kid in the Navy, serving on a Swift boat in Vietnam. You might have joined the National Guard, but some Congressman’s kid jumped ahead of you in line, grabbing the last spot available.

Thank you.  It sure shows what it takes to lead the country.

'Today we face the consequences of unilateral invasion of a sovereign country, which at the time of invasion posed no threat to the United States. It is, as my neighbor said, like taking a baseball bat to a bee's nest, playing free and easy with American lives.'
—Laura Nader, Berkeley professor

Bruce Miller, Editor of "Take Them At Their Words: Shocking, Amusing and Baffling Quotations from the G.O.P. and Their Friends, 1994-2004" A BUZZFLASH INTERVIEW

"Did a Deranged Republican REALLY Say Something That Despicable?" Yes, They Probably Did.

I just love Buzzflash

In the dozens and dozens of panic-stricken articles The New York Times has run on Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ," the unavoidable conclusion is that liberals haven't the vaguest idea what Christianity is.- Ann Coulter, GOP Idiot Savant



Royal genes may win Kerry the White House

Fri Mar 5, 6:37 AM ET

The U.S. presidential election will be largely fought over Iraq and the economy,

but if royal genes have anything to do with the result, Democrat John Kerry is

destined to dethrone George W. Bush this November.


Swiss School Dusts Off Kerry Connection

Reuters - Fri Mar 5, 2:02 PM ET

Proudly claiming credit for bolstering John Kerry's international credentials, a mountainside

Swiss boarding school has dusted off 50-year-old files to reveal its links to the U.S. presidential hopeful.


Kinky Friedman runs for Texas governor
CNN International, World -3-6-04
... a political science professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, said the
main interest in the governor's race will be on the Republican nominee, and ...



This Is No Yolk

Reuters - Fri Mar 5, 7:35 AM ET

People in the Albanian capital Tirana have been shocked by an increasing

number of eggs without yolks, local television reported Thursday…


School Board Member Defends Dousing Exec

Fri Mar 5, 5:58 PM ET

A school board member arrested after dousing an assistant superintendent with ice water

called the move justified, likened herself to Rosa Parks and threatened to attack anyone

who questioned her mental fitness.


Vibrator prompts bomb squad alert

Fri Mar 5,10:34 AM ET

Austrian police called in a bomb squad when a pedestrian reported a buzzing package in

a garbage can, but the object turned out to be a vibrator wrapped up with dirty movies and

magazines, police say.


Arnie to be editor of muscle mag

Sat Mar 6,12:17 AM ET

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has accepted a new role for his busy schedule,

that of executive editor of "Muscle & Fitness" and "Flex" magazines, his spokesman says.

Three-headed, six-legged frog spawns biological query in Britain

Fri Mar 5, 9:27 AM ET

Wildlife experts in Britain were left dumbfounded after claiming the unique discovery of a frog with three

croaking heads and six legs.


Sale of Body Parts at UCLA Alleged

Los Angeles Times – 3-6-04

Two UCLA employees have been placed on leave amid a criminal investigation into allegations that

they stole body parts from cadavers donated to the medical school and sold them for personal gain


CHICAGO, IL (IWR News Parody) — Attorney General John Ashcroft announced today, in the world's largest Starbucks in Chicago, his new Operation Patriot Eavesdrop (OPE) program.
Mr. Ashcroft demonstrated how easy it is for patriotic Americans to eavesdrop on suspected terrorists, who often congregate in local coffee houses to drink their 'subversive cafe lattes and cappuccinos'....

Click here for more fun from

 A majority of people living in the two countries bordering the United States and in five major European countries say they think the war in Iraq (news - web sites) increased the threat of terrorism in the world, Associated Press polls found. (AP Graphic)

Click here for graphic

Good News


Judge Denies Request for Abortion Records

AP - 3-6-04

Ruling that abortion records contain information that "women would not want to share," a federal judge said…



Earthlink to Test Caller ID for E-Mail

PC World - Fri Mar 5,10:00 AM ET

New systems could fight spam and Internet scams, company says.


Mars Rovers Find Evidence of Past Water

AP -3-6-04

Both of NASA's Mars rovers have now found evidence of past water activity on the dusty, frigid Red Planet.

The Spirit rover's instruments found signs that water may have altered a volcanic rock in a region called

Gusev crater, halfway around the planet from where the Opportunity rover earlier uncovered evidence that

 its landing site was once drenched.


Sweet White Potato Extract May Help Curb Diabetes

Reuters - Fri Mar 5, 1:36 PM ET

The results of a clinical trial confirm the beneficial effects of Caiapo, an extract of white sweet potatoes, on blood sugar and cholesterol levels in type 2 diabetic subjects.


2000 protest at state Capitol
South Florida Sun-Sentinel, FL - Mar 3, 2004
... Jeb Bush as racist just as the governor presided over the opening of the Legislative ... Bush
turned his back on people trapped between a burning fire and the ...


 Halliburton Ads Make Republicans Squirm  -  Mar 01 6:51 PM

Two spots for Texas oil concern, Halliburton--now airing in Houston and Washington, D.C.--are causing heartburn among some Republicans who don't want Vice President Dick Cheney's ties to a company under criminal investigation to be emphasized during a presidential election.


Russia Rescues Stranded Polar Scientists
Reuters - 3-6-04


David Crosby arrested on marijuana charges - Newsday

When are we going to decriminalize marijuana?  I have an idea, let's make it legal, allow the cigarette companies to manufacture the doobies and tax the heck out of it.  We would create jobs and a lot of money for the US Treasury---instead, our prisons are filled with non violent marijuana users/dealers.  What a costly waste.


Kennedy: Tenet Must Come Clean on War

AP - Fri Mar 5, 5:54 PM ET

CIA Director George Tenet must explain why he waited until last month to "set the record straight" that Iraq posed no immediate threat to the United State in the months leading up to the war, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy said Friday....



A USAF F-15C fighter plane (C) of the 19th Squadron escorts an Indian Air Force Mirage 2000 fighter plane as they cross the Himalayan Mountain Range over India(HO)


Hearing-impaired dancers from the China Disabled Peoples Performing Art Troupe perform at a rehearsal in Seoul. (HO)

Peace and Beauty.